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Think of membership as an everyday program and continuously communicate its importance.

Communication is key: Read the montly newsletter for up-to-date newsin everyday conversations, seek out possible new members, extend a warm invitation to the post and inform them of the various events. Communicate to them the benefits that come with a membership: Help with securing the benefits earned as a veteran or family member of a veteran-fellowship and volunteer opportunies within the community-strength in numbers when addressing Congress about protecting the benefits earned from serving in the Military.

Training: Working with any newer members about recruiting, promoting Americanism in our schools (our future members),  and looking for any volunteer opportunites in our community and hospitals that utilize that new member’s strengths.

Teamwork: AMVETS, AMVETS ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS must work together with recruiting members. More AMVETS members, mean more possibilies for the Auxiliary and the Sons. Make sure you always have membership applications available, informational brochures, and be informed enough to answer eligibility questions. 

One thing to always remember, we are here for the purpose of our Veterans, their families, and the communites in which we live.