Chaplain’s Corner – July 2016

A Growing Stillness July 2016

Be still, and know that I am God… Psalm 46:10


We drove and drove but couldn’t find the park. Construction detours lengthened our trip. While driving several more miles and trying to decide where to go next, I became angry and frustrated. Our day disappeared as we traveled down more strange roads. I only wanted to spend some quiet time by the water in the shade and relax. Instead I was hopelessly and frantically searching for a place to get off the road.

Out of desperation, we opted for a different park discovered in our wanderings and spent the last remaining moments of our day beside a small lake. As the sunset sparkled over the water and my anger began to subside, I realized I had missed the entire journey while looking for my original destination. Quaint towns, towering trees, and babbling streams passed by without a second glance, all due to my anger and frustration. Yet God delivered us to this quiet, majestic lake just as I imagined.

Do we often miss what God has in store for us because we’re to busy looking for our own results?

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Larry Williamson