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Commander’s Highlights

After a couple of months off from writing these Highlights has really been nice
however, I’m busier now than I was before I took some time off.
For the most part the Waverly posts are doing quite well.
There is one area that we all get a failing grade and that is recruiting. I have
only one question and that is I would like all of you to ponder and give me
an answer. 
MEMBERS TO  JOIN? This not only applies to AMVETS but should be a concern to all the posts in our group. I will expect answers from all who read this.


The big event of the month is the members meeting including a free lunch.
Carl has put this thing together in hopes that all will attend.
Mark your calendars! AMVETS Post 79 membership meeting (includes Sons of AMVETS)
is scheduled for Wednesday, October 13. Social activities begin at 6 pm; dinner at 6:30 pm.
This is a “free” dinner for all paid 2022 annual memberships and all life memberships; 
however, any donations to offset the cost of the meal and “special speaker”
will be appreciated.
A quick note regarding the can deposit bin outside of the Post; please follow
the instructions posted on the bin. All glass beer bottles should be placed on
the shelves at the side of the bin. Also, NO GARBAGE!! This is run by volunteers
from the Sons as a fund-raiser; let’s make it easier for them!
Commander Ron Ihde             319 290 6762     319 276 4662
Thanks to Carl for his continued support.


Latest News

Those who wait also serve:

Navigating your VA Dependency and Survivor Benefits

As a dependent of an active-duty military member or dependent of a veteran, things are not always easy.

From awaiting the return of your loved one from deployment to the health and mental health challenges upon their exit from the military, many things can create significant barriers to leading a healthy and happy life.

Additionally, when a former military member passes away, the loss can be overwhelming as you experience the emotional and financial burdens that come with the loss of your loved one.

Family and friends are paramount during that time of grief with the barrage of calls and appointments to funeral directors, hospitals, government agencies, and non-profits to accomplish the dozens of tasks that present themselves at the time of their passing.

Luckily, there are plenty of people in those agencies that are tasked with making the process a little less overwhelming. One of those agencies, the veterans affairs office, is tasked to assist not only veterans but also their eligible dependents with any potential benefits they may be eligible for, even after the veteran’s death and regardless of whether the veteran was involved with the Veterans Administration prior to their death. Those benefits, ranging from monetary compensation, health care, property tax exemption, burial benefits, education, and life insurance can make a tremendous difference in your own well-being and financial livelihood.

Alas, not every dependent may be eligible for VA benefits for a myriad of reasons per federal and state laws. So how does one navigate the government red tape as a dependent or survivor of our former soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, Coast Guardsmen or Guardians? The first step should be contacting your local VA office.

While it may be difficult to prepare for everything that life has to throw at us, knowing what may be available can certainly alleviate many of the stressors that present themselves before the need arises. Regardless of your particular situation, your local Veteran Service Officer can assist you in navigating your dependent and survivor benefits whether now or into the future.

Laws continue to change regularly and even those veterans or dependents who may have been denied benefits in the past may now be eligible and learning about the new programs available may make all the difference.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Our membership dinner will be held October 20th at the WAVP with Social Time at 6:00 and a lasagna dinner served at 6:30. We ask that you pre-register for the dinner This will help with the preparation and serving the meal. Dues of $25.00 may be paid that night or may be paid at anytime by sending $25.00 to AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677.

We will be recognizing members for their years of continued membership and  members working during our monthly Food Nights. Our Special guest for the evening will be Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Presidenat Nancy Carrier. Nancy was elected at the June Department Convention. She has served as President before and has held various offices on that level, has been the National Executive Committee Woman, and is very active with her local Auxiliary in Evansdale. Her passion has always been supporting our veterans and their families. Her project for the year is supporting our VA Hospitals and Iowa Veterans Home.

For those that ordered t-shirts or polos, they can be paid for that night and they will be there for you to pick up. If you are not able to be there, contact us to arrange payment and pick up.

Plan to attend this year’s membership dinner. together we can make a difference for our community, our veterans, and our youth. WE ARE IOWA STRONG”

We waited together, now let’s work together

Mary Steinbach, President 319-230-9318


The membership dinner for AMVETS and Sons of AMVETS will be held October 13, 2021 at the WAVP. Social time will start at 6 with dinner served at 6:30. Dues may be paid that night.

