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Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Our membership drive is almost complete for the year. We just have a few more ladies to renew and have gotten a few new members. We are always looking for new members, so if you know of someone that would qualify as an Auxiliary member, invite them to come to our next meeting in January to learn more what we do as an organization.

We had taken a little time off, not having meetings in November and December, and also not preparing our normal Thursday night meals, but will be refreshed and ready to go again in January. We still have projects we are working on, including gift bundles for Veterans at Bartels and possibly ones for kids in need at LSI.

Many of our members have experience health issues these past few months, and we pray for them, pray for the health of all, and ask God to give us strength, health, and happiness in the coming year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mary Steinbach-AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President.



AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 News

Vote!!!! This is the biggest and most important thing you can do to secure the rights and benefits for our members, Veterans and their families.

Thank you to those members who have renewed for 2020-2021. We have gotten a few new members and wish to welcome them to the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary family. We are always looking to add family, so if you have someone who qualifies (Mother, wife, widow, sister, daughter,step-daughter,granddaughter, grandmother, female veteran – of an AMVETS member or a deceased Veteran) invite them to join. Dues are currently $25.00 per year.

Sally O’Hare volunteered to take on the role of 2nd and 3rd Vice incharge of Childwelfare and Community Service, and was accepted after a vote. Thank you Sally!

Americanism chair, Amy Slaba, has received many entries for the coloring contest that was distributed to the schools. Entries will be displayed at the WAVP during the week of Veterans Day. Each entry receives $1.00 from the Auxiliary as a prize.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to volunteer at the Iowa Veterans’ Home and it seems unlikely that will change yet this year. We miss volunteering, spending time with the residents of IVH and the monthly Bingo. There will be a collection box at the WAVP for any donated items we can collect and deliver to IVH. Just some of the items needed are:

New Clothing
Clothing items must have tags or be sealed in original packaging.
Clothing sizes M-4X in plain colors and shoes size 7 through 13 are requested.
 Sweatpants, Sweatshirts,  T-shirts, Underwear, Socks (black or white)  Shower shoes, Stocking hats*  Gloves *
*indicates a seasonal item

Hygiene Items
Hygiene items should be new/unused, unexpired/fresh, alcohol free, individually packaged and factory sealed, and trial or travel size (3 oz. or less).
Body lotion, Body wash, Denture cleaner, Denture adhesive, Deodorant, Disposable razors, Hairbrushes, Hair combs, Mouthwash (alcohol free), Nail clippers (finger/toe), Shampoo, Shaving cream

Thank you to the ladies preparing the serving our Food night fundraiser meals. We will be taking a break in November and December due to the Holidays.
There will be no meeting in November or December. My mistake for not getting this information to the WAVP before their calendar was posted. The AMVETS calendar is correct.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, at 6:00. Consider joining us at the meeting to learn more about what we do, and what we can do for our community and our Veterans and their families.

Wishing all a Blessed Thankgiving filled with family and great food.

Mary Steinbach-AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

A Huge shout out to the ladies (and Bob and Carl) for preparing and serving the meal in September. Food nights have been a great hit again, and with the added bonus of the drive up, we are able to serve more people. October food night will consist of: Slice pork loin, baked potato, glazed carrots, and a dessert. We will be taking a little break in November and December, due to Thanksgiving and Christmas, but encourage you to support the other organization on their food nights, the fish fry, breakfast, and Steak nights.

If you missed it last month about our membership drive, we will not be have a dinner in October, as we have done in the past. Instead, with your paid membership, you will be receiving your membership card and also a certificate for a free meal during one of the upcoming AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary food night. The certificate will be good only on the night our ladies are serving and will be good through September 2021. As a group we felt this was a way to keep the members safe and comfortable and still encourage them to continue to support AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary by paying the dues of $25.00 per year. If you have not done so, please send a check to:

Mary Steinbach 901 7th Ave. NW Waverly, Iowa 50677 or use AMVETS PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677.

I am also trying to update addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. If any of this has changed lately, please contact me 319-230-9318 or send an email to

We will be having a meeting in October on the 21 @ 6 pm. If you have never been to a meeting, are new to the organization, or it’s been awhile, we would love to have you attend. We are always looking for new ideas to support the Veteran and their family, volunteer through the community, and hospitals, and give encouragement to our future leaders by supporting our youth.

If you do volunteer, let us know! As an organization we record this, report this to the National AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary to validate us as a Veterans Service Organization. By reporting, this gives the organization strength in numbers when they address congress concerning Veteran issues and benefits. I volunteer, What’s your super power.

