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Sons of AMVETS

October 9th is the Annual Membership dinner for the Sons of AMVETS and is a night that dues of $35.00 may be paid. If you are unable to attend the dinner, please consider renewing and send your dues to Waverly AMVETS Post #79 Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677. 

We are continually looking for new members, new ideas and projects. We will not meet in October, but plan to attend upcoming meetings.

Thank you for your past support.

Sons of AMVETS

Our next meeting will be August 13th at 7:00.  I had the honor of giving a tour of our building to the National Sons of AMVETS officers and wives.  They were very impressed and said it was the nicest facility they had ever seen for an AMVETS post. They have toured a lot of posts all over the United States.   They couldn’t believe how many different things the our building has to offer.  It’s time for our members to get involved with ideas for projects for the future. 
Keep our past and present veterans in your thoughts and prayers.

Four of the National Sons of AMVETS officers visiting the WAVP in July

Sons of AMVETS

We will all miss Donna Fischer as part of our AMVET family.  She did so much for the veterans. 
We encourage our Sons of AMVET members to get more involved.  There are so many projects that can be done, and we need suggestions.  Working together we can accomplish so much.  Our next meeting will be July 8th at 7:00. 
Don’t forget our past and present veterans.

Sons of AMVETS News

We will be looking to build programs for the upcoming year. If you have ideas for projects, programs we can sponsor, or fundraising ideas, I would encourage you to attend the Sons of AMVETS meetings. Our main project is the can collection bin at the WAVP. Through this program we are able to present sclholarships to deserving High School Seniors with plans on furthering their education.

Sons of AMVETS

Spring is here and time for Spring cleaning. As you clear out the garage of cans and bottles accummulated over the winter, remember to donate to the Sons of AMVETS for their scholarship fund. You can find the can collection bin and the WAVP.

May will be election of new officers for the Sons of AMVETS. Please consider taking an office and becoming more involved with the Sons and and AMVETS organizations.