Commander’s Call

The membership meal and meeting were a great sucess. The people that came really wanted to be there. Thanks to “you all” that is a southern expression. The meal was great. Put this date on your calendar for next year. My true stories were a great sucess receiving standing ovations. I may tell the same stories again next year.
Thanks to all who have already paid their 2021 dues! The membership cards have been mailed (or will be shortly) to the members who have renewed their 2021 membership.
As the number of active militaries are decreasing, your membership in all veteran service organizations becomes more important. The impact of your voice through these organizations is more critical than ever. As veterans’ needs continue to grow, your collective voices need to be heard.
At our recent membership dinner, we recognized several 40-, 45-, and 50-year continuous AMVETS members.
Thanks to everyone who has supported the AMVETS steak fries, this is a key part of our local fundraising.
Last weekend I had to make a trip up to Portage Wisconsin. I went thru Prairie du Chien and took highway 60 along the Wisconsin river. If you have ever driven that road you will understand some of this. I had no idea this trip would be such an educational eye opener. The first thing I learned was a series of curves. I know I traveled at least 8 miles and only got 1/2 mile closer to Portage.
Then there were these signs that say watch for falling rocks. Well that went along for a while.
Then I was watching so much for falling rocks that I just drove right in the ditch.
The next sign was “boats landing” boy I put on the brakes and pulled over to see them. I had no
idea that boats could fly.
Next, I had to make q pit stop, so I pulled into a wayside and found a sign that said the toilets
were closed because of the virus. Now these toilets were what we used to call back on the farm
” one hollers”. I had no idea the corona viruses were hiding in there to jump on you. I had a face
mask with me which you should wear one if you use one of these ” johns” but not to protect
against the virus. I don’t know how the virus could survive in one of these. As far as social distancing, I have never gone to a social event in one of these outhouses.
Some men shave their heads to look tough and macho. I shaved my head and ended up looking like a very large thumb!!!! 
These remarks were made especially for WILL KURTT if you see him ask him if he read this. 
Commander RON IHDE with some remarks from CARL BENNING
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