Commander’s News

Well I hope everybody had a very good Christmas and New Year. Now we start out with 2019. Hard to believe. Did anybody make a New Years Resolution to do more volunteering this year? lf so my phone number is (319) 404-2311. Or you can E/Mail me at Don’t forget we have the breakfast on the second Saturday of every month. The fish fry is the third Friday of every month and the Amvets steak fry is the forth Saturday of every month. The Amvets Family lost another member Paul Hogue. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Paul, however I was part of the Honor Guard at his Funeral. It was a very nice service and I met his wife and loving Family.

I will be away from my desk the week of December 24th if you have a question or concern while I’m away give Carl Benning a call. Questions or concerns my phone # 319-404-2311.

 Thank You Bob O’Hare Commander Post # 79