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Mary Steinbach- AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President 2015-2015

Mary Steinbach- AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President 2015-2016

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President News

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   As we look past the month of May, our busy Memorial Day weekend activities, and into the upcoming month of June, let’s not put aside what Memorial Day means to all of us. Let us honor our veterans and their families every day. I want to thank Ted and the other AMVETS members who put together a great Memorial Day service, God for coming through with better weather for the parade, the Auxiliary members being part of the parade and helping at the luncheon, and the community for showing their support to our veterans and families.

   I am so proud of the many Auxiliary members attending the Honor Flight Fundraiser show. Our National Auxiliary President, Sylvia Rowland, also commented on the amount of members we had supporting a great cause.

   In May we had election of officers. As of right now we will have the same officers as last year. Marj Reinhardt has agreed to continue as Chaplain until we find someone to take over the position. She has commented on mentoring someone for this office. Please consider this, and if you are willing to take this office, call me to let me know. A big thank you goes out to those officers serving this past year and I am looking forward to the coming year.

  June 25th the Auxiliary will be hosting the food night with the menu consisting of grilled hamburger, potato salad, baked beans, and a dessert. Bring friends and enjoy the night of good food.

   “We Waited Together – Now Let’s Work Together”

Front row: President-Mary Steinbach, 1st Vice-Jean Lanske, 2-3 Vice-Donna Fischer, Americanism Officer-Marge Dietz

Back row: Chaplain-Marj Reinhardt, Secretary-Amy Slaba, Treasurer-Edith Morrill, Parliamentarian-Veronica McKenzie, Hospital Chairman-Wanda Benning, Historian-Patty Kaiser