There will not be a regular meeting in October.

Because of your continued support to the can collection bin, located at the WAVP, the Sons of AMVETS have help funding the renovation of the boat dock. We do ask that you follow rules posted on the bin. Cans and bottles accepted and only glass beer bottles if in the original cases. Please do not use the bin for trash. We do appreciate the donations

Chaplain’s Corner

“God, please let every veteran of our nation’s armed forces feel truly and appropriately honored by the attention and appreciation of their fellow citizens. Let no one feel forgotten or neglected. Let every man and woman, young or old, feel the deep and enduring gratitude of our nation and its inhabitants.”

“You know that it can be difficult for a person who has returned from battle or stressful military service to reintegrate into ‘normal’ everyday life. You know that veterans can feel isolated and alone even in the midst of their  friends and  families because there are few around who understand their experience. So I ask You to place in the path of our veterans those who do understand (or strive to), that they may feel less alone. Remind them often that while their fellow human beings may never fully comprehend, You see, You know and You identify with them in everything.”

“You know how deep a warrior’s wounds go. You know the loss that many of our veterans in body and soul. You know the memories that haunt them and the scars that many of them continue to carry.  Please bring healing to those veterans who still hurt. Please grant patience and wisdom to those around them who cannot understand but can sometimes help the healing process. Please apply both natural and supernatural medicine to their wounds.”

Commander’s Highlights

Regular meeting – Sept. 8 – at 7pm.  We will be discussing membership, possible donations, etc.  We need your input!! Plan to attend this meeting.

Sept. 18, 1947 – Air Force Birth Day.

Latest News


We are all vital pieces of the AMVETS “puzzle” that when put together, form a strong bond, coming together with a passion for our veterans, service members, and their families. We are an unstoppable forse when it come to this mission.

Growing our membership needs to be our #1 priority. Sure we have all heard the need to get the younger generation involved, but how? What programs or events are they looking for? What does the younger families need? It is time to “put our boots on the ground” and take action to get this done. 

Are we looking at our GOLD Star Families and inviting them to our meetings and to become members? Have we approached our AMVETS members for their spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren to become Auxiliary members or Sons of AMVETS? Have we given the VA office information about AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS including the members application to be given to those veterans appying for benefits?

It can’t just stop there. We have to welcome them and their family to “Our AMVETS Family”. Assign prospective members to a seasoned member, mentor them, ask about their current needs, and nurture then in any way we can.

Acceptance is the road to all change!

Carry a membershp application with you at all times.

We are not only IOWA Strong, we are AMVETS Strong

Written by:

Mary Steinbach current local President of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 and Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 1st Vice President and membership chairman.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 Waverly, Iowa

September marks the beginning of our membership drive.  Please consider renewing your membership.  The more members we have, the more our voice can be heard, and the more we can do to support our veterans! You can send your 2022 membership dues of $25.00 and your current address, phone number, and email address to…

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79

Attn: Amy Slaba, Membership Chair

PO Box 93

Waverly, IA 50677 

Membership dues can also be paid at our membership dinner that will be held on October 20th.  Mark your calendars!


If you know of someone who was a member in the past and who might like to join again, or of someone who is eligible to be a member (the mother, wife, widow, sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an AMVET member or a female veteran) and may be interested in joining,  please encourage them to join you at our membership dinner to learn more about who we are and what we do!

Sons of AMVETS

 There will not be a meeting in September. Look for more information on the Sons of AMVETS membership drive and dinner coming in October.

Please keep all of our soldiers in your prayers as we mourn the loss of another tragedy.  God bless all who have served to protect this country and those who are currently serving.

We salute you.

Jim Trask

Keep our veterans, service members, and their families in your thoughts and prayers.

Chaplain’s Corner

It seems now more than ever our country needs repentance, healing, and God’s grace. Let us pray for our countrymen with love and cherish that God is sovereign over all powers and principalities of this world. 

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.” ~ Matthew 22:37-39

Keep Us In Peace

Keep us in peace, O Christ our God,
under the protection of your Holy Cross;
save us from our enemies, visible and invisible,
that we may glorify You with thanksgiving,
with the Father and the Holy Spirit, now and forever.