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Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter
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AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318

Dues this year are $25.00. You can pay your dues the night of the membership dinner, or you can mail them to me:

Mary Steinbach

901 7th Ave. NW

Waverly, Iowa. 50677

All renewals should be paid before December 31th. I am also asking that if you know of someone who would qualify as a member, invite them to join.

We waited together, now let’s work togethe

Auxiliary News

I have to make a retraction from last month’s newsletter. My eagle eye, Amy, caught that I had quoted the wrong amount for our annual dues. Dues this year are $25.00. You can pay your dues the night of the membership dinner, or you can mail them to me: Mary Steinbach 901 7th Ave. NW Waverly, Iowa. All renewals should be paid before December 31th. I am also asking that if you know of someone who would qualify as a member, invite them to join.

The Auxiliary had a very successful Food night in September, serving a meatloaf dinner. That night we also had a donation jar, collecting for the Honor Flight Program. A big thank you to all attending the dinner, donations to “Change to Make a Change” collecting almost $95.00, and the all the ladies helping to prepare and serve the food. We will be working on various projects throughout the upcoming year and appreciate your continued support. Our October meal will be our “Fabulous” Beef and noodles meal. Gather a group, leave the cooking the us and  enjoy the food.

The Auxiliary will be completing our 6 month report for any volunteering and charitable donations. If you have something you would like to claim, please get that information to me or one of the other officers. Just a few examples are: Hy-Vee register receipts for the schools, used materials donated to Trinkets and Togs or Goodwill, monetary donations to various national programs, meals made and delivered to elderly or shut-ins. Any thing you do benefiting Veterans, the community, our youth, hospitals and nursing homes may be reported. Through these reports we validate AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary as a non-profit organization. Nationally, Congress looks at the strength of AMVETS when making decisions about our Veterans and protecting the benefits they earned while serving.

We Waited together, Now Let’s Work Together

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Our membership dinner will be held in October. Please look for more information at a later date. It is still in the planning stages. In the mean-time, you can prepay you membership dues by sending $20 to membership chair,

Mary Steinbach

901 7th Ave. NW

Waverly, Iowa 50677.

Our goal is to add 20 new members. If you know of someone that would qualify as a member, invite them to come to this dinner to learn more about what we do as an organization.

 The Hy-Vee receipt program has started back up again. Save your receipts, bundle them together with a total of the receipts and get them to one of our officers. We will record the amounts and make sure they are turned over to the schools so that they can get much needed equipment and supplies. There are many programs that don’t take much time that all members can participate in. In upcoming newsletters I will Highlight a different program. If uncertain what can be reported, come to our meetings to learn more, or just get us the information and we will determine what and where it can be reported. Any volunteering or items collected validate us as a non-profit organization helping our Veterans and their families.


Mary Steinbach and Amy Slaba traveled to Central City of July 4. They participated in their parade and attended the dedication of their Veterans’ Memorial.


Dita Boroom, Sandy Dietz, Nancy Edwards, Veronica McKenzie, and Sally O’Hare

volunteered at the Iowa Veterans’ Home on Friday, July 5. They worked in the craft

room in the morning, and hosted BINGO in the afternoon. This is a monthly event, the first Friday of the month. If you would like to volunteer at the IVH for the day, contact Jean Lanske 319-269-3371.


Please keep our members that are sick or hospitalized in your prayers. If you know of a member that needs a little “pick me up”, contact our Chaplain Nancy Edwards 319-573-3454 so a card may be sent in the name of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary.

Thanks to all the ladies who volunteered for our food nights in July and August. Both meals were a hit. With the profit of these meals throughout the year we are able to give back to many projects and fund our scholarship program. Thank you for your continued support.


The Heritage Days Parade was Saturday, July 20. Mary had the privilege of driving our Department President, Brenda Taylor. Later that day we also had 8 National Sons of AMVETS officers visit the WAVP. All were impressed with the building and the great hospitality of John Mohlis, our local Sons of AMVETS Commander.


I was thrilled to be able to attend this years National AMVETS Convention held in Louisville, KY. The highlight of the week was having President Trump as the guest speaker during our opening session. We all witness the signing of his referendum to forgive student loans to Veterans that are 100% disables.

We waited together, now let’s work together 

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79

We started our July meeting with the draping of the charter, honoring Donna Fischer’s life as an Auxiliary member. Donna’s brother Jim, and sister in-law, Michelle, and good friend, Julie Anderson were in attendance. Donna will truly be missed from our Auxiliary.

