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Commander’s News

February News Letter The middle of January and Mother nature has let us know that yes we do live in Iowa, single digit temperatures with snow and wind. I would like to thank all the people that volunteer their hours doing work preparing for all the events at the WAVP. We could not have all of these events without your help. I want to especially recognize the Color Guard, who participated in three funeral in three consecutive days. Beryl Peck’s funeral was Monday the 14th, James Miller was Tuesday the 15th and Don Dietz Wednesday the 16th. These three men gave many years of service to the AMVETS and VFW.

I would like to address closing the WAVP and canceling the fish fry January 18th and 19th. The decision was made listening to the weather reports on TV and radio. with that said, in hind sight the decision would have been different. Agree or disagree life goes on.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. 319-404-2311 or bobohare201 Bob O’Hare, Commander Post #79

Commander’s News

Well I hope everybody had a very good Christmas and New Year. Now we start out with 2019. Hard to believe. Did anybody make a New Years Resolution to do more volunteering this year? lf so my phone number is (319) 404-2311. Or you can E/Mail me at Don’t forget we have the breakfast on the second Saturday of every month. The fish fry is the third Friday of every month and the Amvets steak fry is the forth Saturday of every month. The Amvets Family lost another member Paul Hogue. I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Paul, however I was part of the Honor Guard at his Funeral. It was a very nice service and I met his wife and loving Family.

I will be away from my desk the week of December 24th if you have a question or concern while I’m away give Carl Benning a call. Questions or concerns my phone # 319-404-2311.

 Thank You Bob O’Hare Commander Post # 79

Commander’s News

December 7th is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Lets bow our heads for the sacrifice that so many made I have been absent from my duties after my surgery on November 7th so I don’t have much for the news letter. I would like to Thank Carl Benning for covering me will I was absent. The AMVETS donated $150 to LZ Phoenix and $150 to Iowa Veterans Home from the money selling raffle tickets on membership night. We have 25 members that have not paid their 2019 dues. Please send your dues to Carl Benning or myself. AMVETS PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677.

Veterans Day, we at the WAVP lost a great Marine, Roger Metzger. He was involved in so many things. He reminded me of the ever ready bunny. People have no idea how many hours Roger put in. Things just got done. Semper Fi my brother. You will be missed. Lets step up and volunteer in Rogers honor. He has left big shoes to fill.



December 8th WAVP Breakfast 7:30 till 10:00 O’clock.

December 12th AMVETS meeting 7 PM.

December 20th Amvets Ladies Aux. Hors D’oeuvres 5:30 PM.

December 21st WAVP Fish Fry 5:30 till 7 pm.

December 22nd Amvets Steak Fry 5:30 till 7 PM.

Any questions or concerns:

Bob O’Hare, Commander

Commander’s Column

November News Letter
well it,s time to write the news letter again. lt’s finally a nice
sunny day in October and boy the weather that we have been
having it’s anybody’s guess what November is going to be’
veterans day is fast approaching . November 11 is a Sunday
this year. So with everybody going to church, the program will
start at 1300 instead of 1100 ( it will be 1100 in California)
A light lunch will be served.
This year marks the 100th year since the end of World War L.
There will displays of WW L memorabilia. The main speaker
will be Mr Jim Vowels, Waverly Shell Rock. He will speak on the
history of the drum and fife corps that led troops into battle
during WW L. Waverly shell Rock is the only high school
known to have a drum and fife corps in lowa.
As November approaches we give thanks to our veterans
and remember the families that have lost their loved ones
so we can enjoy the freedoms we have.
Commander Bob O’Hare

Commander’s News

The membership dinner for Amvets, Auxiliary, and Sons is Wednesday, October 10th. Social hour is 5:30 with dinner at 6:30.

There will not be a fish fry in October.

If you have not sent us your email address, please bring it to the membership dinner. Many e-mail addresses are not current or updated. If you have updated your e-mail recently, please send the updated address to Any questions or concerns contact me at or 319-404-2311.

We will have information on “Planning your legacy” available at the dinner.

2019 Annual Memberships are now due!

Thanks to those who have already paid their 2019 memberships; this will allow a free meal at our upcoming membership dinners. All life members also receive a free meal; however, we ask for your consideration of a donation to cover the expenses.

