Chaplain’s Corner

Larry Williamson

Our Foundation July 2015

He will place you on a firm foundation. 1 Peter 5:10b (NLT)

As a teenager I worked for a farmer baling hay. His baler did not produce the large round bales that are left in the field for later retrieval, but much smaller rectangular bales that needed to be stacked on a wagon pulled behind the baler. That was my Job.

Standing on a moving wagon in a bumpy field with nothing to hold on to requires some practice and a good sense of balance.

Although the farmer did his best to avoid quick moves and abrupt turns, there were times when I lost my balance. A couple of times I literally fell off the wagon.

Life can be like a moving wagon, where balance is hard to maintain and we sometimes fall. But when we stand on God’s firm foundation, our footing is stable and the chance of losing our balance is unlikely.