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Commanders Call – August 2017


Bob O’Hare, Commander Post 79

I would like to send my condolence’s out to the Norman Herman Family.  Norm passed away Saturday, July 8th. Norm will be missed, our Prays go out to the Family.

It’s hard to believe that July is over already. The Heritage Day Parade was on the 15th of July. There was a good turn out even though it was hot and humid. There were many people standing along the parade route saluting the flag and cheering.

Check the calendar for all of the events going on this month at the WAVP.

Thursdays are food night (can’t go wrong there).  AMVETS Steak fry’s, third Saturday of each month (call in before 3pm on Saturday to reserve your steak. The phone number is 319-483-9287). There is also a short order cook the other nights.  Please help us put together a list of people to volunteer at all these events. If you are interested, please give me a call. Let’s make the WAVP a big success.

The Membership dinner is the 11th of October. It will be combined with the  Auxiliary & Sons again this year. Social hour is at 5pm, dinner at 6pm. Will have more information later.

First Fish Fry at the WAVP August 18th
We will serve from 5:30 until 8:00 to the first 300 people.  The menu will be: fish, potato salad, baked beans with a roll for $10.  We will need volunteers. If you wish to help call 319-404-2311.

Veterans Appreciation Night August 24th
This is a free event for area Veterans or Active Duty and one guest.  Attendees will enjoy a buffet provided by the Texas Roadhouse followed by a short program and self-guided tours of the Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum and Grout Museum of History & Science.

Guest are required to pre-register at gmdistrict.org/vetnight2017 or call 319-234-6357. Seating is limited and registering early is encouraged. The Museum is located at 503 South Street, Waterloo.

Des Moines Homeless Veterans Stand-down
The Des Moines Homeless Veterans Stand-down will be held beginning on Friday evening September 15, 2017 at 5PM and run through Sunday noon on September 17, 2017. This is one of the premier stand-down events around the Country. AMVETS is a principal sponsor of this event and Des Moines Post 2 and Cedar Falls Post 49 have supported it for many years. This year the event will be held at E12th and Des Moines St which is the former site of Des Moines General Hospital immediately north of the State Capitol. Approximately 1600 veterans are served each year through this event, receiving, medical, mental health, or spiritual counseling, meals, clothing, haircuts, VA benefit or job counseling, as well as a festival like entertainment event on Saturday evening. As in past years, it takes many volunteers to pull this event off. Volunteers may contact Kimberly Neal at 515-669-3732 if you would like to assist with this event.

Veteran’s Day at the Fair
Vets Day at the Fair August 14, 2017 – Any Member of AMVETS wishing to participate with a float needs to contact Meghan Larkin at the Iowa Department of Veterans Affairs Camp Dodge. Parade begins at 11AM. Stop by and visit the AMVETS booth along the Grand Concourse at the Veterans Affairs booth.

Iowa AMVETS Fall Golf Tournament
The Iowa AMVETS Fall Golf Tournament will be held at Plum Creek Golf Course in Fredericksburg Iowa on Saturday September 23, 2017. Originally the tournament was scheduled for September 9th but now has been rescheduled for September 23, 2017. The 2 person best shot tournament will have a 10AM shotgun start. Scoring will be Flighted and there will be special hole prizes. Pre-registration is required and is limited to the first 27 teams that sign up. The registration fee is $40 per person which equals $80 per team. Registration fees are available on the Department website.


Bob O’Hare, Commander


(319) 404-2311

Commanders Call – May 2017

Ted Lanske

*I wish there was space and time to “Thank” everyone that has supported our activities during the many years I have served as Post Commander, State Commander and various other positions.  The list is long and many over the years are no longer present, but had an influence on my life.  I truly appreciate those of you that have sat with me or allowed me to sit with you as we shared thoughts on various aspects of our Veteran’s organizations.  Friendly disagreement adds to the strength of a healthy organization and should never be put down, and an honest response is invaluable to maintaining integrity.  It is far better to state “I don’t know or have the answer, but will find out and get back to you”, then trying to live on B.S.  or lies.  I may not always have been successful, but as Commander, I have tried to be open to everyone’s opinion, but many times have supported what I felt was best for AMVETS at that time.

