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Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 Waverly, Iowa

September marks the beginning of our membership drive.  Please consider renewing your membership.  The more members we have, the more our voice can be heard, and the more we can do to support our veterans! You can send your 2022 membership dues of $25.00 and your current address, phone number, and email address to…

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79

Attn: Amy Slaba, Membership Chair

PO Box 93

Waverly, IA 50677 

Membership dues can also be paid at our membership dinner that will be held on October 20th.  Mark your calendars!


If you know of someone who was a member in the past and who might like to join again, or of someone who is eligible to be a member (the mother, wife, widow, sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an AMVET member or a female veteran) and may be interested in joining,  please encourage them to join you at our membership dinner to learn more about who we are and what we do!

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

Mary Steinbach
Local Post #79 President and
Past Department President

The Auxiliary did not meet in July as planned because we did not have enough ladies there to have an official meeting. I am encouraging any and all members to attend meetings, only if it just a few times a year. We meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00 in the board room of the WAVP. Meeting are a great way to keep informed of what we are doing for our Veterans and to assist when possible.

Our food nights have been very successful, giving us the opportunity to make donations to various project in the community, scholarships for our youth, and to support the Department and National Organization. Through the Department and National Organization, we are able to secure and protect the benefits of our Veterans. Through the Auxiliary we can give emotional support to the families of our current serving military, and to the families who have lost a loved one. We all have ways we can help. Attend a meeting to learn more, bring ideas, and lend a helping hand when needed.

We will not be meeting in August, but will continue again in September.

With the upcoming months, we will be beginning our membership drive. Please continue your support not only renewing your membership, but seek other qualifying ladies to join our organization. 

Thank you,

Mary Steinbach, president, 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

We are proud to announce our 2021 scholarship winners!

The three scholarship winners and their families were in attendance and the following
scholarships were presented: The $500.00 Donna Fischer Memorial Scholarship to Ella
Canney who will be attending Wartburg College in the fall to study business, a $500.00
scholarship to Abigael Thier who will a senior at Wartburg College in the fall and will
then be attending PT school and a $500.00 scholarship to Isabel Thier who will be
attending Iowa State University to study kinesthesiolopgy and plans to transfer to Allen College to study nursing.





The charter was draped in memory of deceased member Marcia Meyers.

Department Convention was held June 4 – 6, in Marshalltown. The following
Department officers were installed for 2021 – 2022:

President: Nancy Carrier from Evansdale
1st Vice President: Mary Steinbach from Waverly
2nd Vice President: Lois Weber from Evansdale
3rd Vice President: Brenda Taylor from Central City
Treasurer: Kathy Berning from Cedar Falls
Chaplain: Monica Anderson from Evansdale
Sgt at Arms: Heather Dolf from Evansdale
NEC Woman: Kathy Berning from Cedar Falls
Alt. NEC Woman: Gail Bunz from Hudson
Delegate to National: Nancy Carrier from Evansdale
Alt Delegate to National: Mary Steinbach from Waverly
Recording Secretary: Amy Slaba from Waverly
Executive Secretary: Mary Steinbach from Waverly
Jean Lanske won the Hospital Memorial award for her past work at the Iowa Veterans’
Home. Becky Cummings from Evansdale won the Auxiliary member of the year award.

The menu for the July food night will be meatloaf, cheesy potatoes, glazed carrots, and

There will be a meeting in July this year but not in August due to the National
Convention falling over the August meeting date. If you are wanting to attend our meetings, but don’t drive or just needing a ride, please call me 319-230-9318 and I will set someone up to pick you up.

Mary Steinbach, President AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 319-230-9318


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Chaplain Cheryl Davis Sauerbrei sent sympathy cards to the families
of Tom Hicks and Larry Schmidt and a $10.00 donation was made to the Department
scholarship in each of their names.
Isabella Canney will received a $500.00 Donna Fischer Memorial
Scholarship. Abigael Thier and Isabel Thier will both receive $500.00 Auxiliary
scholarships as well. All three recipients were invited to the June meeting when they will be presented with their awards.
Department Convention will be held June 4 – 6, in Marshalltown. See Latest News for more information.

Thanks go out to all the ladies preparing and serving our April Food night. We wish to thank everyone supporting our night. We have been able to award 3 $500  and make donations to Department and National programs.

The Memorial activities will be held at the WAVP on Monday, May 31. These will start at
10:30 with a wreath laying on the north side of the building by the river.

We have finished the plaques, framing of the Charters, and Past Department officers pictures. Stop into the board room and check them out. Thanks go out to Wanda, Sandy, Amy, and John and Eunice Mohlis for their work on the project.

The following officers were installed for      2021 – 2022:
President: Mary Steinbach
1st Vice President: Amy Slaba
2nd/3rd Vice President: Sally O’Hare
Americanism/Sgt at Arms: Amy Slaba
Chaplain: Cheryl Davis Sauerbrei
Secretary: Amy Slaba
Treasurer: Sandy Miller
Hospital Chair: Wanda Benning
Parliamentarian: Veronica McKenzie
                                                                                         Food Night Coordinator: Wanda Benning

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

 Mary introduced Cheryl Davis Sauerbrei who has agreed to take over the office of Chaplain. 

