Latest News Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs 2022 Legislative Initiatives

In order to continue the programs that support Iowa veterans and their families, we support the protection of the financial integrity of the following agencies and programs:
 Iowa Veterans Home
 Military Home Ownership Program
 Iowa Veterans Trust Fund
 County Allocation Funds
 Injured Veteran Grant Program
 Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs
 Iowa Veterans Cemetery
 Veterans License Fee Fund


We fully support an increase and sustainable subsequent funding for the Military Home Ownership Assistance Program.

We strongly support improving the Military Property Tax Exemption Program, and advocate a disability-based, tiered implementation, effective upon application approval.

County Veterans Service Officer and Education, we support the HF 2618 bill from last year, that would provide Educational Funds to increase and maintain Education for County Service Officers National Training.

Veterans Treatment Courts: SF2287 was voted for but did not reach the floor in 2020.


We support any and all legislation pertaining to Mental Health for our Disabled Veterans, their families and all Iowans suffering from these diverse life-taking conditions.

We advocate civic responsibility, and support measures requiring K-12 schools teach and model patriotism and Americanism.

We affirm proper protocol used when flying POW/MIA flag. This is a national flag that should be flown directly below the U.S. flag and above the Iowa flag.

We support adoption of the Sgt. Brandon Lay “Green Alert” Bill to help prevent veteran suicide by augmenting existing “Amber Alert” capabilities.

Iowa Commission on Veterans Affairs Representatives
Elizabeth Ledvina, Chair,
Darlene McMartin, 1st Vice-Chair, Public Member at Large,
Gary Wattnem, 2nd Vice-Chair, Reserve Officers Association,
Lt. Col. George Mosby, Iowa National Guard, Director of Warrior & Family Services, Email:
Orene Cressler, Iowa Association of County Commissioners and Veterans Service Officers,
Steven Hyde, Military Order of the Purple Heart,
Kenneth Lloyd, Paralyzed Veterans of America,
Mary Van Horn, American Veterans,
Carol Whitmore, Veterans of Foreign Wars,
Gregory Paulline, Vietnam Veterans of America,

You can find your legislator at:

Iowa Senate Veterans Affairs Committee:
Mark S. Lofgren (R, District 46), Chair;; 515.281.3371
Jeff Reichman (R, District 42), Vice Chair;; 515.281.3371
Eric Giddens (D, District 30), Ranking Member;; 319.230.0578
Jim Carlin (R, District 3)
Mark Costello (R, District 12)
Dan Dawson (R, District 8)
William A. Dotzler Jr. (D, District 31)
Jeff Edler (R, District 36)
Jesse Green (R, District 24)
Liz Mathis (D, District 34)
Amanda Ragan (D, District 27
House Veterans Affairs Committee
Sandy Salmon (R, District 63), Chair;; 515.281.3221
Martin L. Graber (R, District 83), Vice Chair;
Sue Cahill (D, District 71), Ranking Member;; 641.485.0608
Eddie Andrews (R, District 39)
Brooke Boden (R, District 26)
Christina Bohannan (D, District 85)
Timi Brown-Powers (D, District 61)
Ruth Ann Gaines (D, District 32)
Eric Gjerde (D, District 67)
Stan Gustafson (R, District 25)
Bruce Hunter (D, District 34)
Tom Jeneary (R, District 5)
Charlie McClintock (R, District 95)
Henry Stone (R, District 7)
Phil Thompson (R, District 47)
Ross Wilburn (D, District 46)
John H. Wills (R, District 1)