Commander’s Call

From the commander
I want to introduce myself. I’m Ron Ihde your new commander after an recent election which was a close race but I won out. HA! HA! In the next few months I will talk about my family and other things about me to help us all get better acquainted. I hope that I can meet each and everyone of you. When we meet up please introduce yourself, can’t promise I’ll remember your name but will try.
Now there is one thing we are going to do in a big way that I will talk about all the time. That is RECRUITING, RECRUITING AND RECRUITING new members. I have a plan that works and will share with you all. The next three months will be a good time to get this done. I will offer to help each one of you to get more new members.
Please come to our monthly meetings second Wednesday at 7:00 pm.
Thanks RON
Home phone # 319 276 4662 or Cell # 319 290 6762.
AMVETS Post 79 is pleased to announce three scholarship awards which are made possible by your support of steak nites, food nites, and other activities.  The recipients are:

Hanna Fanter (daughter of the late David Fanter) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to pursue a career in nursing.
Sadie Hansen (granddaughter of Stuart Thomson) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to pursue a career of human resource management.
Levi Williamson (grandson of Larry Williamson) is enrolled at Hawkeye Community College to finish a liberal arts associate degree.