There will be no Auxiliary meeting in August, due to AMVETS National Convention held in Louisville, KY. Mary will be attending the week-long event and will share the experience at the September meeting. September is the kick off for the membership drive. At the meeting we will discuss the membership dinner held in October. An invitation has been sent to our new Commander to attend the September meeting, introducing himself and talk about his goals for the 2019-2020 year. I encourage a large turnout at the meeting supporting him and our Auxiliary.

On July 20th we were honored to have Brenda Taylor from Central City, the Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary President, along with her PRO, Connie Silver, be part of the Heritage Day Parade. Mary Steinbach drove Wanda Benning’s convertible with Madam Taylor. Afterwards Mary and Amy took them to lunch downtown and did a little shopping. Then it was to the WAVP where once again we were honored to host 8 officers from National Sons of AMVETS and two Department of Iowa Sons of AMVETS officers. John Mohlis, local Sons Commander, gave them a tour of the WAVP. All were impressed with the building and the ability to bring 4 Veterans organizations together under one roof, working together for the benefit of Veterans and their families. It was a joy meeting with them before they had to depart to Evansdale for a steak supper.

Please keep the following members in your prayers: Shirley Wehrhen who was hospitalized and Marge Dietz. If you know of any members that are ill or just needing a “Thinking of you” encouragement card, Contact Chaplain Nancy Edwards 319-573-3454 with the information.

A BIG thank you for those helping with the July Food night of grilled hamburgers. We served almost 60 meals. A special thank you the the grill masters-Bob O’Hare and Carl Benning. The August food night will be held on Thursday, August 22. The menu will be grilled
pork loin sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans, white Texas sheet cake and Jello
poke cake. Through you continued support of the food night, the Auxiliary is able to fund local, State, and National projects including scholarships and the White Clover Fund.

The White Clover is the official flower of AMVETS.
The white clover is a perennial with trifoliate green leaves, stems that root at the nodes and white flowers. Occasionally, the plant produces a four-leaf aberration.
It is a four-leaf clover symbolizing the four states in which the
four branches of U.S. Armed Forces were drawn.
Four leaf clovers can be found around the world and traditionally represent good luck for those that find them.
The White Clover is symbolic of the universal struggle for freedom. It means “Remember Me.”

Donations are used to support and assist local veterans in the area in need, whether that means providing meals and transportation to a homeless veteran, funding an entertainment program for patients at the local VA medical center or helping the family of a local veteran support themselves.

Mary Steinbach 319-230-9318 or


AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Summer has officially started and our Auxiliary is still hard at work throughout the community. Just recently we were able to help a local female veteran get back on her feet. Thank you to those helping at the June Food night and those contributing desserts. We will have another Food night on July 25th, serving burgers, baked beans, chips, and an ice cream treat. By supporting our Food Night Fundraisers we are capable of contributing to our Department and National projects and giving local scholarships. As AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary members, if you are not able to attend meetings or be active on any of the projects, as least come and support us on our Food Night Fundraiser. Meals are usually only $8.00, plus you get to spend time with other great Auxiliary Ladies!

We will be having a meeting on July 17th and not one in August. At the July meeting we will pay tribute to Past President, Donna Fischer. Meeting time is 6:00 at the WAVP. 

Department of Iowa President, Brenda Taylor, will be here for the Heritage Day Parade. Local Auxiliary members are asked to walk behind the convertible in showing support and recognizing AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79. If you are able to be part of the group, meet at the starting point, the sale barn parking lot, by 10 am on July 20th.

At the AMVETS Department Convention held in June, Waverly AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary was awarded numerous Certificates of Achievement including: Gavelier Award for most signing new members, Department Hospital Chairman’s award, Child Welfare Award, Iowa Department Award for signing most renewals, Past Department President’s award for 5 or more new members, Past Department President’s Award for bringing back former Auxiliary members! Although it is nice to be recognized for the work we do through the Auxiliary, it is more rewarding to know that as an organization we continue to support Veterans and their families.

Also at the Conventions I am proud to announce the donation that was made, from the Department of Iowa, to the Des Moines VA Therapy Gardens. This garden is being built to help Veterans with their physical Therapy, using natural terrains, sidewalks, uneven ground, and will also provide a quiet outdoor space for gathering thoughts and calming fears. Most physical therapy is only done indoors on flat floors. This gardens helps with getting back into a regular society and learn to move in the real world. If you would like to know more about how you can help, contact me Mary Steinbach Department of Iowa Hospital Chair 319-230-9318 or email me @

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Newsletter

Reminder, we voted to change to start time for our AMVETS Auxiliary meetings. Starting in June the meetings will start at 6:00pm.