AMVETS is the most inclusive veterans service organization, with over 250,000 members, representing the interests of 20 million veterans. The percentage of veterans serving in legislative bodies (national, state, and local) continues to decline; therefore your voice, through membership, is more important than ever. AMVETS has been at the forefront of public policy related to national defense, homeless veterans, adequate funding for veteran programs, veteran employment and training, POWI4IA

accountability, and flag protection.

Review the AMVETS mission statement: To enhance and safeguard the entitlements for all American veterans who have served honorably and to improve the quality of life for them, their families, and the communities where they live through leadership, advocacy and services.

Even though the number of active duty service members is less than fifty years ago, their needs are more complex and continuous. Agent orange, burn pits, TBI, PTS, and amputees are but a few problems being addressed; all have related issues that must be addressed. There are many side benefits that are included with your membership. There are too many to list here, but please review all the membership benefits listed on the national organization’s website: www.amvets.ors.


Bob O’Hare

If you have questions or concerns contact me at 319-404-2311 or

WAVP Update

As highlighted at the annual meeting a few months ago, the Board is pleased that the operational budget is being met and in the black!

With all current facility costs, equipment purchases, and in-kind gifts totaling approximately $4.5 million; there is still an outstanding facility loan of $380,000 of which $40,000 is covered with outstanding pledges. Since the Board is anxious to lower this debt, we encourage all individuals and families to consider a gift to WAVP. Your gift(s) may take whichever form provides the maximum tax benefits: cash, securities, insurance proceeds, IRA required minimum distribution, real estate, personal property, etc. All donations are tax deductible under the IRS Code; please review your personal situation with your tax adviser.

All contributors will be acknowledged on the wall of Honor unless the contributor wishes to remain anonymous. The Wall is located in the hallway on the upper level and is updated frequently. To date, more than 1000 individuals, families, and businesses have made contributions to this project!

WAVP is becoming more popular as an event venue. In addition to many birthday, anniversary, and graduation parties, there are several Christmas events as well as 19 wedding/wedding receptions booked for 2019.

We hope all community members will continue to generously support the Waverly Area veterans post because they believe this new facility is a valuable community asset.


AMVETS Commander
Bob O’Hare

Boy, it’s hard to believe that school has started. Where has the summer gone. Labor Day has come and gone.

Thanks to Rich and Janell Miller and Carl and Wanda Benning for the showing of Admiral Koeneman’s funeral service at Arlington Cemetery and also for the lunch.

Save the date, October 10th will be the membership dinner for Amvets and Amvets Auxiliary. More information will be in the next news letter.

If you have not sent in an email address to receive the news letter, please take time to do that. You can send it to me and I will see that it is put on the list.

I would like to thank Dave Farran for all his time and effort and also the color guard that participated in the presentation of the book, 41-29244 (B-24 Double Trouble), to the Waverly Library. Special thanks to the family of Second Lieutenant Edwin H. (Heine) Pries for the donation of the book.

If you have questions or concerns contact me at 319-404-2311 or


 Bob O’Hare  

Commander’s News

The weather was outstanding for the Heritage Day Parade. So happy to see the number of veterans be a part of the parade.

The standing and saluting for the flag and veterans by the people who came to watch.

We have lost another member of the Amvets family, Chuck Austin . Our prayers go out the family.

There will not be an AMVETS meeting in August. The next Meeting will be September 12th .

The decision to not mail out the news letter has been postponed until after the membership meal. This will give everyone the opportunity to give us their e-mail address.

Due to multiple events scheduled at the WAVP, there will not Be a fish fry in August. The next fish fry will be September 21st

The next event will be the Amvets food night, August 23rd.

The AMVETS steak fry will be Saturday, August 25th.

Any question or concerns please call me (319) 404-2311

Bob O’Hare Commander Post # 79

Commander’s Call

Bob O’Hare

The fourth of July is fast approaching with all the excitement that goes with the holiday especially for the younger kids lets be careful out there.

Do to the cost of printing and mailing the news letter and the fact that address maintenance is expensive ( $ 1.54 for every news letter returned ). Starting Sept. 1st the news letter will be sent out electronically only. If you have not been receiving your news letter electronically, please contact me or Mary Steinbach ( with your Email address. If you do not have Email there will be copy’s made and left at the bar.

The officers feel that we can use the $ 150.00 monthly expense for other ways to help Veterans. If you have any thoughts about this considered change, please express them to any officer or come to the next meeting ( the third Wednesday of every month at 7 pm at the WAVP ).