*REMINDER:  The election of Officers for 2017-18 will take place May 10th, with the meeting starting at 1900 or 7:00 p.m.  This is a terrific opportunity to become involved, showing support for Veterans with very little time involved.  If you have questions, I am willing to have coffee with you and discuss it.

*The VFW has the responsibility of promoting Waverly’s Memorial Day activities, but ask all of you to support the day’s activities along with our neighboring communities.  Reminding you now, that the parade route will be different with the closure of 1st St and Bremer Ave. NW.

*Cedar Falls AMVETS Post 49 is hosting the “Vietnam Traveling Wall” from May 17-May 21.  Volunteers are still needed and if interested:

Volunteer to help at The Wall That Heals
Follow the directions below:
Here’s how it works in 3 easy steps:
1. Click this link to go to our invitation page: http://signup.com/go/KCx7jF
2. Enter your email address
3. Sign up! Choose your spots
If you are having trouble, email Donita Krueger at donitakrueger@gmail.com and she will send you a link, or
there is a sign up sheet at AMVETS Post 49

*As we look forward into May, let us remember; school will be coming to an end and sidewalks will be full of young bicyclists and children with no thought of danger.  It is up to us to slow down, be more vigilant (especially with the construction areas) and protect them.  If you have children or grandchildren, try to instill the reasoning of wearing a helmet and awareness of their surroundings.  The same should be said of water activities.  It is so heartbreaking to hear or read of a young child drowning in a farm pond or hit at an intersection.  We all need to be more aware of what and where we are and less time worrying about the chirping cell phone.  I wish all of you a truly SAFE and WONDERFUL SUMMER.

Help AMVETS Help Veterans

Commanders Call – March 2017

Ted Lanske

*I would like to express my condolences to family and friends of Eugene (Gene) Gaulke (AMVETS)-D.- February 2, 2017 and Norma Briner (Auxiliary)- D.- January 23, 2017.  Gene always had a twinkle in his eyes and heartwarming smile and just enough mischief to keep things interesting.  Norma was a dedicated Auxiliary member and contributed what she could until her health limited those abilities.  May we all hold them in our hearts, prayers and memories.

*I would like to remember and express condolences to Jim Lahr’s and Ruth Rosol’s family and their friends.  Although not Post 79 members, they were Post 79 family and through the years supported our activities.  I am thankful they shared a portion of their lives with me and proud to call them friends.

*To Cyndi and Lyman Campbell, on the passing of Cyndi’s Mother, Barbara (Bobbi) (Ecker) Blatchford.  Bobbi was well known and Ecker’s Nursery was generous over the years to many community activities including AMVETS.  May we also keep Cyndi and the Ecker family in our prayers and share the memories with others.

*On a lighter side:  the weather has been un-winter like, but let’s not be fooled because we still have March Madness, which could be sports or snow.  The good news is that spring is not far away and the days are noticeably longer, so please stay safe, watch the weather, and get the grill ready.

*Department of Iowa Scholarship forms were dropped off at the high school, but they are accessible on line:    http://www.amvetsiowa.org/News-.html  and scroll down to a pdf for scholarship 2016-17.  National AMVETS also has scholarships, forms accessible through National web site.

*My newsletter for March is shorter than most newsletters, and now looking at two more (April/May) to complete my term.  Minus the few months I missed, that adds up to approximately 135 newsletters.  Thank you again to everyone who has ever made a comment regarding the newsletter.

