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Sons of AMVETS

The Sons of AMVETS, as its name implies, is a nationwide organization comprised of the sons of American veterans who are members of AMVETS or a deceased veteran who would have qualified to be an AMVETS member. The Sons play an active role in promoting AMVETS’ legislative agenda, providing services to hospitalized veterans and supporting charitable initiatives. Take a look into your past to see if you can become a member of Sons of AMVETS, or know someone who can join and get them involved.

Upcoming events at the WAVP are Saturday steak nights, a monthly fish fry, and a monthly breakfast. Remember these? We also have Food Nights on most Thursdays, hosted by the various Service Organizations involved with the WAVP.

As we start a new year, please remember our veterans, past and present, along with their families, and what they have contributed and sacrificed for the freedom we have today. Not only does the Sons of AMVETS support our military families, we also work hard in our community and award scholarships.