AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Summer has officially started and our Auxiliary is still hard at work throughout the community. Just recently we were able to help a local female veteran get back on her feet. Thank you to those helping at the June Food night and those contributing desserts. We will have another Food night on July 25th, serving burgers, baked beans, chips, and an ice cream treat. By supporting our Food Night Fundraisers we are capable of contributing to our Department and National projects and giving local scholarships. As AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary members, if you are not able to attend meetings or be active on any of the projects, as least come and support us on our Food Night Fundraiser. Meals are usually only $8.00, plus you get to spend time with other great Auxiliary Ladies!

We will be having a meeting on July 17th and not one in August. At the July meeting we will pay tribute to Past President, Donna Fischer. Meeting time is 6:00 at the WAVP. 

Department of Iowa President, Brenda Taylor, will be here for the Heritage Day Parade. Local Auxiliary members are asked to walk behind the convertible in showing support and recognizing AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79. If you are able to be part of the group, meet at the starting point, the sale barn parking lot, by 10 am on July 20th.

At the AMVETS Department Convention held in June, Waverly AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary was awarded numerous Certificates of Achievement including: Gavelier Award for most signing new members, Department Hospital Chairman’s award, Child Welfare Award, Iowa Department Award for signing most renewals, Past Department President’s award for 5 or more new members, Past Department President’s Award for bringing back former Auxiliary members! Although it is nice to be recognized for the work we do through the Auxiliary, it is more rewarding to know that as an organization we continue to support Veterans and their families.

Also at the Conventions I am proud to announce the donation that was made, from the Department of Iowa, to the Des Moines VA Therapy Gardens. This garden is being built to help Veterans with their physical Therapy, using natural terrains, sidewalks, uneven ground, and will also provide a quiet outdoor space for gathering thoughts and calming fears. Most physical therapy is only done indoors on flat floors. This gardens helps with getting back into a regular society and learn to move in the real world. If you would like to know more about how you can help, contact me Mary Steinbach Department of Iowa Hospital Chair 319-230-9318 or email me @