  • Mary Steinbach 
  • AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President
  • 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Mary Steinbach
Local Post #79 President and
Past Department President

Thank you to the ladies preparing and serving our monthly Food Night fundraiser meals. They have been very sucessful, serving both as a sit down meal and for curbside pick-up. We also thank staff members of the WAVP for helping with taking the phone calls and assiting with the curbside meals. Moving forward, we will continue with both the sit down and the curbside pick-up. By calling ahead the day before, it helps with the preparations, cutting down on having leftovers and also to make sure enough food is made.

September is the beginning of our membership drive. Your membership to the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is important and appreciated, helping us to continue the support to our Service Members, our Community, our Hospitals, and the Youth of our community. 

You can now renew your AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary membership for the year 2021. If you have not been a member for a while, would you please think about rejoining? If you know of someone who qualifies please get them an application and have them get it to me. Many of the VSOs are aging and the younger Vets and their families are not becoming involved. Just think about where we would be if the VSOs weren’t lobbying in Congress to protect the benefits of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our Country. Think about the younger Vets not having Military Rites because there are no longer VSOs available to perform the service. Think about the VSOs and the work they do within the community, schools, and hospitals.

Think about renewing your membership.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post #79 dues are just $25.00 per year. WAVP has many events to enjoy. If you have not checked it out, please do so.

If you are interested in joining or rejoining you may send your $25.00 due to:

  • Mary Steinbach
  • 901 7th Ave. NW
  • Waverly, Iowa 50677
  • Mary Steinbach, 1st Vice President, membership chair
  • AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post #79

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Scholarship winner, Rachel Jebe and her family attended the July meeting where she was
presented with her $500.00 award. Rachel will be attending the University of Iowa in
the fall where she will be majoring in actuarial science and minoring in accounting. Her
AMVETS connecting  is her grandfather, James Jebe.  The other Scholarship winner, Gentry Eick was unable to attend the meeting. 

Membership Chair Mary Steinbach had nothing new to report, but encouraged everyone promote the Auxiliary and recruit new members.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have been unable to volunteer at the Iowa Veterans’
Home. The IVH regularly posts a want/need list on their Facebook page. It was
suggested that you could purchase these items from the Marshalltown HyVee online
and have them delivered to the Veterans’ Home if you’d like to donate. Mary is going to
look into whether or not Walmart provides a similar delivery service. Please view “Latest News” to see a message from Betsy Randall from Volunteer Services at Iowa Veterans Home concerning their updates and a list of items needed at the home.

Chaplain, Nancy Edwards reported that sympathy cards were sent to the Eavon Woodin
for the loss of her son, Curt and Sandy Lahr for the loss of her father, Kenny Miller.
Donations were made to the Department scholarship fund their memories. A get well
soon card was sent to Jean Lanske who fell and hurt her back.

Thank you to the members volunteering for the Food Night in July, preparing and serving the food.  The menu was barbecue beef sandwiches, homemade chips, pasta salad, and brownies. The meal was available both for carryout and dine in.
The menu for the August 27, food night will be meatloaf, baked potatoes, cucumber salad,
and dessert.  We will be raising the cost of the meals to $9.00. With the rising cost of meat and other food items, we feel this necessary. This is still a wonderful value for a “Home Cooked” meal, and a wonderful night to spend with your friends a the WAVP. The menu for the September 24, food night will be grilled hamburgers,
potato salad, cucumber salad, and a dessert.

There will be no meeting in August.


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

The Waverly Ladies’ AMVETS Auxiliary met for the first time since April on Wednesday, June 17, 2020.
Roll call was answered by six officers with a total of eight members present.

Americanism chair, Amy, reported that due to school being canceled for the
remainder of the year the coloring contest that the Auxiliary is sponsoring will be held in the fall instead. 

Chaplain, Nancy Edwards reported that sympathy cards were sent to the family of Pat
Howell, Vicky Green for the loss of her husband George, the family of Shirley Wehrhen,
the family of Betty Porter, and the family of Helen Burman.  The charter was draped in honor these deceased auxiliary members. Donations were made to the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary scholarship fund in their memory.

The Auxiliary will present $500.00 scholarships to Jentry Eick, whose AMVET is her grandfather Bill Henning, and Rachel Jebe, whose AMVET is her grandfather James Jebe. They will be invited to the July meeting at which time they will receive their awards.

