Latest News – Iowa Vets Home & Cemetery

To all our readers:

Recently, I had the privilege to attend the Volunteer Advisory Committee at the Veteran’s Home in Marshalltown and to visit the Iowa Veterans Cemetery at Van Meter.  Here are just a few things regarding each of them.

Iowa Veterans Home:

Marshalltown Veterans Home

Front gate to Marshalltown Veterans Home

Currently at the Marshalltown Veterans Home the census is at 580 residents and holding steady.  Construction updates to North Malloy are complete and South Malloy should all be completed after the first of the year.  The Dack facility will be next for improvements.  I wish to point out one thing that always catches my attention.  Many of these residents are here due to finances, but also for lack of family.  Because of that, the Veterans Home depends on donations to provide residents with many items we would take for granted.  A few items that are currently on the needed list:  Men’s aftershave/cologne-Full size personal care items (shampoo, body wash, lotion)-Microwave popcorn-Used tennis balls for bottom of walkers.  They do not accept: used clothing or trial/motel/used personal care items.  A Donation Information sheet will be placed on the board by the VFW bathrooms or call Jean or Ted Lanske for a copy or more information.  With the Resident_Busrenovation of Malloy and Dack next, the Veterans Home goal is to place a 32” flat screen TV in each resident’s room.  The approximate cost is $450.00 each and a donation plaque will be placed on the TV once it is purchased and mounted in the room.  This is a wonderful facility and getting better with the new leadership now in place.  Want more information, contact Ted Lanske (319-240-0734) or visit or their Facebook page “Iowa Veterans Home”.




Iowa Veterans Cemetery, Van Meter, Iowa

Iowa Veterans Cemetery:

Ted Lanske at Iowa Veterans Cemetery and SUBVETS Tribute

Ted Lanske at Iowa Veterans Cemetery and SUBVETS Tribute

Jean and I took a side trip to visit the Iowa Veterans Cemetery by Van Meter recently.  The last time we were there was shortly after it was purchased and it was an unused piece of ground.  What a difference and well worth the stop.  Please visit their web site and update yourself on this wonderful addition for Veterans of Iowa.  If you don’t have internet, contact Ted Lanske (319-240-0734) and I will gladly provide any information I can.



From their website:

Jean Lanske in front of Administration Building

Jean Lanske in front of Administration Building

The Iowa Veterans Cemetery (IVC) is the first federally funded construction of a state-owned and operated veterans cemetery in the State of Iowa. The cemetery serves the veteran population throughout the state and around the country, as there is no state residency requirement to be interred in the cemetery. Ultimately, it will provide sufficient burial space for up to 80,000 burials.”