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First, we would like to thank those receiving their mail online. For each member, it was costing approximately $12.00 per year to mail them. With the money saved we will be able to do more to support our local veterans and our community. We do appreciate your membership with the #1 Veteran’s Service Organization across the United States. 

Communication is key and there is so much more we can provide via the online version; links to National AMVETS and the supporting organizations, other AMVETS in the area, Bremer County VA, and more. We can also post more pictures of local AMVETS doing great work and some fun things that we do during the year. As always, the calendar of events is the most popular tab, with an expanded explanation of the the event. This is just not possible in the regular print version. Also, on the online version we are able to pay tribute to those members who have passed away. 

I have helped answer a few questions concerning going from the email message to the online version. To get started, you can click on the heading of the newsletter or at the bottom of an article to take you the web version. While there, explore the other tabs and learn more about the web page. If you have any concern, message Mary Steinbach, editor, and she will be happy to help. 

With our membership drive beginning for the upcoming year, consider finding one new qualifying person and invite them the join 
AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, or the Sons of AMVETS. My best advice is to talk to people, Make them aware of our programs and events and offer a warm and friendly face.