Commander’s Highlights

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Tribute Bricks are still available.  If you have a veteran on your Christmas list and you can’t think of an appropriate gift, consider a Tribute brick.  Application forms are available online or call Carl Benning (352-3012 or 269-9541).

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Well, here we go again. Last month sure went zipping by us. Before I forget I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all the volunteers for being there at all the events we had during 2021. It was great to see new people helping out.
During the month it was great to attend the activities of veterans’ day and all that went with that. I conducted the AMVETS members meeting ending with a great supper and I also conducted the LEGION members meeting with help from Kathy Epley ending with a good supper. What a privilege HA! HA!.
Continuing from last month with my Navy experience: One thing you could count on in San Diego was the weather. At Christmas time being able to lay out on the beach was different than home in Iowa. I thought the duty was very good and I did learn a bunch of stuff that I was able to use after discharge. Along with some stuff I couldn’t use.
My first trip on the ocean was about a month long and can’t remember the name of the aircraft carrier. The second trip out to sea was on the aircraft carrier Ticonderoga. We stopped in pearl harbor, Japan , and Philippines Naval air bases. The whole trip was roughly 9 months. Each time we went to sea we boarded out of San Francisco going under the Golden Gate bridge. What a sight. It’s hard to imagine what being out on the ocean is like. Just coming out of high school and never being off the farm was quite a shock to my whole being. If anyone is interested I can expand one on one in person.
I’m reprinting my story from last month and please read it slowly.
A BEAN supper will be held in the church hall,   Music will follow.
Looking for another great year in 2022.
RON IHDE               319 290 6762           319 276 4662