The Auxiliary food night resumed in June. The continues with a drive up meal and also served the meal inside. The menu was pulled pork, peas, and Jello salad. Anyone wanting a meal will need to call and make a reservation by 5:00 on Wednesday. A big Thank You  to the ladies preparing and serving the food and to the with clean up crew, and the WAVP staff with help in taking reservations and serving the drive up orders. 

Because of the communities continues support of the Thursday night food nights, our Auxiliary has been able to offer scholarships and make donations to Department of Iowa and National AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary projects. The following donations were made:
• National Scholarship Fund
• Department Scholarship Fund
• John Tracy Clinic
• Paws for a Cause
• Ronald McDonald House of Iowa City
• Lutheran Services in Iowa Bremwood Campus
• Cedar Valley Honor Flight
Some of our past food nights we have had a collection jar and through the generosity of those who gave, was able to make a larger donation to the following: The Ronald McDonald House, Bremwood, and the Cedar Valley Honor Flight.
Unlike previous years, we will have a meeting in July. This will be held on Wednesday,
July 15th @ 6:00. There will be no meeting in August.

In closing, we pray that you stay safe and healthy.

Mary Steinbach-President 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318

With the changes we have all had to make in our lives due to the Corona virus, the cancellation of the Department of Iowa and the National AMVETS Conventions, elections of local, Department, and National Officers cannot be held. Because of this, current officers will continue until elections can be held in 2021. Locally our Officers are:

President-Mary Steinbach 1st. Vice President-Mary Steinbach 2nd/3rd Vice President-Vicky Green Americanism Officer-Amy Slab Chaplain Nancy Edwards Secretary-Amy Slaba Treasurer-Sandy Miller Hospital Chair and Food night Chair- Wanda Benning Parliamentarian-Veronica McKenzie.

Unless an officer is unable to fulfill the duties of the office, someone can be appointed to finish out the year.

We will be conducting our normal meeting in June on the 17th at 6:oo at the WAVP. If there is an interest, we will include a Zoom link to the meeting for those unable to attend the meeting. If this is something you would be interested in, contact me at 319-230-9318 or email at

We did have a trial Zoom meeting in May and talked about a few things we are still able to do as an organization. There currently is no updates as to when the “Red Coat Ladies” will be able to volunteer at the Iowa Veterans Home. Hopefully soon. We talked about future food nights on Thursday. Right now we will postpone our regular Thursday until September. Please continue to support the WAVP volunteers doing the food nights. Another subject was awarding scholarships. We didn’t receive any applications, but the AMVETS received 4. They will sponsor 2 of the applicants and the Auxiliary will sponsor the other 2. During the meeting in June we will vote on the amounts of the scholarships. You will also not on the website a tab has been added to include the applications forms for all the local, most of the Department forms, and links to all the National Scholarship forms. This should make it easier for students to access the forms.

Please keep the families of: Patricia Howell, Helen Burman, Shirley Werhren, and Betty Porter, as we have lost these Auxiliary members this past few months. 

Stay healthy and safe.

Mary Steinbach

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

It seems like forever since were we able to last meet, and we are all hoping that the “end” of this virus threat is soon. “End” is just a term used give us hope, but what we have experience these last few months will forever change our lives, and those changes will never “end”. We hear in the media about “Iowa strong”. We are! As Iowans we have always been there to lend a helping hand, use our strengths to assist those in need, and supported each other in any crisis. I wish to thank the staff at the WAVP for stepping up to prepare and serve take out meals for the WAVP and also the community for supporting their efforts. The staff did a great job providing between 79-120 meals for the past Thursdays! Let’s hope that the WAVP will be able to open soon and all the organizations can get back to meetings, Food nights, Steak Frys, Fish Frys, the Breakfasts, and we can socialize among friends.

Jean Lanske, the Hospital Representative for the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown helped provide snack and goodies, and juices for the residents, I made 170 masked and mailed them to IVH to provide protection for the residents and also caregivers there. Nancy Edwards had a friend making masks and she also mailed them to IVH. For now, the ladies that normally volunteer there the first Friday of each month will have to wait until it is safe for them to do so again. I know the volunteers miss going as much as the residents miss seeing the “RED Coat Ladies”.

If at all possible, the Auxiliary will meet on May 20th @ 6:00. The top most agenda will be the installation of Officers for the 2020-2021 year. If this is not possible before the National Convention in August, the current officers will continue with the office for the year 2020-2021. This information comes from the National President, and the National AMVETS Commander. This ruling is also true for the Department of Iowa Officers. More information on this can be found by going to “Latest New” on the website.

