Commanders Call – August 2014

Cmdr_Ted*To some this may be a blessing, but it is time for the August newsletter and there is not a lot going on so this may be a short one.  Summer vacation time is coming to an end, schools and colleges will be starting back up and the farmers markets are in full swing.

*Thankfully I have not heard of any major problems with the activities in Waverly this past month.  Was great seeing the huge turnout for the parade and how well things were handled for RAGBRAI.  Congratulations to all those involved for doing such a wonderful job; this is what makes Waverly great.

*My thanks to Post 79 AMVETS, Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS for their participation in the Heritage Days parade.  AMVETS was the only Veteran’s organization to have float representation in the parade.  I do wish to thank those that presented the colors from the other organizations, but I am extremely proud of our AMVETS family.  I would like to name all of them, but knowing I will miss someone, I still wish to thank a few that gave “a little extra”.  So my thanks to: B E Mick (Navy), Brent Steere (Army) Ed Abben (Air Force), Sandy Shinn (Marines), Don Dietz & Jon Kaiser (drivers), Jim Trask & John Mohlis (Sons).  A special thanks to our Auxiliary ladies for their float and their time decorating and designing and purchasing matching shirts, and know you looked great.

*Just a reminder that Monday, August 11th is Veterans’ Day at the State Fair.  If you participate in the parade, you get in free.  Information I have received is that a Veteran will receive $3.00 off the admission price, but must show a military ID or a veteran ID of some sort.  Not really a great deal, but passing this along.

*As the month of August ends and students are going back to classes, please slow down and beware of our young children.  These young minds are excited, anxious and with numerous other thoughts, but traffic awareness is probably not one of them.  Mothers and Fathers delivering them to school are also not always being traffic aware, so all of us need to be extra careful.

*To those of us fortunate to be at the steak fry July 26th, we had the pleasure of having the Abben family girls as our guests.  Four beautiful daughters, included in that is a set of triplets.  I heard so many wonderful comments that evening on these young ladies, and be sure to check out  for pictures of that evening.

*History bits for August:  2nd – PT-109 is sunk in the Solomon Islands, commanded by John F. Kennedy (1943), 6th –the first atomic bomb is dropped on Hiroshima (1945), 7th– US Marines land on Guadalcanal (1942), 9th –second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki (1945), 14thJapan surrenders (1945), 15thAllies land in Southern France (1944), 22nd – Brazil declares war on Germany & Italy (1942), 25th – Paris, France is liberated by the Allies (1944).

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