Commanders Call – March 2015


Post Commander Ted Lanske


*The time has come to start settling in at the American Legion Post at 208 8th Ave. SW.  The bar has been rebuilt thanks to many hours of work by SOA’s John Mohlis and some assistance by AMVETS Duane Huisman and their families.  The sealing/staining was completed by Auxiliary Sally O’Hare, with Bob giving “base” support.  The goal was to have the building available for the February WAVP breakfast, and that was accomplished with the largest turnout for breakfast to date.  The second goal was to be able to accommodate Bev Besh and his spaghetti supper on short notice.  Even on short notice with limited exposure, we were able to have a successful evening.  Thanks to all of you that helped and supported these activities.

*There are many people to thank, and will list more of them later, but a special thanks goes to Bob Davidson, (VFW Commander and AMVET) who worked his tail off day after day, even on those cold days to inventory, move, store and clean items from the VFW.  A special thanks also goes to Frank Wilkens, who helped remove cabinets and reinstall same at the Legion Hall.  Neither the breakfast nor spaghetti would have been possible without their help and numerous hours (days) of hard work.

*We are now at the point of working on staff for bartender/waitress duties and need your help.  If you or someone you know is available to work as bartender/waitress, they need to contact either of the following: Michelle Ferguson – or Mike Kukral.  You may also contact me and I will forward it ASAP.

*From my point of view, requirements for all employees, is that their attitude be positive towards the WAVP, listen – but do not spread or repeat gossip, and serve the customers as expediently as possible.

*OK, are you one of those individuals that are unable to volunteer for activities that include lifting, standing on your feet for a period of time, or just busy but would like to be part of this new venture?  Well, there are some items we could use that would help enhance the Legion and would be part of the new facility as well.  It would be nice if we could replace the old and heavy analog TV’s with 2 – 32” flat screens and possibly a larger flat screen.  The bar could also use some extra glasses for drinks, wine glasses, and extra bar towels.  Looking forward, maybe the kitchen could use a large George Foreman grill, an extra pizza oven, or counter top fryer for food nights or other activities.  Interested, but can’t afford one item, maybe share the cost with friends.  The more help we get, the better we can serve you in the future.

*Here is a partial list of what a few people have done along that line so far:

Bob Davidson – bought the extra electric stove

Carl Benning – bought plastic totes and steel shelving for storage units

Ted Lanske – bought material and lumber for rebuilding the bar

Michelle Ferguson – bought swizzle sticks & waste baskets and bar top storage containers for bar

*What we see in the future is truly up to you, our customers.  Now that we are away from the school, would opening at 3 pm be something to consider?  Are there enough NASCAR fans that would be interested in watching NASCAR racing on Sunday?  Are there other card players, (poker, pinnacle, cribbage, etc.) that would be interested in using the building?  When baseball/football seasons start, interest in watching games and having refreshments?  Are there other activities that WE, THE MEMBERS, could do that would bring us together?  I would ask everyone to review their PREAMBLES, then ask yourself, “am I doing my best to live up to what our organizations stand for?”.

*Final remarks to clarify a couple of items:  A Quit Claim deed has been signed by the VFW to transfer their property to the WAVP.  A lease has been signed between the WAVP and Legion for the next year.  The liquor license, state sales tax ID, insurance, and utilities are all now under the WAVP.  Phone numbers for the WAVP are:  319-352-3830 (old VFW number) and 319-483-9287 (WAVP).

*I would like to thank our State Department AMVETS Auxiliary for their donation of $200.00 towards a WWII memorial to be placed on the grounds of the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown.  There are memorials recognizing WWI, Korea, Vietnam, but sadly nothing for the WWII vets.  If interested, please contact me or Jean Lanske on where to send a contribution.

*I would like to extend my condolences to the Donald Beck family.  Donald passed away February 4, 2015.  May the family know our prayers and thoughts are with them.  Thank you for your service (1949-1953).

“Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone” – Deepak Chopra

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