For now, stay safe, stay strong, and stay healthy!

Mary Steinbach


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

How do we move on and continue to do what we need to do for our Veterans and those that are still serving? I will do more e-mail messages to our Auxiliary members with updates and news. If you you have not given me any changes to you email address, now is the time. Send me a message with updated information. As of right now there will me no meeting in April and the WAVP continues to be closed. They will be have a meal on Thursdays with curbside pick up. Last week’s meal was a success serving around 70. This is just one way we can continue to do what we do. I am also working on setting up a way that we can video conference our meetings. My daughter set up something like this for our family and was comforting to be able to facetime with my siblings, daughter, and many of my nieces and nephews.

One thing that we will have to do this month is our 6 month reports. If you have anything to report for volunteering, monetary donations, clothing and household donations, etc. please get that information to me. Email me the information or if you happen to come to Hy-Vee you can bring me the information. 

Another way to help support the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is to give a monetary donation to the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. Normally our biggest fundraiser supporting the Department is held at the Spring SEC in April. Since we have not been able to get out there to sell raffle tickets and the meeting is cancelled, I am asking that if you would like to give support to mail a donation to me: Mary Steinbach                                                                                                                                               901 7th Ave. NW                                                                                                                                             Waverly, Iowa 50677

Lastly, April is a month that we start looking for Offices for the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. If you currently hold an office and are interested to keeping that position, let me know. If you would like to hold a different office, let me know, if you are not an officer and would like to set up into one of the offices, let me know. Currently many of us hold multiple positions and it would be great if we could get more people involved. not only as officers, but (when we can again) attending the meetings, bringing new ideas and programs to help our Veterans, our community, and our youth.

Thank you for your continued support. We are STRONG, we are Iowans pulling together to get things done and make things work. Stay strong, stay healthy, and stay home as much as possible.



AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318

*Americanism chair, Amy shared the information she had compiled regarding holding the Americanism coloring and poster contest with the local elementary schools.
She is planning to talk to the management at the Dairy Queen when they open to see if they might be willing to sponsor the prizes for the younger children’s coloring contest.
We will keep you posted on this new project for the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary.

*We are saddened by the loss of another Auxiliary member, Loretta Davidson. Please keep her family in your prayers as they go through this difficult time. Our Chaplain, Nancy is asking if you know of a member needing prayers and support, to contact her with the information. You can call or text to 319-573-3454. Scholarship forms are available for our local AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and also for the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship. We will also be awarding a Scholarship in the name of Past local President Donna Fischer. Forms are distributed to the school or you can ask for a copy by contacting Nancy Edwards 319-573-3454  or myself.

*Our six month reporting period is coming up in April. Vicky Green is asking that you send any information regarding Community Service or Child Welfare volunteering, monetary or other donations to her e-mail  The list of ways to volunteer is too long, but here are a few examples: Community and church meals, Ronald McDonald house, Meals on Wheels, used clothing and household donations, Humane Society-Retrieving Freedom-Paws with a Cause, elderly visits-helping with transportation, recycling, knitting/quilting lap blankets, donating used eye glasses or hearing aids/batteries, collecting Hy-Vee receipts for the schools, sponsoring a child’s book club, any cash donations to organization (Cancer society, American Heart, St. Jude’s, etc.) The list goes on. The importance of reporting this for our Auxiliary is to give validations of a non-profit doing work for our communities and for our Veterans and their families. This accumulated list from AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of AMVETS, and AMVETS Riders is used when our National Officers testify before Congress to protect the benefits or change the way Government views  our Military and their families.

*Thanks to the ladies preparing and serving our meatloaf dinner in February. Many great comments on the meatloaf. “Make a change” project for February was the Ronald McDonald House in Iowa City. Thank you for those who contributed. The March dinner will be our “famous” Beef and Noodles meal. Mark you calendars and plan to join us that night. We are always looking for ladies to help prepare or serve the food. If you can and/or are willing, please call or text Wanda @ 319-240-4950 to find out where help is needed. The same few ladies have been doing this and would welcome any help.

&A Department fundraiser raffle tickets were distributed at the Winter SEC meeting.
They are $1.00 each or 6/$5.00 and are available for purchase from Mary, Jean, or Amy. Proceed from the raffle will help fund the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary so we can continue to work for our Veterans, their families, and the Communities across Iowa.