Commander’s Call

I would like to welcome you all back to a better time. Hoping we can get
on with the AMVETS business. We had a few more people at our first
meeting in July and would welcome more of you to attend the meeting
on 8/12 at 7:00 PM.
I’m quoting our National Commander Jan Brown with a few of her comments.
“First, I would like to wish you a belated AMVETS DAY.
After World War II, many service members felt they needed an organization
to turn to that served all Veterans, whether in war or peacetime, serving
on foreign or domestic soil and inclusive to all vets. On July 23rd 1947
the American Veterans or AMVETS was formed.” This is the end of her
quote. THANK YOU to Jan Brown.
Now back to our business we talked about in our meeting. We are thinking
of doing a steak fry on 8/22 or 8/29. Check the web site for that  plan to
develop. Since this is a short talk I will add a couple of stories if
M J will allow them.
I was talking to my Great Grandson the other day and he asked me if all
fairy tales begin with ” once upon a time”. And my answer was no some
begin with ” when I get elected”.
Next, since my wife has passed on I have been experimenting with different
soups. I’ve combined a laxative with alphabet soup. I called it “LETTER RIP”.
Lastly, call me if you want a test you can give your face mask and be able
to tell if they are effective.
RON IHDE 319 276 4662  or 319 290 6762 or