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Commander’s Call

A new year and so much work for all of us to do. I’m talking about recruiting new members. This is not hard work in fact it’s interesting to find out about people who have served, to listen to their experiences and give them the opportunity to join and support fellow veterans.


I would also support an effort by the WAVP to eliminate the remaining  few bucks on the debt for this great building. Would you all join me on both counts?

For those needing to renew for 2020, please send dues to AMVETS Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677

News happens all the time. Follow us on Facebook “like” our page and also follow the WAVP Facebook page for upcoming events and news.

Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Commander’s Call

Our commander, Ron, lost his wife earlier in November. Please keep him and the rest of the family in your prayers as they work through this difficult time. His message of last month still holds true: Recruit!!!

Recruiting, I hope you all know what that is and are doing some. For those needing to renew for 2020, please send dues to AMVETS Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677 by December 31th.

We need members in all the units we are eligible to join. As veterans we must work together and help get the job done.


Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Commander’s Call

Well here we go again. Since I’ve been elected your commander I couldn’t figure out what this Commanders call is. It finally came to me. It seems that every time I need to write one of these I get a call from Mary J Steinbach thus the Commanders call.

I want to thank everyone who came to the membership meal. It was a great time and so was the food. I was able to meet a lot of you that I didn’t know before. I’m sure the ones that weren’t there were out recruiting. Yes, recruiting. I hope you all know what that is and are doing some. For those needing to renew for 2020, please send dues to AMVETS Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677 by December 31th.

I’m going to engage in a little trivia. Does anyone know anything about the name Alfred Bernhard? I’m not going to wait for your answer. Those of you that were at the meeting on the 9th remember about my old granny and the big impression she made at her passing. Well it seems Alfred Bernhard left this earth in a bigger way. Parts of him are buried in 5 different states. He was the inventor EXPLOSIVES.

Besides recruiting new members for the AMVETS I want all of you to consider a membership to the AMERICAN LEGION, MCL, or the VFW if you are eligible. Those of you that weren’t eligible before please check out current eligibility and don’t hold a grudge. Life is too short for that. Eligibilities have changed for many organizations so please find out if you qualify. The yearly membership dues are minimal and won’t break anyone. We need members in all the units we are eligible to join. As veterans we must work together and help get the job done.


Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Commander’s News

Dues are $35.00 and may be paid the night of the membership dinner or mailed to AMVETS PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677




This has been a rough month for my wife in the nursing home as she is having a lot of trouble getting her strength built up.

With that going on I’ve not been able to spend much time on doing this letter or whatever it’s supposed to be.

We are having a members meal at the WAVP on 10/09/19. Starting at 5:30 with the meal at 6:30 with other things to follow. Just be there!!!

AMVETS Steak Fry will be October 26. Order by 3 and help support the AMVETS.

Carl and I are working on a plan to better inform the membership. Trust me this will work.

I’m recruiting so join me PLEASE !!!! My last note today is:

My retirement plan for the time being is KEEP ON WORKING.

Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Commander’s Call

Being a commander here is somewhat different than in active military duty. Then we did what
the commander said no questions asked. Now we ask you all to help do what our goals and
projects are. I want to thank you in advance for when you come forward and get in the game.
Well enough of that for now.
My wife and I are coming up on 60 years married. Wow. We had 5 daughters we lost one
to cancer in 2009 will never get over that loss. We have 3 son in laws, 11 grand children
12 great grand children and one great great grand daughter.
For now my wife is in the Shell Rock nursing home following open heart surgery but is
having a hard time getting back on her feet. Having this going on I have not had much time
to do recruiting however I set a goal of at least 5 new members by meeting time.
My phone has been ringing off the hook from AMVET members asking for help to
improve the recruiting project going on now. HA! HA! I wish. Ok lets get moving on RECRUITING.
As you can see writing is not my strong point however I can talk up a storm. So come to
the monthly meetings on the second Wednesday at 7 PM and hear me.
Don’t forget work day on 9/11/19.
Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.

Commander’s Call

From the commander
I want to introduce myself. I’m Ron Ihde your new commander after an recent election which was a close race but I won out. HA! HA! In the next few months I will talk about my family and other things about me to help us all get better acquainted. I hope that I can meet each and everyone of you. When we meet up please introduce yourself, can’t promise I’ll remember your name but will try.
Now there is one thing we are going to do in a big way that I will talk about all the time. That is RECRUITING, RECRUITING AND RECRUITING new members. I have a plan that works and will share with you all. The next three months will be a good time to get this done. I will offer to help each one of you to get more new members.
Please come to our monthly meetings second Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
Thanks RON
Home phone # 319 276 4662 or Cell # 319 290 6762.
AMVETS Post 79 is pleased to announce three scholarship awards which are made possible by your support of steak nites, food nites, and other activities.  The recipients are:

Hanna Fanter (daughter of the late David Fanter) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to pursue a career in nursing.
Sadie Hansen (granddaughter of Stuart Thomson) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to pursue a career of human resource management.
Levi Williamson (grandson of Larry Williamson) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to finish a liberal arts associate degree.