Scholarship winners: The two local Auxiliary scholarship winners were Hanna Fanter and Katie Wichman. The Sharon Sebilsky Memorial scholarship winner was Samantha Edwards. 

I want to Thank all the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary who worked to make the Memorial Day activities successful.

Donna Fischer 319-352-1358 or

2019-2020 AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Officers

President  Donna Fischer

1st Vice President  Mary Steinbach

2nd and 3rd Vice President  Vicky Green

Secretary  Amy Slaba

Treasurer  Sandra Miller

Sgt. At Arms  Amy Slaba

Chaplain  Nancy Edwards

Parliamentarian  Veronica McKenzie

Hospital Chair  Wanda Benning

Americanism Officer  Amy Slaba

Scholarship Chair  Nancy Edwards

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

The Waverly AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary has 14 new members, 97 renewals and 32 Life members for a total of 132 members.

After a vote, the meeting time will be changed to 6:00 starting in June and the quorum will now be five members rather than six.

Once again, thank you for supporting our Thursday food nights. From the profits and donations, we are presenting scholarships to 3 area students. Waverly Shell Rock awards breakfast will be May 8. Breakfast at 7:00. Awards presented beginning at 7:30.

No parade in Waverly for Memorial Day. The WAVP will have a program and will be serving lunch.

We Still have a few Offices that need to be filled when we elect officers this month. Contact me if interested.

Donna Fischer 319-352-1358 or

Auxiliary News

Donna Fischer 319-352-1358 or

Membership Chair Mary Steinbach reported that we currently have seven new members, 99 renewal members, and 21 life members for a total of 127 members. Our quota for the year is 146 members and there are 12 members who have not yet renewed.

Please be thinking of someone to take over second and third vice for the upcoming year.

At the April meeting we will talk about a new starting time for AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary meetings.

The scholarship information has been distributed to the schools. Scholarship forms are due April 17th.

The deadline for the current six months’ reports is April 15. A time will be set at the next meeting to complete the reports.

The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary National President, Barbara Valley will we visiting Iowa in April. The Waverly AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary has extended an invitation to her to visit the WAVP and join us for a meal on April 10.

The Honor Flight variety show will be held on April 13th. Tickets are available for purchase at HyVee.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

Donna Fischer 319-352-1358 or

As of our January meeting the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary had 4 new members for a total of 122 members. The AMVETS Auxiliary did not meet in February due to the bad weather. We will have a lot to report at our next meeting. We will also have a Draping of our Charter in memory and to honor our past local Presidents who are no longer with us.

We have scholarship forms available now for the local and Department of Iowa Ladies Auxiliary. If you would like a form, contact Nancy Edwards or one of the officers and we will make sure to get you the form. Forms are also available at the High School Office.

In March, the ladies will be serving our “famous” Beef and Noodles meal on March 28th. Our food night meals help fund our scholarship fund and also the many project in which we donate. Plan to attend. We thank you for your past support and am grateful for your continued backing.

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary News

The new Auxiliary year has started out with a bang. Most of the existing members have renewed their membership, with only a few who have not. I am asking for your help, if you know of anyone that would qualify as a member, invite them to a meeting to learn more.

To be eligible for membership in AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary one must be:

  • Related to a member of AMVETS.
  • Related to a deceased veteran who could have been eligible for membership in AMVETS.
  • A female veteran.

We have membership applications available and one is also available on the website. There are many ways available to be an active member, volunteering throughout the community, at hospitals and care facilities, and in our schools. We also support National project like: St. Jude’s Hospital, Paws With A Cause, and John Tracy Clinics for the hearing impaired.

We would like to thank the ladies who donated bars and helped out at our Thursday Night Food Night. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, we were able to raise some money for our scholarship fund. On February 28th we will have another meal featuring 4 types of soup, fruit salad, a variety of breads, and birthday cake for dessert.

Speaking of scholarships, each year we are proud to be able to award at least one scholarship to a deserving High School Senior. The past few years we have been able to award more than one. Scholarship forms can be found at the High School or through one of local officers. If you know of a future graduate, encourage them to apply. One of the stipulations is to be related to an AMVET.

Please continue to support AMVETS, the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, Sons of AMVETS, and the WAVP events.

We Waited together, not lets work together

Mary Steinbach 1st Vice President AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 Waverly, Iowa