Spread some Christmas cheer and help a Vet!

Recently, four veterans have come off the street and made significant progress through the help of our local Veteran’s Administration.  While these individuals are out of immediate danger, they could still use your help.  We are asking anyone willing to help if they could provide the following items:

Veteran 1:  Male age 54 years old, with the help of our Bremer County VA, now has a stabilized life and volunteers in the community.  He is also being helped in updating job skills and is looking forward to a more rewarding life

Nice button-up shirts (Large)
Outdoor thermometer
Casserole Dish
Pizza pans / cookie sheets

Veteran 2: Originally from New Jersey but moved to Iowa several years ago for work. The veteran is 50 years old and became homeless.  Is currently working on long-term sobriety with the assistance of the VA and is once again looking for, and very capable of work.

Winter boots (Size 13)
Suit (Size 44), Waist (Size 13)
Good backpack
Warm clothes (Shirts XXL) (Pants 36×36)
Laptop computer

Veteran 3: Spent time at our shelter for about one month and is now permanently housed and working at our local Wal-Mart.

 Gas cards

Veteran 4: Male age 58, recently checked into our local shelter.  He had just checked out of a hospital program and lived in a van for 3-1/2 years prior to his stay at the hospital.  He is just getting started rebuilding his life, but is working at it with the help of the VA.

Insulated sweatshirts (Extra Large)
T-shirts (Extra Large)
Sweatpants (Large)
Gas Cards
“A place to call home”

In addition, our VA Homeless shelter could use help in obtaining the following items:

Steak knives
Food prep knives
Measuring spoons (Two sets)
Good quality hand can openers
Heavy duty yard trash bags
Kitchen waste basket
Liners for waste basket
Bookcase and selection of books for all ages and genders
Stick-on reading lights (Four)
6’ free standing shelving (Preferably heavy duty plastic)
Hand mixer
Laundry soap pods
Gaming system and appropriate games
DVD or Blu-Ray player (Two)
DVD players for four individual rooms
Ironing board and iron

Without the assistance of this local VA program most of these veterans would have no other place to turn, may find themselves in and out of jail, substance abuse programs or worse.  Your contributions are so valuable in terms of helping get our veterans back on their feet again.  Thank you all for any Christmas Spirit you can share this year.

Items can be dropped off at the Bremer County VA office during working hours, WAVP with some ID that it is for Bremer County VA or contact Ted Lanske – 319-240-0734 for pickup or drop off.