Sons of AMVETS

The Sons of AMVETS are proud to annouce that Isabella (Ella) Canny has received the $500 Al Bock memorial college scholarship. Ella was selected based on her essay, her involvement with Retrieving Freedom, and a volunteer at the WAVP. Ella’s parents are Dave and Cyndi Canney.  Her grandparents are Carl and Wanda Benning. Ella will attend Wartburg College. She is pictured with Sons Commander, John Mohlis.

Could you be a leader?

Have you ever been inspired by a leader in our organization? Have you ever thought, “I can do that,” or “I have ideas I would like to share?” Being a leader does not always mean becoming an officer. It starts with your dedication on helping veterans, veteran families, and participation in your community.

Good leaders are reliable, have good communication skills, are open-minded, patient, willing to learn, and willing to teach. The benefit of becoming a leader is the reward of knowing you make a difference. Leaders bring fresh ideas to the meeting, learn more about the Auxiliary, and work closely with prospective members and assisting them with obtaining the necessary paperwork that proves their eligibility.

Sadly, if an Auxiliary has no one ready to fill its leadership rolls, it may close. This has been the case across Iowa this year. Make it a priority to cultivate future leaders. Reach out to friends and family that are eligible. Use our youth, supporting their projects in the community, and they may become future leaders in our Auxiliary.

Submitted by Mary Steinbach AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary #79, president

The above articles was written for the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, but it needs to be a part of the AMVETS and the Sons of AMVETS. Without the growth of AMVETS, both the Auxiliary and the Sons of AMVETS are limited to growth in membership. Every member should be recruiting AMVETS, AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary, and Sons of AMVETS future members.