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Sons of AMVETS newsletter

Sons of AMVETS

Please make sure to read the Commander’s message about the membership dinner on October 14th. I encourage current Sons of AMVETS to continue supporting the organization through your membership dues. I continue to ask that you attend the monthly meeting, bring ideas for projects, and help out in any way possible. Many hands make light work for all.

Thank you

John Mohlis, Sons of AMVETS Commander

Sons of AMVETS

There will be a Sons meeting this month, September 14 @ 7:00
We want to wish Jim Trask a speedy recovery after having knee surgery. 
Help with the can redemption bin by sorting cans and plastics has been very helpful.  We are still receiving a few glass liquor bottles that cannot be accepted.  Beer bottles are fine.
Remember our veterans.

Sons of AMVETS News

A BIG thank you those that are still contributing to the Sons can collection box and following the New Guild-lines for the donations. Please be mindful of the glass beer bottles by not dropping them into the box. It is OK to place them, in their original containers, next to the bin so that they do not break. 

Your continues support is always appreciated so we can continue to provide scholarships and  make our donations back to the WAVP. One project that has been discussed is the improvement to the dock area. If you would like to learn more or have questions, consider attending the Sons Meeting.

John Mohlis-Sons of AMVETS Commander

Sons of AMVETS News

Due to restrictions at the redemption centers we can no longer accept glass wine and liquor bottles and are only accepting beer bottles in their original containers.  Also, please make sure that the items are properly rinsed out and that one bag is used. (example: do not have cans in a grocery bag and then have multiple bags inside a garbage bad) Please abide by the sign on the bin so we can continue to use the money collected for supporting the WAVP and for our scholarships. Thank you in advance for respecting this new guideline for the Sons of AMVETS collection bin. 
Mark your calendar for the July meeting on July 13th. We would love to see more Sons of AMVETS members attend monthly meetings, bringing ideas for supporting our Veterans, our community, and our local youth.
Hope to see you at the WAVP. 

The Sons of the Amvets announced the recipients of the 2020 scholarships given in honor of past commander Al Bock.  Jentry Eick and Rachel Jebe each received a $500 scholarship.

Sons of AMVETS

The Sons would like to thank the couple that helped to pick up cans after the strong wind.  It was very much appreciated. Please continue to support our can collection at the WAVP. The money is used for Scholarships and other projects at the WAVP. 
We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.  We pray for our veterans and the active military people helping with the virus outbreak.