* * * * * * * * * *

*From Carl Benning, WAVP Board and Post 79 Finance Officer for the newsletter:

  1. Since we are spending over $1700 each year on the mailing of the newsletter, please consider giving us your e-mail address (you can drop it off at WAVP and designate it for the AMVETS newsletter, or enter your address on the front page of this site).  This will allow us more dollars that we can use for veterans’ services.
  1. There are over 180 AMVETS members in our local Post 79; however, only about 10 are present at the monthly meetings.  Pretty Sad!!  Decisions are made at these meetings; we would like more input and involvement from all members.  We meet the second Wednesday of each month at 7 pm.  This is YOUR organization!!
  1. We are looking for more activities to keep our members active.  Any suggestions?  If you are willing to help with any activity, let us know.
  1. Election of officers is around the corner; the “old slate” is getting tired!  Please consider volunteering for any office.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Help AMVETS Help Veterans

Welcome to AMVETS Post 79, Waverly Iowa!

With a charter dating back to 1947, the Waverly AMVETS post 79 and its Auxiliary has a longstanding history of service, both to its community, and its veterans.  As we look to the future, we hope to continue the principles which have sustained our mission over the years.  As we make this transition, we look forward to many new projects which will extend our mission into the next generation of service members who, like their predecessors wish to make a better community for those with which they work and live.


We invite you to join us and experience the fellowship of veterans, wives and friends of veterans, both past and present.  Pride in service extends beyond the ranks of the military, and we would be honored to count you among our honored members.

If this is your first time visiting our new page, please take the time to go through our Tutorial.  Please come back on a regular basis, check Latest News and In Memorium for current information.

Commanders Call – July 2016

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com

Ted Lanske

*Hard to believe another six months have gone by and the days start getting shorter.  If you get the chance, celebrate this time of the year with any outside activity you enjoy.  I find that even the simplest of things; fire pit on a nice evening with a glass of wine, sitting outside with a morning cup of coffee in the early a.m., enjoying the sound of nature in solitude, are pleasures that so much of the world cannot or will not be able to ever enjoy.  With all our faults and a government we may question, we still live in a country where these things are possible, because of the Veterans before us and those that serve now.  Help AMVETS help Veterans- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – enjoy your summer.

* I attended our State Convention in Marshalltown and was very disappointed in the turnout of AMVETS.  Each year the count of attendees goes down and very few new faces for the future.  It doesn’t help, when we continue at the State level without a good form of communication.  Our State web site has not been updated for a year and without a State newsletter, I understand the resistance to become involved.  That is why I truly appreciate the support I receive from our Post 79 members and those that let me know they check out our newsletter, facebook– Amvets post 79 and go to the web site- www.amvets79.us.  I believe for Post 79 and the WAVP to be successful and continue, communication is the key, and any way we can do that is a plus and would welcome suggestions from you.

*AMVETS is still experiencing problems with both the Department and National regarding membership records and renewal.  If you receive a renewal notice this past month or two, please contact Carl Benning or myself and let us know.  The more information we receive, the better, as we try to correct the problem.

*I have asked in the past, but ask again, whether you are an AMVET, AMVETS Auxiliary, or a Sons member and do any volunteer work, donate blood, have donated goods to your church, Goodwill or similar organization; please let one of your officers know.  This is important, as it demonstrates the commitment to be a non-profit organization.

*Due to several little items, the decision was made at AMVETS State Convention to hold the 2017 convention in Marshalltown.  The AMVETS Convention Corporation will be looking at our facility for 2018 but also will be considering a State Executive Committee (SEC) meeting for early next year.  Presently, the Waverly Area Veterans Post (WAVP) is in the process of hiring a facilities manager, (decision should be made by 1 July) and this person will have their hands full with a lot of responsibilities and decisions.

