Commander’s Highlights

I’ve asked many veterans about what they think is a commanders call. That has been pretty much a waste of time. So, I brought it up at the last AMVETS meeting. I have read manuals from the Navy, Airforce and Army with some definite suggestions of how it should be used. I’ve looked on Google to see what I could find out also. With all of this research and facts about commanders call. I presented it at the meeting for some direction on what I should do to ease my mind. First suggestion was to do whatever you want to even renaming it. Another plan was to call it commander’s message. I didn’t think much of that idea because I hear messages on Sunday mornings and you all know I’m no message giver. I have given some thought to commander’s digest, but then doing this just gives me indigestion. So I believe that is out. Then it comes down to what to include in this thing I’ve been doing for 1 1/2 years straining my brain. I’m also running out of true stories to include and would not want to resort to embellishment’s. With all that said I’m going to change to “COMMANDER’S “HIGHLIGHTS” and will include past and future goings on at our meetings plus other things which may include a story or two. The name change will stand for now.
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Since I’ve taken over the control of the house I live in, I’ve renamed my bathroom from the JOHN to the JIM. Now when people ask me what I’ve been doing with my time, I tell them I spend a lot of time in the JIM.
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