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Commander’s Call

There are still a few members that have not paid their dues. Please contact Carl Benning 319-269-9541 or Bob O’Hare 319-404 -2311. If you have any question or concerns contact me 319-404-2311 or bobohare201@gmail.com Bob O’Hare Commander Post # 79 f Commander. I will not be renewing my position on the WAVP Board.

Election for Officers will be May 8th at the AMVETS meeting. I have been Commander for 5 years (not consecutive). My 3 year term on the WAVP board is up in June.

I feel that it is time to let someone else take the reins and lead us into the future. Hopefully someone that has new ideas so that we have a bright future for the AMVETS and the WAVP. With that being said I will not run for the position of Commander nor will I accept the position of Commander. I will not be renewing my position on the WAVP Board. AMVETS will need to appoint someone for this position.

This started out to be a nice winter until we got to February. Now all it wants to do is snow with storm after storm. Hopefully Mother Nature gets this out of her system.

There have been changes made on the steak menu:

  • 8 oz. sirloin $12.00
  • 8 oz. ribeye $14.00
  • 5 oz. Fillet $16.00
  • 8 oz. New York Strip $14.00 (this replaces the T-Bone)
  • 12 oz. Iowa Chop $10.00
  • 9 oz. Chicken Breast $9.00
  • All other menu prices are the same

Still a great meal for a great price and a fun night.

Commander’s News

February News Letter The middle of January and Mother nature has let us know that yes we do live in Iowa, single digit temperatures with snow and wind. I would like to thank all the people that volunteer their hours doing work preparing for all the events at the WAVP. We could not have all of these events without your help. I want to especially recognize the Color Guard, who participated in three funeral in three consecutive days. Beryl Peck’s funeral was Monday the 14th, James Miller was Tuesday the 15th and Don Dietz Wednesday the 16th. These three men gave many years of service to the AMVETS and VFW.

I would like to address closing the WAVP and canceling the fish fry January 18th and 19th. The decision was made listening to the weather reports on TV and radio. with that said, in hind sight the decision would have been different. Agree or disagree life goes on.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me. 319-404-2311 or bobohare201 @gmail.com Bob O’Hare, Commander Post #79

Commanders Call – July 2015

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com

Ted Lanske

*The new Waverly Area Veterans Post is now in the process of being built.  The west portion of the footings has been poured.   It has been a long time coming, but great to see construction start.

*My thanks again to Bev Besh and his chicken dinner and to all those that step forward to provide meals or activities at the Post and Canteen.  To those Ladies that provide a dessert of some sort on short notice with just a simple phone call, I want you to know how much I appreciate that.  To everyone that has furnished a dessert/dish or does in the future; please make sure you identify your pan or bowl.  I would also ask that you utilize the serving utensils of the Post, so yours do not get lost.

*With our location and the Bremer County Fair and Heritage Days coming in the near future, I would hope that some ideas would come up on how to utilize that to our advantage.  Our location is ideal right now for some type of activities and ways to make money for the Post and/or the organizations.  We need your ideas and help for this to be successful.

*Our latest order of bricks for the Tribute have arrived and waiting to be installed.  An irrigation system has also been installed at the Tribute this past month, so if you were one of those wondering what was going on there, now you know.  Have not seen it in operation yet, but that day will come.

*SPECIAL NOTE:  A steak fry is being scheduled for Saturday, July 4th.  This will be sponsored by the AMVETS Post, but everyone is welcome to come.  The rules will be as before in that you MUST call in your order before 3:30 p.m. on Saturday.  There are two numbers where you can leave messages and make sure you leave your name and order.  The numbers:  319-483-9287 or 319-352-3830.  Along with your meat selection, will be baked potato, salad bar, garlic toast and coffee.   A great plan would be; have a July 4th meal at the WAVP with a drink or two, then proceed to watch the Shell Rock fireworks.  Please drink and drive responsible, be safe not sorry, and know that we care about YOU.

*As anyone that has purchased meat recently knows, prices have risen so adjustments will be made.  To hold some meat selections at the old price, the meat cuts will be smaller.  The T-bones will be raised to $18.00.  We (AMVETS) will give this a try and see how it works.  Future adjustments may be necessary, but we will need your feedback.  Please be patient and understanding.  Choices and prices will be at the end of this newsletter.

*AMVETS will also be doing the second “Chicken Wings” special on Thursday, July 9th.  These meals are necessary to help AMVETS pay for our monthly newsletters and mailings and provide an income for our Post.  Please continue to support AMVETS and our activities by attending or offering to help.  Need two or three volunteers for both July 4th and July 9th, duties will be to assist in serving, making garlic toast, cashier and clean up.  Please leave your name at Canteen, if you are willing to assist your Commander at either of these activities.

*The “Red Solo Cup Lounge” is now open in the northwest corner of the parking lot.  Enjoy the fresh air and nice evenings by transferring your drink (beer, wine or mixed) to a cup and sit outside.  We don’t want any broken glass for someone to get injured, so please utilize the RSC’s.  We are also in need of a part-time bartender or two, so if you know someone that would be willing to work: they may stop at the Canteen during working hours, call 319-483-9287 and leave a message or email fergiewaterloo@msn.com .

*At our AMVETS State Convention in Marshalltown this past month, Waverly Post 79 was awarded the AMVETS DEPARTMENT OF IOWA POST OF THE YEAR.  This came as a total surprise, but shows that an active Post, that works hard, volunteers, involved in community activities even without a Post home can be recognized by others.  My thanks to our Auxiliary, the SONS and our AMVETS for all that you do.