*The representatives for AMVETS on the WAVP board, effective July 1 will be James Brandau, Carl Benning and Bob O’hare.  If you have concerns or suggestions regarding the WAVP, these are the individuals you should contact.  The other individuals on the board are: Darrel Blasberg, Larry Buchholz, Hank Bagelmann, Martin Heering, Michael Kukral, Richard Miller, Lee Schissel, Bob Davidson, and Roger Metzger.  The annual WAVP meeting, open to the public for comments and questions, with installation of the new representatives is scheduled for July 19, 2016 at 6:00 p.m. at the WAVP (208 8th Ave. SW).  The latest updates on opening, grand opening, state firemen’s convention, and facilities manager should be available.

*Please check the calendar for July activities, food nights, steaks, breakfast and the Heritage Days parade.  I am hoping that the hard work and support by several people (the team) in getting the WAVP trailer fixed up and prepped to be used as a float will pay off and all organizations be involved.  Thanks to Bob & Sally O’hare, Vernon Sebilsky, Fox Tire and Walker’s Auto Salvage for being on the trailer team.  We all know there is no I in Team, but still have those that start too many sentences with I want, but should ask, “What will help make the WAVP better or more successful?”.

* May all of you have a safe, enjoyable and family filled July 4th weekend and summer.

Latest News – December


Latest News is or was created to provide an avenue to update activities throughout the month without waiting for the next scheduled newsletter.   Although it is not used every month nor is it used on scheduled basis, it still provides up to date information.  Please check back with us during the month and see something new or an update on the building.  This same news is being printed and placed in the Canteen as “Table Talk”.  Thank you for your support and will try to keep our AMVETS Family informed.

Reminder to everyone, 2016 annual membership dues need to be paid if you wish to continue your membership in your chosen organization or as a Patriot contributor/supporter.   The WAVP board is looking at different ideas in the acceptance of “social” non-veterans and their role in the WAVP.  We understand the confusion and are looking at ways to meet the requirements of the IRS and acknowledge the support of those “social” members.  It may seem easy, but where the IRS is involved the trail gets a bit tricky.

At this writing, the 2nd floor exterior walls are being put in place.  If you drive by on 10th Ave., the first of these walls are now visible from the roadway.  The lower level has been sealed off from the weather as much as possible, allowing some work to be scheduled for this area.  D54.The steel work for stairways and some other larger building necessities are also being scheduled for delivery.

AMVETS wishes to thank those that have attended our steak fries and hope that you continue to observe the calendar and support us in the future.  Conditions are not the best, but open for suggestions on how to improve, but hopefully we can survive through the next few months.  At present, steaks are planned for Saturday, Dec. 5th and Dec. 31st (New Year’s Eve).   We will have the Hawkeyes on the TV’s and some drink specials are being planned for the 5th.

I know the various organizations all appreciate the support they get on the Thursday food nights.  The Hors d’oeuvres evenings have been well attended and the food plentiful.  It is interesting to check out the tables and able to try the selections, especially the desserts.  If you have not participated and would like to, bring a single dish: salad, dessert, casserole, hot dish, deviled eggs, or a crockpot surprise and join the fun.  Not chiseled in stone, but we try to get things going about 5:30 pm.  Coffee and water is provided, so where else can you have a better evening?

There is a committee that would like to decorate the facilities for Christmas.  If you should have a few extra working Christmas or holiday decorations that you are willing to donate to the club, please leave them with Michelle at the Canteen.  Thank you in advance for whatever you can give.

Still in the giving mood?  AMVETS Auxiliary is looking for donations for the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown.  Last year, two full boxes of personal items were delivered to the Veterans home.  We are asking again that you think, as you shop, to pick up one extra bottle of shampoo, bar of soap, body wash, shaving cream, deodorant, denture cream, men’s socks, large or extra large t-shirts/underwear for starters.  Full size bottles are required, NO motel/hotel sizes as they will be discarded.  Bring them to the Canteen and fill the box.  These items will be delivered to Marshalltown Veterans Home after the first of the year.

Now that the winter type weather has descended upon us, the staff would appreciate your assistance in maintaining a safe environment for our customers.  There is ice melt and shovels available and would ask those that are younger and healthy to assist the staff in salting or do a little shoveling if needed to help out.  A few minutes of your time could save someone a trip to the ER or just a slip or fall.  At least let someone know of icy or bad spots.

