Chaplain’s Corner

By “POOH” Gary Phillips


“A Soldier’s Surprise”

It is spring of 1943, during WWII.  Standing among hundreds of new soldiers at Camp Grant, in Illinois, my father, Sam, just 18 years old, waits as a truck slowly drives by.
A full field pack is randomly tossed to each soldier.  “How strange,” my father thinks, as he sees his last name, LITRENTI, marked on each item in his pack.  “How did they know it was me when they tossed the pack?”  He was impressed!  Beating all odds, my father was tossed a field pack from World War l – his own father’s.  Gail Litrenti-Benedetto  Park Ridge, Illinois  (from: Reader’s Digest)

This story is yet another testament to the fact that GOD, indeed, works in mysterious ways.  The young WWll soldier, anxiously awaiting deployment, to who knows what theater of the “war to end all wars”, had to have more than just a moment of reflection upon receiving the pack he would likely carry into battle, bearing his father’s gear from the war he might only have heard of from his father and/or comrades of the past.  Perhaps he gained greater faith in his purpose and reinforced reason for his duty.  We will never know. We must be observant and open to the most glaring or subtle of our LORD’s messages to us and hope and pray that such insight might guide our decisions and actions in our daily lives during these confusing times.

Please remember, in your prayers, all of the men and women currently serving around the world, both military and civilian, in service to this great nation, for their families, for those who served in the past and for the loved ones left to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for these United States.



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