The AMVETS Department Convention will be held June 4 – 6, in Marshalltown. It was decided that the Auxiliary would donate $25.00 to the Patron’s Page and would contribute $50.00 to the
President’s gift.  We are also donating a $50.00 gift card for the Department fundraiser. If you are interested in attending the Convention, I have registration forms.

 A BIG thank you to John and Eunice Mohlis making the frames for the charters and the plaques to display the past Department presidents’ and commanders’ photos. Plaques are being engraved and all will be re-hung soon. The charters have been taken to Michaels and have been matted and framed. 

We had another successful dinner last month. Thank you to the ladies for making and serving the meal and especially those supporting our food night. Because of this support, we are planning to award 2-3 scholarships this year.  Stay tuned next month for more information on our scholarships.

Nominations for the 2021 – 2022 officers were made and are as follows:

President: Mary Steinbach
1st Vice President: Amy Slaba
2nd/3rd Vice President: Sally O’Hare
Amerianism: Amy Slaba (?)
Chaplain: Cheryl Davis Sauerbrei
Secretary: Amy Slaba
Treasurer: Sandy Miller
Hospital Chair: Wanda Benning
Parliamentarian: Veronica McKenzie
Food Night Coordinator: Wanda Benning
The officers will be voted upon and installed at the May meeting. Please plan to come in
uniform that evening.

Watch the paper and the Facebook page for information concerning the Memorial Day Activities.

Mary Steinbach-9318, President 319-230

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

We had another GREAT turn out for our Thursday night food, serving around 130 utilizing the drive up and sit down. Next month, April’s menu will be chicken breasts, baked potatoes, layered lettuce salad, and a dessert. Thank you to the ladies for preparing the meal and those there that night to serve it and clean up. We are always looking for others to help, preparing and serving, so if you would like to be added to the list to call for help, please contact Wanda Benning 319-240-4950.

This month we will also be doing the 6 month reports that will be sent in to the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary. If you have done any volunteering, made monetary donations, donated used items, etc. please get that information to me or one of the officers. You can e-mail me any information to be recorded.

Child Welfare

Child Welfare projects benefit only children up to age 18 and are as unlimited as your imagination. We assist children with many needs such as clothing, school supplies, and medical supplies: sponsor projects in orphanages, children’s homes and Scouts.

Community Service

Any program that benefits adults and children in the community is considered Community Service. AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is an essential part of the community by contributing to the welfare of all citizens. Our service work in the community is a testimony to our compassion for our neighbor.


The Hospital Program of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary is diversified in so far as it is carried on in all types of hospitals providing health care to the physically and mentally ill; this includes nursing homes and medically staffed convalescent home, but unified in its objective to bring cheer and diversion to the hospitalized Veteran, their dependents and the community it serves. The bulk of our voluntary service is given in VA Medical Centers across the country where there is something for all to do.


A positive Americanism program is basic to the objectives of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary: the intent is lost unless all members actively participate as purposeful citizens. Let the community you serve know that members of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary are responsible citizens by sponsoring and participating in projects that will strengthen the: Democratic Way of Life”. We promote Americanism through programs such as our Poster and Essay Contest, sending children to Freedoms Foundation, Valley Forge, PA and annual fall conference for Auxiliary members in Valley Forge. For more information visit Freedoms Foundation at


REPORTING Reporting is Important Because:

Reporting is Important Because:
• Reporting validates our organization’s charter. It is documented proof that AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary actually fulfills its Aims and Purposes and helps qualify our organization to keep its federal tax exemption.
• Reporting provides the opportunity for the members of Local Auxiliaries to pause and review, with pride, the tremendous job they are doing. It gives them the opportunity to see all the projects they have done for the year come together in one picture and to realize that they have made a difference in their communities.
• Reporting shows that Auxiliaries standing side by side across the nation do accomplish great things.
• Reporting means belonging to an organization that CARES…an organization that SHARES…an organization that is concerned about those who need help.
• Reporting means belonging to AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and being proud of it!!!

Our Meeting time has changed. Starting in April we will meet at 7:00 at the WAVP. Please make sure to change this and plan to attend all upcoming meeting. 

Mary Steinbach AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 President 319-230-9318


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Mary Steinbach
Local Post #79 President and
Past Department President

The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary continue to serve the Thursday meals, with the March menu: Our famous Beef and Noodles, Watergate salad, roll, and a cookie at great price of just $9.00. Dinners are available for curbside pick up or dine in. Thank you for your past support to our meals and we look forward to nicer weather, more of our community getting out and enjoying our meals. We are able to do so much for the community, offering scholarships, and making donations to various hospitals and organizations.