A few things you may not know about helping or volunteering at the Post:

  1. Janell Miller, Wanda Benning and Jean Lanske pick up and volunteer doing the laundry from the bar and kitchen.
  2. Michelle Ferguson volunteers to open and assist during rentals or unscheduled use of the facility.
  3. Richard and Janell Miller utilize their vehicles and time to go shopping for the breakfast and do the prep work (inventory & ordering).
  4. Bob and Sally O’hare, when asked, come and clean the facilities and bathrooms.
  5. Ted and Jean Lanske on a daily basis clean the bathrooms, sweep and mop when needed, wipe tables, bag and place the garbage and recyclables out to the curb for pickup.
  6. Ted Lanske loads and takes the bottles to the redemption center.

There are many people that donate time for the monthly breakfast and food nights, but those mentioned above are there on a regular basis ensuring that the Post runs and spend numerous hours plus use of their vehicles with absolutely no compensation.  None of them are asking for a “thank you”, but I want you to know they are dedicated individuals volunteering their resources and time to help the Post.

Another TV has been added, donated by James Brandau family, and will add viewing in a different area of the Post.  A bracket had to be purchased to support this TV ($100.00) and donations to cover this purchase would be welcomed.  Please leave a donation with Michelle or staff, asking that your donation be set aside to pay for this support.  Thank you.

merry xmas

From the Canteen Staff, WAVP Board members, the Waverly Veterans Organizations; We all wish you a very Merry Christmas, safe travels and a Happy and Blessed New Year.   Thank you for your support in 2015 and your continued support for 2016.happy-new-year-2015-clip-art-1


Commanders Call – December 2015

wavp logo 3WAVP update as of 11/20/15:  Lower level floor concrete floor has been completed.  Steel supports, concrete core deck installed and 3” concrete floor poured on that, which is the floor for second level.  Steel for stairwells is scheduled for delivery, other steel and exterior walls also scheduled for delivery.  For those that are in warmer climates, we have been under a week of rain, strong wind and now winter snow warnings, so some work has come to a temporary halt.

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com

Ted Lanske

*This past month, we have lost two wonderful gentlemen, Veterans, family men, and community members.  It was my pleasure to share time with them being involved in Veteran’s activities, but even better when we could just sit and visit, sharing our experiences and family stories.  I wish to express to the families of Harold Lindeman and Harry Janssen; my prayers and God’s Blessings to all of you and know they left our world just a little better.

*I express my “Thanks” to all that attended our membership dinners, both the Men and the Ladies.  Your support is extremely important at this time as we prepare in the next 12 months to move into our new facility.  I realize and understand that some individuals are disappointed that more information is not provided, but we are trying our best at providing information in pictures on the web sites, slide show presentation on the one TV and occasionally with the Table talk/Latest News pieces I write.  I spend on an average, between 20-30 hours per week volunteering as custodian/maintenance at the Post or meetings/writing/etc. and like some of you, exasperated that things are not progressing faster.  Let me assure you, that there are other members on the board that put more hours than that into this project and will continue to do so.  BUT:  the WAVP is now under construction, progress is being made and we are at a point that the involvement of ALL our organizations and supporters are needed.  Do you have a vision of what the WAVP could be doing; for Veterans, for our community, for our schools, or something outside the box, please contact me, James Brandau or Carl Benning.  Ideas without leadership are like a ship without a Captain, going nowhere.  WE NEED YOU.

*My thanks to everyone that came to the Veterans Day activities at the Centre’,  the volunteers, Bremer County VA, WAVP Honor Guard, Speaker Carl Benning and the biggest THANKS to Jim Vowels and the WSR Band.  AMVETS will not be the coordinator for Veterans Day 2016, but I would hope that it will be in the new facility and we pack the place.  With vision, volunteers and a “Captain”, Veterans Day 2016 should be one for the history books.

