Commander Call – November 2015


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Ted Lanske

WAVP update as of 10/23/15:  Things are back on track after a delay that hopefully pays dividends in the future.  I won’t go into detail, but there were some changes required for the kitchen plumbing that goes under the floor.  Think positive, better changes now than after the concrete is completed.   On site, under floor plumbing, electrical conduit, etc. are installed, cement is being poured for lower level floor, framing steel being delivered, earth work started and pre-stressed concrete scheduled for delivery.  By print time, steel work should be started and construction visible from the street.

*I would like to say “Thank you” to Carl Benning, MJ Steinbach, and Jeff Walker for doing last month’s newsletter while I took some time off.  Jean and I went to Savannah, GA and then New Orleans, LA for a needed break and enjoyed some sun, beach, fresh sea food and time with relatives and friends.  We visited the World War II Museum in New Orleans and were not disappointed.  We spent about 8 hours in the museum and could have spent more.   It is a work in progress, and grows each year and they are now in the process of relocating their Pacific War portion with completion scheduled early next year.

*Our AMVETS, Sons and Auxiliary membership dinners are over, and wish to thank all that participated and a special thanks to the Ladies and Men that helped, provided desserts, and HyVee for catering two great dinners.  To the new members of our organizations, “Welcome” and please add your voices so that we can continue to grow and do our best in supporting our Veterans and Community.  Just because the dinners are over, does not mean our membership drives stop.  Please continue to reach out into the community and recruit new members.  If you have questions on requirements, they can be found on our web site or contact myself or Jean Lanske.

*If you are a “snow bird” and leaving for the winter, PLEASE contact MJ Steinbach or myself with either a new address or stoppage of newsletter mailing.  Help us save some $$$$$ by utilizing the web site if you have internet.  Printing and postage costs us approximately $10.00 per year for each individual, and if returned, an added postage charge.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

*In December, AMVETS will be taking a close look at our mailing list and those that are not AMVETS, Sons of AMVETS, or AMVETS Auxiliary will be removed from our newsletter mailing.  Canteen calendars will be available at the Canteen or on the web sites.  If you were a previous “social” member, you will now become an Annual Patriot Supporter with the Waverly Area Veterans Post.  This had to be done, due to IRS rules and regulations.  If you fall under the category of Annual Patriot Supporter and “want” a mailed AMVETS newsletter, then you will be asked for a $10.00 donation to AMVETS to cover the costs mentioned above.  Access to our web site is open to anyone and the calendar is printable.  Our Waverly Library would be a handy resource with helpful staff if you need internet access and just tell them .  Your taxes are paying for it, so utilize it if needed.

*Veterans Day {11/11/2015} activities will be held at the Centre next to Millers True Value.  AMVETS will be hosting a short program starting approximately 10:45 a.m. until 11:15 a.m. at the Centre.  Bremer County Veterans Affairs will be the host of the all day activities and welcomes all Veterans and families to come spend time at the Centre.  The theme for this year is aimed at acknowledging the WWII Veterans.

*Over the last 7 years, I have heard “When I see them building, then I will contribute” or “I will donate more when something is happening, because I don’t think they’ll make it”; well the time has come.  Seeing is believing and the WAVP wants and needs your continued support.  Now is the time to make or increase your financial contribution for this fiscal year.

*On behalf of my entire family, we want to say “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” and hope everyone gets to spend time with family and friends.  If traveling, may your journeys be safe and somewhere; take a few moments to pray or give thanks to and for the thousands of men and women serving our country.

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