Commander’s Call

Well here we go again. Since I’ve been elected your commander I couldn’t figure out what this Commanders call is. It finally came to me. It seems that every time I need to write one of these I get a call from Mary J Steinbach thus the Commanders call.

I want to thank everyone who came to the membership meal. It was a great time and so was the food. I was able to meet a lot of you that I didn’t know before. I’m sure the ones that weren’t there were out recruiting. Yes, recruiting. I hope you all know what that is and are doing some. For those needing to renew for 2020, please send dues to AMVETS Box 93 Waverly, Iowa 50677 by December 31th.

I’m going to engage in a little trivia. Does anyone know anything about the name Alfred Bernhard? I’m not going to wait for your answer. Those of you that were at the meeting on the 9th remember about my old granny and the big impression she made at her passing. Well it seems Alfred Bernhard left this earth in a bigger way. Parts of him are buried in 5 different states. He was the inventor EXPLOSIVES.

Besides recruiting new members for the AMVETS I want all of you to consider a membership to the AMERICAN LEGION, MCL, or the VFW if you are eligible. Those of you that weren’t eligible before please check out current eligibility and don’t hold a grudge. Life is too short for that. Eligibilities have changed for many organizations so please find out if you qualify. The yearly membership dues are minimal and won’t break anyone. We need members in all the units we are eligible to join. As veterans we must work together and help get the job done.


Thank you. Ron Home # 319 276 4662 Cell # 319 290 6762.