AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Donna Fischer 319-352-1358 or

The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary completes six-month reports on all our programs. These reports are then sent on to the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and then sent on to National AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. Items that can be reported are – Mileage if driving someone to Doctors appoint for example. Include mileage. Refreshments donated in connection with an activity. Cash donations which benefit an activity which reflects the basic programs of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, i.e. Child Welfare, John Tracy Clinic, Day Care Centers, etc. New materials donated. Price of homemade items, gifts and any type of prizes plus time involved. Blood donations, the amount given. Any type of Used Materials donated to Good Will, Trinkets and Togs, etc. Lodging if provided for military service personal, children and adults as a gratis service. Also, we can report Youth Volunteers if the youth is related to an AMVETS or a member of the Auxiliary. Please list their names. Reports can be given to any one of the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary officers or I am usually home during the day you drop items at my house. 304 7th St SW, Waverly. If I am not at home, leave your report in my mail box.

We will have an Auxiliary meeting Wednesday, November 21st even though it is the day before Thanksgiving. Please attend if you are available.


We would love to have you as an Auxiliary member. Would you consider this? Dues right now are just $20.00 per year but will be going up to $25.00 if paid after January 1st. Not much when you realize what your dues do to help our Veterans. With your membership, it gives the Auxiliary strength in numbers when presenting issues to our congress to preserve Veteran’s benefits. Locally it helps with WAVP activities and being able to communicate with our members.

Dues may be sent to:   Mary Steinbach

                                        901 7th Ave. NW

                                        Waverly, Iowa 50677

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