The officers for the 2018 / 2019 year

Commander Bob O’Hare

1st Vice Membership Steve Van Helten

2nd Vice Programs Ed Abben

Adjutant Jon Kaiser

Finance Carl Benning

Judge Advocate James Brandau

Historian Steve Van Helten

Service Officer Cory Stephens

Chaplain Marv Behrens

I would like to thank you gentleman for your time and service.

Korea : Armistice Without Peace July 7, 2018 10-Noon Sullivan Bros. Iowa Veterans Museum Waterloo

John Lee, president of the Iowa Korean War Vets, will discuss the significance of the Korean War Armistice, including highlights from the June 12 summit in Singapore.

The event will be held in the middle of the Korean War exhibit which closes on July 14. The program is open to the public: free admission for Korean War Vets; $5 for all other veterans; $ 10 for all others.

The Amvets Steak Fry will be July 28.

Any question or concerns please call me (319) 404-2311

Bob O’Hare Commander Post # 79

June Commander’s Call

AMVETS Commander
Bob O’Hare

Now that school is out, be aware of all the kids out enjoying their activities and those traveling on motorcycles.

The AMVETS family lost two members in May- Duane Huisman and Marvin Walston. We send our condolences to the families of these two veterans. We also send condolences to the Ray Mehmen family. Ray was often at the WAVP for meals and socializing.

Wednesday, June 13th we will be voting for officers. Please give serious consideration of putting your name in for one of these positions.

I would like to say Thank You to everybody that volunteered to make Memorial Day a great success. It takes a volunteers to set up Flanders Field, place grave markers and flags, and to set up the Avenue of Flags. The service at Kohlmann Park for the Navy Veterans lost at sea, the parade to Harlington Cemetery, the Speakers, the 21 gun salute, and the playing of Taps is a deserving tribute to those that have paid the ultimate price serving our Country so that we may remain “The Home of the Brave”.

My highest regards goes out to Jim and Valerie Mormann for the time and dedication for the gift of the “Guardian” (stained glass window) that is a welcome addition to the chapel. Also, to John Mohlis for the his time and talents building the stand and frame. This addition to the chapel is a “must see”.

The AMVETS steak fry will be June 23rd. If anyone would like to work a steak fry, give Carl and Wanda Benning (352-3012) or Bob and Sally O’Hare (404-2411) a call and we will work with you to show you how it is done. They are a lot of fun.

I would like to invite everyone to come down to the WAVP for all of the activities and have a good time. Bring your friends. There is something going on for everyone.

Bob O’Hare

Commander Post #79 Waverly, Iowa

Questions or Concerns


Commander’s Call

AMVETS Commander
Bob O’Hare


Finally we may be done with the snow here. It is the end of April and still not real warm.

Well it’s that time of the year to elect the new officers to take the Amvets world into the next year. Please lets all set down and think seriously about stepping up and making this your Post. Help us take the Amvets post 79 into the future with some young blood at the helm helping Veterans.

Waverly Area Veterans Tribute – the Committee (Dave Vobr, Charlie Meyer, Ed Abben, Carl Benning) has found a new brick supplier, since the former supplier retired. All existing orders will go in this week in order to have them installed by Memorial Day. New orders will be accepted any timer; we will have new order forms on the website soon. The sizes remain at 4”x8”, 8”x8”, and 12”x12”;

prices remain at $50, $100, and $150 respectively. Any questions, please call 319-352-3012 or 319-269-9541.

Stained Glass Window for the Chapel at WAVP – Progress is being made rapidly! Fore those who don’t already know, Jim Mormann is making a beautiful patriotic scene out of stained glass. You can follow his efforts on Facebook (search for Jim Mormann). In addition to his progress on the project, Jim has included some very meaningful thoughts regarding this project. Send him a note of appreciation for his commitment to this effort! Official dedication of the completed window will be held on Memorial Day.

On April 20 the Color Guard preformed at Admiral Koeneman’s memorial service. I heard that there is a video of the firing squad and the excellent job that they did. I would like to see it.

Well I guess that I have rambled long enough. If there are any question or concerns feel free to call or text.

Commander Bob O’Hare Post # 79

Phone # (319) 404-2311 Email

Upcoming Meetings:
         AMVETS State Convention, June 8-9-10 at Marshalltown
     Waterloo Honor Flights, May 22, late Sept., early Oct.