Commander’s Call

WAVP Updates

  1. July 2, 6pm, Brian Bergan from the Waverly City Council will be at the Post to receive feedback regarding the city’s fireworks ordinance.  Particularly, he needs to hear from veterans and veteran families about the impact of the 2-week window for allowing fireworks.  Brian was one of “swing” votes to allow the two week period. 

2.   July 16, 6pm, is the WAVP annual meeting.

3.   WAVP Board is appealing the Bremer Co. Board of Adjustment’s ruling that we owe property tax based on our activities.  We have failed to obtain info as to what those activities consist of.  Therefore, we have enlisted a law firm from Des Moines to assist the WAVP Board.  The case is scheduled for Sept. 10-11 in District Court in Bremer Co.; we need your support at this trial.  More info next month.

4.   The construction loan has been carried by the State Bank since the beginning of construction.  The remainder of this loan (380,000) has been taken over by the AMVETS, American Legion, and VFW.  Since the interest rate has been lowered, it saves WAVP some costs and yet gives more return to the three organizations than the current CD markets.  Seems like a win, win situation.  Remember, this is still a loan to be repaid!

Commander’s Call

Well it’s June, l think, one day it is 40 and the next it is 70 or 80.

I would like to thank everyone that has helped with any of the Memorial events. Those that helped putting up and taking down the Avenue of Flags and the small flags at the graves in seven cemeteries, also the crosses for Flanders Field. lt takes many volunteers to plan and hours of work to make it happen. Thank you to everyone who gave their time.

Thank you to all the Auxiliary Presidents and the Daughters of the Revolution for their  part in the Memorial Day activities. I would also like to thank the Amvets Auxiliary for the lunch they prepared and served.

My term as Commander is coming to a close and the new Commander will be taking over. This will be my last news letter.

Thank you.

Bob O’Hare, Commander

2019-2020 AMVETS Officers

Commander    Ron Ihde

1st Vice Membership    Steve Van Helten

2nd  Vice Programs    Ed Abben

Adjutant    Jon Kaiser

Finance    Carl Benning

Judge Advocate    James  Brandau

Historian    Steve Van Helten

Service  Officer    Bob O’Hare

Commander’s Call

Just thinking out loud here, but maybe we have got winter behind us. Wasn’t Easter Sunday a great day?

We lost another member of the Amvets family, Past Commander Donald Leisinger. He will be missed.

May 8th at the Amvets meeting is the date to submit your name for one of the officers position on the Amvets board. My second term as Commander will be up in June. I will not be submitting my name nor will I except any position. It’s time to bring some new blood into the group with new ideas and take the Amvets into the future.

Let’s remember at the WAVP we have a Breakfast ( Second Saturday ), Fish Fry( Third Friday ), Steak fry (three Saturday’s a Month) and Thursday night meals.

There is a short order grill and special meals put on by Gail and Meredith. These meals are great. We can compete with anybody.

If there are any Question or concerns Call (319) 404-2311 or Email me at

Thank you.

Bob O’Hare

Commander’s Call

Sun is shining so we are off to a good start.

Next Month is the time to put your name in to be nominated for one of the position on the board to be an AMVETS Officer. There are several things in the works to be voted on. It would be a great time to get your ideas heard. lt’s a great day to be an AMVET.

The AMVETS lost another Life Member Eldon Kratchmer. His funeral was March 9th.

The interest income off the Cd’s has reached its maturity in the amount of $2,403.00, of that amount $1,000 will be given as scholarships. Amvets Post 79 will be offering (2) $500.00 scholarships to high school graduates or undergraduate college students.

Applications can be picked up at the high school guidance office, or the Veterans Post. For further info, please call Bob O’Hare 404-2311) or Carl Benning (352-3012). The forms must be returned by April 30, 2019.

lf you have an idea on what you would like to see happen with the remaining money come to the meeting on April 10th so your thoughts can be heard. The 2019 order for the bricks for the Waverly Area Veterans Tribute will be sent in by April 15, 2019. Brick application forms can be found online at and click on Tribute Brick application forms, or the forms can be picked up at the Veterans Post. lf you have any questions, please call Carl Benning (352-3012). There are lots of activities happening: steak fries, Saturday breakfasts, fish fries, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, receptions, business meetings, customer meetings, Wii bowling, food nights, etc. Operational finances are “in the black”; in spite of January and February snow removal which was over $4000 each month. The Board of Directors calls your attention to the fact that there remains an outstanding loan of $380,000 for the facility. Even though the tax laws have changed, it is still advantageous to contribute a charitable gift. Contributions of “Required Mandatory Distributions” from IRA’s can be particularly advantageous; always consult your tax advisor. lf you have any questions or concerns contact me or (319-404-2311). Bob O’Hare, Commander