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Bob O’Hare

When you’re down at the WAVP please take a moment and step in the small meeting room and take a look at the east wall and see the work that is displayed there. Many thanks go out to MJ Steinbach, John Mohlis, Jim Borglum for the effort, work and donation for this outstanding past and present AMVETS History. I would like to thank the decorating committee for all the work of hanging it on the wall. Great job.

Please be careful walking around this time of year with the freezing and thawing and all the ice that it causes.  We don’t want anybody hurt.

If everyone has had enough snow and cold and is ready to have it warm up you have my vote.

A few weeks ago Carl Benning, David Farran and I went down to Adell Iowa to the Iowa Veterans Cemetery for Robert Dorpinghaus’s funeral. I was very impressed with the cemetery. A lady at the main building said she started working there before the first veteran was buried there. She sat down and explained the whole process to the three of us. We have some application for pre-registration for burial determination forms at the bar if anyone is interested casket plots or crematorium space.  They are available to all veterans at no cost.

Please check your WAVP calendar for steak fries, fish fry, Saturday morning breakfast and Thursday food night.

Volunteers are always needed and welcomed.

If you have any question feel free to e/mail me or give me a call.

Thank you

Bob O’Hare

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If there are any questions regarding AMVETS membership, please e-mail

Scholarship applications are due April 1, 2018.  For details on these $2000 scholarships, simply google “Iowa AMVETS scholarships”.

Upcoming Meetings:
     Iowa Dep’t of Veterans Affairs, April 4 10am at Iowa Veterans Home
                            July 11 at Gold Star Museum in Camp Dodge   (these meetings are open to the public)
     AMVETS State Exec. Committee, April 21-22 at Richmond
    AMVETS State Convention, June 8-9-10 at Marshalltown
     Waterloo Honor Flights, May 22, late Sept., early Oct.