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Commander’s News

Dues are $35.00 and may be paid the night of the membership dinner or mailed to AMVETS PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677




This has been a rough month for my wife in the nursing home as she is having a lot of trouble getting her strength built up.

With that going on I’ve not been able to spend much time on doing this letter or whatever it’s supposed to be.

We are having a members meal at the WAVP on 10/09/19. Starting at 5:30 with the meal at 6:30 with other things to follow. Just be there!!!

AMVETS Steak Fry will be October 26. Order by 3 and help support the AMVETS.

Carl and I are working on a plan to better inform the membership. Trust me this will work.

I’m recruiting so join me PLEASE !!!! My last note today is:

My retirement plan for the time being is KEEP ON WORKING.

Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Latest News

You may already know, but we would like to call your attention to two important upcoming events at the Waverly Area Veterans Post.
WAVP will host a Mental Health/Suicidal Prevention Training Seminar on Oct. 11 from 8am – 5pm.  The purpose is to teach community members skills on identifying and responding to a person who may be experiencing mental health/suicidal issues.  Since 22 veterans take their own lives every day, it is very important for us fellow veterans to be able to identify and respond to any suicidal tendencies.  Please spread the word throughout the community to encourage participation.  There is no cost; however, pre-registration is required to “,” or call WAVP Board Director Gary Wood at 319-239-3374.
The second noteworthy event involves the lawsuit brought by WAVP vs. Bremer County Board of Review regarding property taxes.  The WAVP Board feels strongly that non-profit organizations, like veteran groups, should be exempt from all property taxes.  This case is scheduled for October 23 in Bremer County District Court at the courthouse in Waverly.  Since the judge’s decision will definitely impact our organization, we would strongly encourage your attendance at this trial.
As you ponder any mandatory distributions from your IRA’s, and your personal contributions for year-end, please keep WAVP in your thoughts.  We still have a $380,000 debt obligation.  Any questions, give us a call.  Thanks!!
Darrell Blasberg                          Carl Benning
WAVP Board Chair                     WAVP Board Vice-Chair
319-352-1182                             319-352-3012

Auxiliary News

I have to make a retraction from last month’s newsletter. My eagle eye, Amy, caught that I had quoted the wrong amount for our annual dues. Dues this year are $25.00. You can pay your dues the night of the membership dinner, or you can mail them to me: Mary Steinbach 901 7th Ave. NW Waverly, Iowa. All renewals should be paid before December 31th. I am also asking that if you know of someone who would qualify as a member, invite them to join.

The Auxiliary had a very successful Food night in September, serving a meatloaf dinner. That night we also had a donation jar, collecting for the Honor Flight Program. A big thank you to all attending the dinner, donations to “Change to Make a Change” collecting almost $95.00, and the all the ladies helping to prepare and serve the food. We will be working on various projects throughout the upcoming year and appreciate your continued support. Our October meal will be our “Fabulous” Beef and noodles meal. Gather a group, leave the cooking the us and  enjoy the food.

The Auxiliary will be completing our 6 month report for any volunteering and charitable donations. If you have something you would like to claim, please get that information to me or one of the other officers. Just a few examples are: Hy-Vee register receipts for the schools, used materials donated to Trinkets and Togs or Goodwill, monetary donations to various national programs, meals made and delivered to elderly or shut-ins. Any thing you do benefiting Veterans, the community, our youth, hospitals and nursing homes may be reported. Through these reports we validate AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary as a non-profit organization. Nationally, Congress looks at the strength of AMVETS when making decisions about our Veterans and protecting the benefits they earned while serving.

We Waited together, Now Let’s Work Together

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318

Sons of AMVETS

October 9th is the Annual Membership dinner for the Sons of AMVETS and is a night that dues of $35.00 may be paid. If you are unable to attend the dinner, please consider renewing and send your dues to Waverly AMVETS Post #79 Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677. 

We are continually looking for new members, new ideas and projects. We will not meet in October, but plan to attend upcoming meetings.

Thank you for your past support.

Chaplain’s Corner

Have you ever looked up the word veteran? The dictionary defines it as a person who has had long experience in a particular field or a person who has served in the military. If you’re a veteran or have a family member that served in the military that definition doesn’t begin to substantiate the sacrifice that every veteran has given to its country. We are forever indebted to these brave men and women who laid their lives on the line for people they’ve never even met. As we remember their duties and everything they put on the line, it’s crucial that we share prayers for veterans who fought for our freedom.

With the month of October the beginning of our membership drive, remember our Veterans and remember why your membership with the AMVETS Organization is important. We work hard to protect the rights and benefits they earned while in service, and their families.

