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You may already know, but we would like to call your attention to two important upcoming events at the Waverly Area Veterans Post.
WAVP will host a Mental Health/Suicidal Prevention Training Seminar on Oct. 11 from 8am – 5pm.  The purpose is to teach community members skills on identifying and responding to a person who may be experiencing mental health/suicidal issues.  Since 22 veterans take their own lives every day, it is very important for us fellow veterans to be able to identify and respond to any suicidal tendencies.  Please spread the word throughout the community to encourage participation.  There is no cost; however, pre-registration is required to “,” or call WAVP Board Director Gary Wood at 319-239-3374.
The second noteworthy event involves the lawsuit brought by WAVP vs. Bremer County Board of Review regarding property taxes.  The WAVP Board feels strongly that non-profit organizations, like veteran groups, should be exempt from all property taxes.  This case is scheduled for October 23 in Bremer County District Court at the courthouse in Waverly.  Since the judge’s decision will definitely impact our organization, we would strongly encourage your attendance at this trial.
As you ponder any mandatory distributions from your IRA’s, and your personal contributions for year-end, please keep WAVP in your thoughts.  We still have a $380,000 debt obligation.  Any questions, give us a call.  Thanks!!
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