If you know of someone who would like to apply for any of the local, Department of Iowa, or National scholarships, forms may be found under the Scholarship link on the top of page on the website. Qualifications include a connection to an AMVET, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, or Sons of AMVETS member. A copy of their current membership card is required. Forms should be thoroughly completed, and forms may be mailed to AMVETs post 79  Waverly Iowa PO Box 93 Waverly, Iowa. Forms may also be given to any one of the officers of the various groups. If applying for a Department of Iowa or National scholarship, those forms must also go through our local organization. All applications should be submitted by April 15, 2021to give us time for review before awarding the scholarships in May. If you have any questions about the scholarships, please contact me: Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318 or

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79

We have reported having five new members, 84 renewal members, 1 member who rejoined, 21 life members, and one honorary member for a total of 111. Our quota for 2021 is 121. The membership drive officially ended on December 31, 2021, but we can
continue to recruit new members for this year through the end of May. 
Americanism chair, Amy Slaba, reported that there were a total of 34 entries for the
coloring contest this year. A committee consisting of Mary, Sandy Dietz, Sandy Miller,
and Amy met to judge the entries and to hang them in the post. We gave out a total of
$113.00 in prizes which broke down to 28 $1.00 prizes for the coloring contest entries,
three $20.00 first place prizes for the poster contest, two $10.00 second place prizes for
the poster contest and one $5.00 third place prize for the poster contest. In December
we reached out to Bartles and we put together a gift bag for all 16 veterans that
lived there . Mary and Amy went shopping a purchased the goodies to put in the bag.
HyVee donated paper bags which Sandy Miller decorated. Mary, Sandy Miller, Wanda,
and Amy met and put the bags together. Wanda delivered them to Bartles to be
distributed to the residents.

Chaplain, Nancy Edwards has moved to the Cedar Rapids area, so we will be looking
for a new chaplain. 
The January SEC meeting was postponed to March 21, 2020, due to COVID
restrictions. It will be held in Cedar Falls.

The January food night will be held on Thursday, January 28. The menu will be chicken
and noodles, glazed carrots, and brownies. Thank you all the ladies helping to prepare, serve the meal and clean up. We are always looking for individuals to help for the meals. 2-3 hours the night of the meal, and you get to see many members and a warm feeling of doing something for the community. Call me if you would like to get involved.

In February the menu will be meat loaf, baked potatoes, green beans and a dessert. The March menu will be beef and noodles, layered lettuce salad, and dessert.

We received ten, $10.00 WAVP gift certificates from the Sons of AMVETS again this
year. These are usually given as door prizes at our membership dinner, but since that
was not held this year it was decided that they would be given to the individuals who
help out with our monthly food nights.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 17, 2021, at 6:00

Please stay safe, stay strong, and stay healthy

Mary Steinbach, President AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Welcome to 2021

Auxiliary members had taken a break from meetings and Thursday meal nights for the months of November and December, but WE’RE BACK!

Although we didn’t meet, we didn’t stop from doing what we do best-Giving to others through volunteering! Many of our members helped the WAVP staff prepare and serve meals for Thanksgiving and Christmas, continue helping at the fish fry, decorating and undecorating the WAVP for Christmas, plus any task that may come up and are asked to help. 

I have talked to members of other Auxiliaries from across the State of Iowa and they are struggling. Struggling with renewing members, recruiting new members, and become of limited activities through their posts, struggling with donations and money available to fund the various projects they support each year. I have never been prouder of our members for stepping up, proud to say that we have almost 100% membership renewals, and new members. Kim Fox, Michelle Franzen, Janet Maxfield, Barb Bridges, and Ann Killion. Please, if you see them, give them a heartfelt welcome.

I am also proud that through our Food night events we were able to make a donation a donation to the Bremer Co. VA for gift bags delivered to Veterans in Care facilities across Bremer Co. Locally, our Americanism officer, Amy, orchestrated contacting Bartels, and with the help of a few other members, shopped and put together gift bags for 16 Veterans at Bartels. Students from the Waverly day care where Amy works, provided Christmas cards included in the bags. Sandy Miller decorated the outside of the bags. Pictured below are Auxiliary members: Wanda Benning, Sandy Miller, and Mary Steinbach (Amy providing the picture.) We learned later that Auxiliary member, Jean Lanske, helped deliver the gift bags.

Again, so very proud of our members, the “work” they do, and their dedications to the AMVETS organization, supporting Veterans and their families.  Let  us  all  pray  that  2021 gets  started  on  the  right  foot  and  “back  to  normal”.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Our membership drive is almost complete for the year. We just have a few more ladies to renew and have gotten a few new members. We are always looking for new members, so if you know of someone that would qualify as an Auxiliary member, invite them to come to our next meeting in January to learn more what we do as an organization.

We had taken a little time off, not having meetings in November and December, and also not preparing our normal Thursday night meals, but will be refreshed and ready to go again in January. We still have projects we are working on, including gift bundles for Veterans at Bartels and possibly ones for kids in need at LSI.

Many of our members have experience health issues these past few months, and we pray for them, pray for the health of all, and ask God to give us strength, health, and happiness in the coming year.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mary Steinbach-AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President.