Commanders Call – May 2015

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734

Ted Lanske

*Hard to believe that we are already 5 months into the year and I’m just getting used to writing 2015.  It is nice to see the yards and trees coming to life and fields being planted.  Reminds me, why I love living in this part of the country.

*Need to pass on a few more THANK YOU’S before I forget.  To Steve & Judy Strotman-48” TV, Jerry Woodin-TV bracket & vacuum cleaner, Larry Williamson-smaller wine glasses, Bruce & Bonnie Buhrow-cash to purchase accessories for Canteen.  These are greatly appreciated and allows the Canteen to look more professional.  When we opened, although the size (quantity) was equal, there were 5 different designs or shapes, limited numbers of each and (my opinion) gave an appearance of cheapness.  THANKS again to everyone that has donated time, money, labor and support.

*Want to also say “Thank you” to everyone that attended the ground breaking and stood outside in the wind.  A special “Thanks”: to Michael Kukral for heading this up and leading the delegation, to the News outlets for the excellent coverage, Mayor Infelt and Major General Hultman.  You may view pictures or information on this event by accessing the following;        and do a little hunting.  Some pictures are posted at the Canteen, so stop by and visit with us.

*Progress is being made on getting the Thursday food nights going again and the “pot luck”, better known as Hors d’oeuvres night.  On Hors d’oeuvres night, bring a simple dish, salad, dessert, or a favorite recipe and share the evening.  If you forget a dish, don’t worry, there is normally enough for a few extra people.  Efforts are being made to bring back steaks and fish fries, but understand that these all take volunteers.  Suggestions, advice and comments are appreciated, but appreciated more is when someone asks, “Is there something I can help with?” and then shows up when asked.  If you are willing to make some desserts, such as bars, cakes, cookies, rolls, etc., please call 319-352-3830 or give your name & number to the bartender.

*We have been approved to have our liquor license include outside sales, which will allow us to cordon off an area (northwest corner of parking), place 1 or 2 picnic tables and allow alcohol in that area.  No drinks will be allowed outside that area and you will have to come inside, to the canteen for service.  This is one of several steps moving forward towards steaks or fish fries.  With this endeavor, we will need your cooperation, self-policing and being a good neighbor.  Not finalized, but drinks outside may be limited to plastic cups, so learn the song “Red Solo Cup”.  Red solo cup, I fill you up   let’s have a party, let’s have a party   I love you red solo cup, I lift you up    proceed to party, proceed to party

*At this time, it was the consensus of the AMVETS Officers present at Aprils meeting, that all Officers will continue in their positions as we go through this transition period.  This means you will be stuck with me as your Commander for at least another year, UNLESS, one of you steps forward, comes to May’s meeting and asks for this position or another.  To any and all AMVETS of Post 79, please think about coming to the meeting in May, if nothing else, but to meet and thank the Officers.  This is also true for the Auxiliary and Sons; these individuals that volunteer their time need a show of support and thanks, because that is all they will receive.

*Reminder:  Our 2014-15 AMVETS membership year ends August 31st, therefore renewal notices will be in the mail.  National realized the stupidity of the stickers, so the new cards will be plastic again.  If you wish to renew on line when the renewal arrives, that is not a problem.  Although not confirmed, the AMVETS membership dinner is being planned for October 14th.  Reasons: the days are longer, weather is better, snow birds should still be roosting in Waverly, and the Auxiliaries dinner will be the following week, which should save us some money.

*OPERATION DONATION tickets are for sale at the Canteen.  If you are at the Canteen, ask the bartender and help support AMVETS and our Scholarship program plus other activities.

*There is a computer at the Canteen that is available for use.  If you are one of those that has never used one, visited facebook, searched the internet, or had a chance to just check it out, then stop by and let us help you take a look.  It is still in the early stages, but hopefully items of interest and information will be made available on this computer.  The Canteen has Wi Fi accessible, you just need to get the password from the bartender.  Please realize this is a public place and be careful of what you are doing.

*Flags are for sale at the Canteen.  Flag sales are now through the WAVP, as all Posts have sold their flags to the WAVP and are not competing with each other.  If you wish something special or different, please contact me, as I failed to step back with the others and was out front when a volunteer was requested.

*AMVETS is hosting the Memorial activities, but understand, that each and every Waverly organization is an important part of this day.  As host of these activities, AMVETS, Sons and Auxiliary will also be hosting lunch and fellowship at the Canteen following the ceremonies.  Please volunteer to assist in some manner.  Only one item of change to note, is that Flanders Field will be scheduled for the Thursday before Memorial day along with the small grave flags.  An events program will be published separately from the newsletter

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