Chaplain’s Corner – December 2016

CHAPLAIN’s CORNER by Gary Phillips, Chaplain

gary-phillips-amvets-chaplain-2Most of you don’t know that I was an Army brat long before my father administered my oath of service, when I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard.  He was able to do so because he was a field grade Army officer… a “light bird” or Lieutenant Colonel, at the time of my enlistment.

I remember growing up on Army bases here and overseas and in most cases; Dad was the Commanding Officer of the duty assignment wherever we were stationed.  He always took our family to partake in Thanksgiving and/or Christmas dinner with his troops… sometimes in a mess hall… other times in whatever area they had to all gather for such an occasion.   Of course, they always put up the best possible meal, knowing the “Old Man” was going to be in attendance.  But my point is that I had, what I now know to have been, the distinct honor and privilege of sharing those many meals with the brave and gallant men and women who were serving America away from those they loved.  These are memories that I will never forget, will certainly cherish for all my life and for which I am grateful to have experienced.

So, when you are going around the table stating what you are thankful for; please be the one who says, “I am thankful for all United States military service members, everywhere!” And please… say a special prayer of thanks for all of the men and women currently serving around the world, both military and civilian, in service to this great nation and for their families… for those who served in the past and for the loved ones left to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for these United States.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!