*REMINDER:  2016 memberships are due for all, so please renew now and if you were a past social member, stop at the Canteen and renew as a 2016 WAVP Patriot Supporter.  Many of our past social were and are more supportive of the WAVP than some of our Veterans and I accept and appreciate that.

*Christmas season and holidays are upon us, and if you are looking for a special long lasting gift for a young Veteran, think of a Tribute brick recognizing his service.  Are you thinking of a year-end donation, then add to your pledge or make another donation to the WAVP.  YUCK, but tax time is just around the corner.

*From my Family; we wish all of you a “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays” and safe journeys.  Try making someone’s holiday just a little better by:  adding something to the Auxiliary’s box at the Canteen, a toy in “A toy for tots box”, if your church has a giving or gift tree, donation to Bremer County VA for Veterans or homeless shelter, or loose change in a red kettle.  We still live in the greatest country in the world and the generosity of Americans when a disaster strikes elsewhere is proof of that.  Sometimes the greatest gift you can give is your time; visit a sick or home bound friend, help or assist someone to church, volunteer someplace or complete the phone call you have been thinking about for the last year.  Truthfully, I need to take some of my own suggestions.  May God Bless all of you.


Help AMVETS Help Veterans

Military History – September


From Post Commander Lanske

Since September 18th, 2015 (third Friday in September) is proclaimed POW/MIA day, I thought it appropriate that a little history of this flag and day be inserted.  Please take the time to read and then time to pray, think about or just extend kind thoughts to the families and friends that still are waiting for some accounting of their family members.  At the beginning of 2015, a new agency, Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agencywas created due to many problems found with the old JPAC and others.  Following is information taken from the web site of the new agency and Wikipedia’s POW/MIA.


Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency brings together the former Defense Prisoner of War Missing Personnel Office (DPMO), the Joint Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC), and the Life Sciences Equipment Laboratory (LSEL). Consolidating the Department’s personnel accounting assets will lead to better oversight of family resources and services, research, and operations. The agency will enable the workforce to achieve the fullest possible accounting for our missing personnel, better anticipate family needs, and adapt to changes in the DoD and the United States Government. The agency will also honor our veterans’ sacrifices and confirm an obligation made to those serving our country.


The POW/MIA flag is an American flag designed as a symbol of citizen concern about United States military personnel taken as prisoners of war (POWs) or listed as missing in action (MIA).

The POW/MIA flag was created by the National League of Families and officially recognized by the Congress in conjunction with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, “as the symbol of our Nation’s concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Nation.”

The original design for the flag was created by Newt Heisley in 1972[1] The National League of Families then-national coordinator, POW wife Evelyn Grubb, oversaw its development and also campaigned to gain its widespread acceptance and use by the United States government and also local governments and civilian organizations across the United States.[2][3]

In 1971, while the Vietnam War was still being fought, Grahme Wilkin, the wife of a service member missing in action and member of the National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia, recognized the need for a symbol of U.S. POW/MIAs, some of whom had been held captivity for as many as seven years. The flag is black, and bears in the center, in black and white, the emblem of the league. The emblem was designed by Newt Heisley, and features a white disk bearing in black silhouette the bust of a man (Jeffery Heisley), watch tower with a guard on patrol, and a strand of barbed wire; above the disk are the white letters POW and MIA framing a white 5-pointed star; below the disk is a black and white wreath above the white motto: “You are not Forgotten.”[4] The POW/MIA was flown over the White House for the first time in September 1982[5] The flag has been altered many times; the colors have been switched from black with white – to red, white and blue – to white with black; the POW/MIA has at times been revised to MIA/POW.

