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Young and old and in between, helpful hands, warm hears, a desire to explore, learn and serve.

Recruit them…Support them… Listen to them…Appreciate them.

Recently I was going through some old paperwork and came across some information on volunteering in hospital programs and VA facilities. Both need our assistance so that they may continue to provide the best in health care and treatment for the sick or disabled veterans. Doctors and nurses are extremely busy applying the best of their knowledge. Our veterans need the personal warmth and friendliness that you as a volunteer can give them. As a volunteer you can assist the care team for hospitalized veterans in getting them well.

There is a constant need for volunteers in the VA Network of facilities, in hospitals, nursing homes, and at the VA outpatient clinics. Volunteers provide a service to the care and treatment of a veteran patient that cannot be furnished by paid staff.

There is a place for you in Voluntary Service if you wish to devote part of your time to the disabled men and women who served our country. You can help the staff of a VA hospital or clinic by doing office work, mailings, or willing to work as a member of the hospital team under the direction of the doctors, nurses, therapist, and technicians.

Volunteers do make the critical difference. If the VA system had to buy the kind of time and service that is donated by volunteers, the price tag would be above millions of dollars. Putting a dollar value on the volunteer’s involvement misses the meaning and intent of volunteering. Proof positive is the fact that people do care about what happens in the healthcare of our country’s veterans. 

The VA needs you, and millions like you as a volunteer. The programs need many volunteers whether they have special talents or not. Remember, you ARE special because you have the desire to volunteer.