AMVETS Commander
Bob O’Hare

Boy, it’s hard to believe that school has started. Where has the summer gone. Labor Day has come and gone.

Thanks to Rich and Janell Miller and Carl and Wanda Benning for the showing of Admiral Koeneman’s funeral service at Arlington Cemetery and also for the lunch.

Save the date, October 10th will be the membership dinner for Amvets and Amvets Auxiliary. More information will be in the next news letter.

If you have not sent in an email address to receive the news letter, please take time to do that. You can send it to me and I will see that it is put on the list.

I would like to thank Dave Farran for all his time and effort and also the color guard that participated in the presentation of the book, 41-29244 (B-24 Double Trouble), to the Waverly Library. Special thanks to the family of Second Lieutenant Edwin H. (Heine) Pries for the donation of the book.

If you have questions or concerns contact me at 319-404-2311 or


 Bob O’Hare