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Commander’s Call – August 2015

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com

Ted Lanske

*WAVP update:  Wall construction has started with west wall, grill area and some interior support walls poured.   Work has started on the south wall with installation of rebar and forms.  This may be completed by the time this newsletter reaches you.  If you are so inclined to observe the construction (not recommended); do NOT drive in the lower area or around the site, but you may park in the grass area to the south and take a look.  Do NOT enter in any area of the actual construction or bother the contractor and/or workers.  This is for your safety and theirs.  Updated pictures are available at the Canteen during food nights and WAVP breakfasts, showing the history of demolition and now construction.

*HELP NEEDED:  We are in need of someone with the equipment and talent to engrave names on the boards (plaques) used to identify Veterans that are placed in Harlington Cemetery for Memorial Day.  We currently have five names to add to those already fabricated.  The router/stand used previously is available for someone with the talent and time.  More bases are being scheduled for placement and poles will be ordered prior to next year.  Contact me or leave your information at the Canteen.

*Possible project for someone:  As you enter the canteen, please note the mail box next to the door.  This is used for the drop box of used flags for retirement.  The mail box could definitely use some upkeep (cleaning and painting) and if there is someone, who would like to take on this task, please contact me or leave your name at the canteen.  At present, there are no plans so would ask that some sort of idea be presented.  This would be submitted for approval and discussion.

*THANKS to:   Charlie Meier for stepping up and assisting with inventory/sales of flags; Richard & Janell Miller for all their work and expertise for the breakfasts; Bob & Sally O’Hare for being there when I am out of town and doing the cleaning at the Post; Charlie Meier for getting the VFW involved with food nights and adding new additions to our menu.  They carry the term “volunteer” to a new level and deserve your “Thank You” when you see them.

*INFORMATION:  If you wish to make a donation to the Waverly Area Veterans Post (WAVP) in honor or memory of someone, write the check to WAVP, note on it for memory of                   (or your wishes) and mail it to –    WAVP,              P.O. Box 454,     Waverly, IA        50677  or you may leave the check at the Canteen with instructions that it is for memorial purposes.  The check will be deposited to support the building fund and will be noted in the listing of donors.  Thanks in advance.

*Hard to believe, but school will be back in session this month and children will be scurrying about with backpacks, musical instruments, cell phones and paying little attention to the world around them.  This, along with all the construction, leads to possible dangerous combinations, so it is up to us to be extra cautious.  Please add a few minutes to your travel time, take a few mph off your vehicle and keep your eyes on what is ahead and not on your cell phone or coffee cup.

*I would like to acknowledge the passing of several people recently.  Hubert Barber (1928-2015) was instrumental in maintaining the plaques/poles for Harlington Cemetery; Robert Rasmussen (1925-2015) was known and respected throughout the community and always greeted you; Mary Ackerman (1949-2015) could light up a room with her smile and was truly, a lady.  Mary and Ike were great supporters of Veterans and continue that yet today.  May we remember all of them in our hearts and to the families, our prayers and condolences.

*I have had a few people contact me about a possible AMVETS Riders group starting in Waverly.  If there is anyone else interested, please contact me or leave your name at the Canteen.  First and foremost, it takes at least 6 people ready to dedicate themselves to this project for it to work. Help AMVETS Help Veterans

WAVP Groundbreaking Ceremony

WAVP Groundbreaking Ceremony
DSC04408 (1024x768)Waverly Area Veteran’s Post (WAVP) is hosted a ground breaking ceremony for the new Veterans Post facility lastDSC04406 (1024x768) Wednesday at Noon, located at the former site of the VFW post.

The new building plans on housing local clubs to include Veteran’s of Foreign Wars, AMVETS, American Legion and the Marine Corps League, with three members of each organization sitting on the WAVP board.

Plans for the facility can be viewed on the WAVP web site and include video teleconferencing from families to service members in the field, allow veterans to apply for benefits, jobs and educational opportunities, as well as other veterans services.DSC00172 (1280x960)  The facility will also be made available to the public to rent for weddings, parties and other functions.

At right is the upstairs framework of the soon to be demolished VFW Post.  Thanks to many volunteers for their labor.