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We are all vital pieces of the AMVETS “puzzle” that when put together, form a strong bond, coming together with a passion for our veterans, service members, and their families. We are an unstoppable forse when it come to this mission.

Growing our membership needs to be our #1 priority. Sure we have all heard the need to get the younger generation involved, but how? What programs or events are they looking for? What does the younger families need? It is time to “put our boots on the ground” and take action to get this done. 

Are we looking at our GOLD Star Families and inviting them to our meetings and to become members? Have we approached our AMVETS members for their spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren to become Auxiliary members or Sons of AMVETS? Have we given the VA office information about AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS including the members application to be given to those veterans appying for benefits?

It can’t just stop there. We have to welcome them and their family to “Our AMVETS Family”. Assign prospective members to a seasoned member, mentor them, ask about their current needs, and nurture then in any way we can.

Acceptance is the road to all change!

Carry a membershp application with you at all times.

We are not only IOWA Strong, we are AMVETS Strong

Written by:

Mary Steinbach current local President of AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79 and Department of Iowa AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary 1st Vice President and membership chairman.