On March 9, 1989, a league flag that had flown over the White House on the 1988 National POW/MIA Recognition Day was installed in the U.S. Capitol rotunda as a result of legislation passed by the 100th Congress. The league’s POW-MIA flag is the only flag ever displayed in the rotunda, and the only one other than the Flag of the United States to have flown over the White House. The leadership of both houses of Congress hosted the installation ceremony in a demonstration of bipartisan congressional support.

On August 10, 1990, the 101st Congress passed U.S. Public Law 101-355, recognizing the National League of Families POW/MIA Flag and designating it “as a symbol of our Nation’s concern and commitment to resolving as fully as possible the fates of Americans still prisoner, missing and unaccounted for in Southeast Asia, thus ending the uncertainty for their families and the Nation.” Beyond Southeast Asia, it has been a symbol for POW/MIAs from all U.S. wars.

Latest News – June 2015

*For those that would like an update, the old VFW building is totally gone.  Shortly, Baker Construction will be digging, setting footings and pouring concrete.  Soil borings were done and results were better than what was anticipated.  Surveying and pin placement is in progress and some changes were requested of the architect that will save some costs in the long run.  So after a lot of waiting, hundreds of comments, construction will be starting shortly.

*Please check the information following regarding a WWII Boeing B-17 Bomber returning to Waterloo as part of a nationwide tour.    This will take place the week end of June 12-14th.  This is one AWESOME plane and everyone and their children and grandchildren should visit this piece of living history.


Omaha Beach taken 2004 – Normandy American Cemetery – 172.5 acres – 9,387 burials – 38 pairs of brothers buried side by side – 4 women and 3 MOH winners buried here.

*A huge Thank You to everyone that helped in any way with all the Memorial Day activities.  I truly could not believe the number of people that showed up to assist.  I was also pleased by the number of young people that were there to help.  Richard Miller gave one of the young men helping with our “Flanders Field” a brief history lesson regarding this historic place.  This makes me wonder what history is being taught, that the men and women that died to keep this country free and the places they are buried are unknown to our younger generation.  Do the following names mean anything to you: Aisne-Marne, France,  – Brittany , France,  – Lorraine, France,  – Sicily, Italy,  – Manila American Cemetery  and Memorial, Philippines, – and North Africa American Cemetery, Tunisia?  Did you know that the Manila American Cemetery contains the remains of over 17,000 Americans?

*Along those same thoughts, “Did you know that Hank Williams, Sr. worked at the Alabama Dry Docks building warships in 1943?”   Now I know too, but who remembers Hank Williams, Sr., that I did know.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Aluminum Overcast a B-17 Bomber

Members of the John Livingston Chapter 227 of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) are continuing to plan activities for the historic plane’s arrival.

“This planning effort is a combination of volunteer efforts by fellow member of Chapter 227, along with staff from both Livingston Aviation and the Waterloo Airport,” said Warren Brecheisen, President of the local EAA chapter.

A press release issued through the City of Waterloo, describes the plane as “a living history of American Heritage and a tribute to all of the men and women who have served to defend our Country.”

According to event organizers, the B-17 bomber coming to Waterloo is a real World War II aircraft and not a replica.

“This is the same aircraft that landed at Waterloo for a brief one-day stop last year when it was well received by the public,” Brecheisen said. “As an EAA Chapter, we were pleased when the EAA Headquarters Office reached out to us to inquire whether our local EAA Chapter would like to showcase the aircraft for a few days – well, how could we turn it down?”

Planning for the arrival of Aluminum Overcast has been on-going since early 2015.

B-17 Bomber

B-17 Bomber

While the plane is stationed in the Cedar Valley, the general public will get a rare chance to experience one of the few remaining B-17′s still in existence. The historic aircraft will be making only 13 stops on its 2015 nationwide tour with Waterloo being the only stop in Iowa.

Starting Friday, June 12, and continuing over the weekend, ground tours will be available to the public for $10 per individual and $20 per family. Children under eight-years-old will be admitted free, along with all active military persons and veterans. A souvenir trailer will be on-site for those that want to memorialize the event

For those seeking a true adventure, rides will be for sale as well. Flights can be booked in advance at www.b17.org or at the door.

