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We are all vital pieces of the AMVETS “puzzle” that when put together, form a strong bond, coming together with a passion for our veterans, service members, and their families. We are an unstoppable forse when it come to this mission.

Growing our membership needs to be our #1 priority. Sure we have all heard the need to get the younger generation involved, but how? What programs or events are they looking for? What does the younger families need? It is time to “put our boots on the ground” and take action to get this done. 

Are we looking at our GOLD Star Families and inviting them to our meetings and to become members? Have we approached our AMVETS members for their spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren to become Auxiliary members or Sons of AMVETS? Have we given the VA office information about AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS including the members application to be given to those veterans appying for benefits?

It can’t just stop there. We have to welcome them and their family to “Our AMVETS Family”. Assign prospective members to a seasoned member, mentor them, ask about their current needs, and nurture then in any way we can.

Acceptance is the road to all change!

Carry a membershp application with you at all times.

We are not only IOWA Strong, we are AMVETS Strong

Written by:

Mary Steinbach current local President of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 and Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 1st Vice President and membership chairman.

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The National Convention for the AMVETS will be August 23-29 in Greeenboro, North Carolina. If you are interested to can get information on the National AMVETS website, the National AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Website, or the Sons of AMVETS National website.

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If you are still having issues pertaining to the newsletter and the website, please contact me at or call 319-230-9318

Mary Steinbach

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76th Department of Iowa State Convention

The 2021 State Convention will be held at the Best Western Regency Inn in Marshalltown Iowa
on June 4-6, 2021. Although we will be unable to host the veterans from the Iowa Veterans
Home due to the ongoing pandemic, a pulled pork sandwich dinner with a social hour will be
held. The event will be in outside poolside area of the hotel beginning at 5PM. Saturday
night will be the Annual Commander’s and Presidents Banquet with presentation of AMVETS
and Auxiliary scholarships and Sunday morning a special Memorial service recognizing all
those members who have passed on in the previous year. . Reservations may be made by
contacting the hotel at 641-752-6321. Advise them you are with AMVETS to get the special

If you have any membership questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am
making an effort to visit many Posts around the State. If you would like to
schedule a visit please contact the Department office. These visits allow me to
assist your Post with the necessary requirements to ensure your Post is in good
standing and meets all the requirements for recertification each year. My job is to
personally assist you to ensure your Post is successful in the AMVETS mission of
serving veterans. Posts will be holding annual meetings and electing new
officers in the coming months. Please ensure the Department office receives any
new updated contact information with your Post revalidation. We also ask you to
include an email address from someone in your Post to ensure we have good
communication. Revalidation forms were recently mailed to each Post.
Clark Leckington Executive Director Department

Operation Donation Tickets
Operation Donation tickets will be going out to respective Posts and
subordinate organizations. These tickets are used primarily to fund our
scholarship programs. Numerous Posts around the State have donated
prizes for this event. We ask that when you receive your tickets you make
every effort to get the tickets sold and return the money to the Department
prior to Convention. Numerous gift cards are being offered, a flat screen
tv, as well as many other prizes are being offered. For those purchasing
tickets at the State Convention Banquet there will also be several very nice
in house prizes as well. This is always a special part of the banquet.

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AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS of Waverly, Iowa Post #79 will be offering scholarships again this year. Forms may be picked up in the Guidance Office at the W-SR High School, WAVP, or copies of the various local forms, along with Department of Iowa and National forms are available on the AMVETS website. At the top of the page there is a tab for Scholarships. If you need more information, you can send an e-mail to:

Completed forms should be mailed to: AMVETS PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677 to be reviewed by April 30, 2021.

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 Local, Department of Iowa, and National Scholarships are available for High school students, returning college students, and trade school students. At the top of our website, go to the tab for scholarships for more information and downloadable links to the various scholarships. Information and qualifications are included with each form. Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested to applying. Forms should be sent to AMVETS Post 79 Waverly, Iowa PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677 and should be received by April 15 to be reviewed in time for awarding them in May.

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Think of membership as an everyday program and continuously communicate its importance.

Communication is key: Read the montly newsletter for up-to-date newsin everyday conversations, seek out possible new members, extend a warm invitation to the post and inform them of the various events. Communicate to them the benefits that come with a membership: Help with securing the benefits earned as a veteran or family member of a veteran-fellowship and volunteer opportunies within the community-strength in numbers when addressing Congress about protecting the benefits earned from serving in the Military.

Training: Working with any newer members about recruiting, promoting Americanism in our schools (our future members),  and looking for any volunteer opportunites in our community and hospitals that utilize that new member’s strengths.

Teamwork: AMVETS, AMVETS ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS must work together with recruiting members. More AMVETS members, mean more possibilies for the Auxiliary and the Sons. Make sure you always have membership applications available, informational brochures, and be informed enough to answer eligibility questions. 

One thing to always remember, we are here for the purpose of our Veterans, their families, and the communites in which we live.