Lord, We lift up prayer for those who lead and direct our soldiers. May their daily decisions bring powerful protection and abundant provision to our men and women in uniform. Amen.

Whether a veteran is physically in battle or just mentally, we mustn’t forget the price that they’ve all paid. Some veterans have found salvation from their post-traumatic stress disorder however, others haven’t. When you utter prayers for veterans remember that a soldier’s work is never done. Even though they may not be physically on the front lines their mind and soul may still be there. All in all, it’s important to pray for protection for the men and women in uniform. It’s important to not forget their sacrifice. We shouldn’t categorize their prayers in representation of a holiday or celebration. Instead these prayers for our soldiers should be recited every day. 


Commander’s Call

Being a commander here is somewhat different than in active military duty. Then we did what
the commander said no questions asked. Now we ask you all to help do what our goals and
projects are. I want to thank you in advance for when you come forward and get in the game.
Well enough of that for now.
My wife and I are coming up on 60 years married. Wow. We had 5 daughters we lost one
to cancer in 2009 will never get over that loss. We have 3 son in laws, 11 grand children
12 great grand children and one great great grand daughter.
For now my wife is in the Shell Rock nursing home following open heart surgery but is
having a hard time getting back on her feet. Having this going on I have not had much time
to do recruiting however I set a goal of at least 5 new members by meeting time.
My phone has been ringing off the hook from AMVET members asking for help to
improve the recruiting project going on now. HA! HA! I wish. Ok lets get moving on RECRUITING.
As you can see writing is not my strong point however I can talk up a storm. So come to
the monthly meetings on the second Wednesday at 7 PM and hear me.
Don’t forget work day on 9/11/19.
Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Latest News

At this time I don’t have all the information on our Newly Elected National Officers, but here is AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Officers:

President- Dee Baggett from Florida

First Vice President- Joan Shirek from Wisconsin

Second Vice President- Karin Simmons from Alaska

Third Vice President- Amy Stopyra 

National Chaplain- Mary Lanphere from New York

Sgt. At Arms- Debra Gass from Indiana

Treasurer- Barbara Guth

Americanism Officer- Denise Rodzen

Scholarship Officer-Peggy Liss

Hospital Chair- Cyndi Rice

We congratulate them all and wish for them a very successful year!


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Our membership dinner will be held in October. Please look for more information at a later date. It is still in the planning stages. In the mean-time, you can prepay you membership dues by sending $20 to membership chair,

Mary Steinbach

901 7th Ave. NW

Waverly, Iowa 50677.

Our goal is to add 20 new members. If you know of someone that would qualify as a member, invite them to come to this dinner to learn more about what we do as an organization.

 The Hy-Vee receipt program has started back up again. Save your receipts, bundle them together with a total of the receipts and get them to one of our officers. We will record the amounts and make sure they are turned over to the schools so that they can get much needed equipment and supplies. There are many programs that don’t take much time that all members can participate in. In upcoming newsletters I will Highlight a different program. If uncertain what can be reported, come to our meetings to learn more, or just get us the information and we will determine what and where it can be reported. Any volunteering or items collected validate us as a non-profit organization helping our Veterans and their families.


Mary Steinbach and Amy Slaba traveled to Central City of July 4. They participated in their parade and attended the dedication of their Veterans’ Memorial.


Dita Boroom, Sandy Dietz, Nancy Edwards, Veronica McKenzie, and Sally O’Hare

volunteered at the Iowa Veterans’ Home on Friday, July 5. They worked in the craft

room in the morning, and hosted BINGO in the afternoon. This is a monthly event, the first Friday of the month. If you would like to volunteer at the IVH for the day, contact Jean Lanske 319-269-3371.


Please keep our members that are sick or hospitalized in your prayers. If you know of a member that needs a little “pick me up”, contact our Chaplain Nancy Edwards 319-573-3454 so a card may be sent in the name of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary.

Thanks to all the ladies who volunteered for our food nights in July and August. Both meals were a hit. With the profit of these meals throughout the year we are able to give back to many projects and fund our scholarship program. Thank you for your continued support.


The Heritage Days Parade was Saturday, July 20. Mary had the privilege of driving our Department President, Brenda Taylor. Later that day we also had 8 National Sons of AMVETS officers visit the WAVP. All were impressed with the building and the great hospitality of John Mohlis, our local Sons of AMVETS Commander.


I was thrilled to be able to attend this years National AMVETS Convention held in Louisville, KY. The highlight of the week was having President Trump as the guest speaker during our opening session. We all witness the signing of his referendum to forgive student loans to Veterans that are 100% disables.

We waited together, now let’s work together