The plane’s scheduled visit to the Cedar Valley coincides with the annual “My Waterloo Days” festival, which runs June 11-14. EAA Chapter 227 officials are encouraging area residents to view the aircraft, experience the sights and sounds, and take a look at aviation history.

For more information, contact Chris Roberts at 319-240-8128, via email at chrisr@cfu.net or via the Chapter’s website at: www.eaa227.com.


Commanders Call – June 2015

*June is here and school is out, summer vacations scheduled, camping and fishing trips planned and children enjoying their time Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com off and Waverly’s parks.  As you drive through Waverly or any community, please be observant for children, especially in areas of parks, pools, sports fields and construction sites, which is most of Waverly.  We know their minds are not on safety, so our extra precautions are needed.

*More THANK YOU’S to hand out:  Donations towards the grill include the families of; Bob Davidson, Richard Miller, Bob O’Hare, Larry Williamson, Jim Darrah and many others.  Thanks to Bev Besh for his spaghetti dinner and Bill Decker for stepping up and assisting Bev.  A special Thanks to my Grandson, Dain Ferguson, who helped at the breakfast and Bev’s dinner.  I would hope more young adults would be willing to come and help for an hour or two, as our customers enjoy seeing and visiting with them.  Thanks to Darwin & Connie Ramker for offering to purchase Red Solo cups for outside sales.  Thanks to Bob & Sally O’Hare for stepping in and doing the cleaning so I could go to Minnesota for the annual cemetery maintenance of family grave sites.

*The license for outside sales has arrived and an area set aside for this, but (always a but) the weather needs to start cooperating.  We will be scheduling a steak fry, but no firm date set at this time, so keep in touch.  Willing to help with one, please leave your name at the Canteen or contact me.

*Effective June 1st, the Canteen hours will be extended on Fridays and Saturdays for 1 hour with a closing time of 10:00 p.m.  These hours are set by the Food & Beverage Committee and not by the bartenders, so please accept the announcement of “Last Call”.

*The Department of Iowa AMVETS will be having their State Convention in Marshalltown on June 12, 13, 14 with election of State Officers on Sunday June 14th.  A tradition started during my term as Department Commander, when we have our Convention in Marshalltown, the Sons of AMVETS and now with the AMVETS Riders host a barbeque at the Best Western and a bus load of Veterans from the Veterans Home are our guests.  What a great time visiting with these Veterans and do they ever enjoy getting out and visiting and eating.

*If you are interested in getting a replacement AMVETS membership card, the simplest way is to go on line.  Go to the AMVETS National site – www.amvets.org   –  Member Center   –  Update Membership Information & Login   –  Utilize your membership number and then click   – My Shopping Cart   –  Merchandise Store  –  ADD TO CART.  While on this site check your information and correct it.  Problems, contact me and we will try to solve it together at the Canteen computer.

*Recently several members of our AMVETS family have had an argument with their bathroom.  A smart suggestion by my wife was going to Menards and getting a couple of suction cup handles for our shower.  These are not designed to support your weight, but will help you maintain your balance.  Will have one at the Canteen for you to look at or try at the Canteen.  Other places may sell these, so check that out, but they could make the difference between a slight slip or a fall.

*Please check the boards at the Canteen for information regarding the information of a WWII Boeing B-17 bomber coming to Waterloo from June 12-14, 2015.  This is the same aircraft that was in Waterloo last year and was a huge success.  A chance like this does not come around too often, so “go for it”.

*As I end my 10th year (not consecutive) and start my 11th as Post 79 Commander, I want to thank the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS for all the wonderful things they do.  The hours they volunteer, dollars they contribute, scholarships they offer, plus many other activities are just a few of the things that make me proud as I continue for one more year.

*From my family to all of you, “Have a safe and enjoyable summer’’.

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Ted Lanske