*To all of you, please enjoy your summer and do everything possible to keep yourself and your family safe.



*TIMES FOR STEAK FRY: 5:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M.


RIBEYES – $14.00
SIRLOIN – $12.00
T-BONE -$18.00          

IOWA CHOP -$9.00
CHICKEN – $9.00

Commanders Call – June 2015

*June is here and school is out, summer vacations scheduled, camping and fishing trips planned and children enjoying their time Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com off and Waverly’s parks.  As you drive through Waverly or any community, please be observant for children, especially in areas of parks, pools, sports fields and construction sites, which is most of Waverly.  We know their minds are not on safety, so our extra precautions are needed.

*More THANK YOU’S to hand out:  Donations towards the grill include the families of; Bob Davidson, Richard Miller, Bob O’Hare, Larry Williamson, Jim Darrah and many others.  Thanks to Bev Besh for his spaghetti dinner and Bill Decker for stepping up and assisting Bev.  A special Thanks to my Grandson, Dain Ferguson, who helped at the breakfast and Bev’s dinner.  I would hope more young adults would be willing to come and help for an hour or two, as our customers enjoy seeing and visiting with them.  Thanks to Darwin & Connie Ramker for offering to purchase Red Solo cups for outside sales.  Thanks to Bob & Sally O’Hare for stepping in and doing the cleaning so I could go to Minnesota for the annual cemetery maintenance of family grave sites.

*The license for outside sales has arrived and an area set aside for this, but (always a but) the weather needs to start cooperating.  We will be scheduling a steak fry, but no firm date set at this time, so keep in touch.  Willing to help with one, please leave your name at the Canteen or contact me.

*Effective June 1st, the Canteen hours will be extended on Fridays and Saturdays for 1 hour with a closing time of 10:00 p.m.  These hours are set by the Food & Beverage Committee and not by the bartenders, so please accept the announcement of “Last Call”.

*The Department of Iowa AMVETS will be having their State Convention in Marshalltown on June 12, 13, 14 with election of State Officers on Sunday June 14th.  A tradition started during my term as Department Commander, when we have our Convention in Marshalltown, the Sons of AMVETS and now with the AMVETS Riders host a barbeque at the Best Western and a bus load of Veterans from the Veterans Home are our guests.  What a great time visiting with these Veterans and do they ever enjoy getting out and visiting and eating.

*If you are interested in getting a replacement AMVETS membership card, the simplest way is to go on line.  Go to the AMVETS National site – www.amvets.org   –  Member Center   –  Update Membership Information & Login   –  Utilize your membership number and then click   – My Shopping Cart   –  Merchandise Store  –  ADD TO CART.  While on this site check your information and correct it.  Problems, contact me and we will try to solve it together at the Canteen computer.

*Recently several members of our AMVETS family have had an argument with their bathroom.  A smart suggestion by my wife was going to Menards and getting a couple of suction cup handles for our shower.  These are not designed to support your weight, but will help you maintain your balance.  Will have one at the Canteen for you to look at or try at the Canteen.  Other places may sell these, so check that out, but they could make the difference between a slight slip or a fall.

*Please check the boards at the Canteen for information regarding the information of a WWII Boeing B-17 bomber coming to Waterloo from June 12-14, 2015.  This is the same aircraft that was in Waterloo last year and was a huge success.  A chance like this does not come around too often, so “go for it”.

*As I end my 10th year (not consecutive) and start my 11th as Post 79 Commander, I want to thank the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary and Sons of AMVETS for all the wonderful things they do.  The hours they volunteer, dollars they contribute, scholarships they offer, plus many other activities are just a few of the things that make me proud as I continue for one more year.

*From my family to all of you, “Have a safe and enjoyable summer’’.

Help AMVETS Help Veterans

Ted Lanske

Commanders Call – March 2015


Post Commander Ted Lanske



*The time has come to start settling in at the American Legion Post at 208 8th Ave. SW.  The bar has been rebuilt thanks to many hours of work by SOA’s John Mohlis and some assistance by AMVETS Duane Huisman and their families.  The sealing/staining was completed by Auxiliary Sally O’Hare, with Bob giving “base” support.  The goal was to have the building available for the February WAVP breakfast, and that was accomplished with the largest turnout for breakfast to date.  The second goal was to be able to accommodate Bev Besh and his spaghetti supper on short notice.  Even on short notice with limited exposure, we were able to have a successful evening.  Thanks to all of you that helped and supported these activities.

*There are many people to thank, and will list more of them later, but a special thanks goes to Bob Davidson, (VFW Commander and AMVET) who worked his tail off day after day, even on those cold days to inventory, move, store and clean items from the VFW.  A special thanks also goes to Frank Wilkens, who helped remove cabinets and reinstall same at the Legion Hall.  Neither the breakfast nor spaghetti would have been possible without their help and numerous hours (days) of hard work.

*We are now at the point of working on staff for bartender/waitress duties and need your help.  If you or someone you know is available to work as bartender/waitress, they need to contact either of the following: Michelle Ferguson – fergiewaterloo@msn.com or Mike Kukral.  You may also contact me and I will forward it ASAP.

*From my point of view, requirements for all employees, is that their attitude be positive towards the WAVP, listen – but do not spread or repeat gossip, and serve the customers as expediently as possible.

*OK, are you one of those individuals that are unable to volunteer for activities that include lifting, standing on your feet for a period of time, or just busy but would like to be part of this new venture?  Well, there are some items we could use that would help enhance the Legion and would be part of the new facility as well.  It would be nice if we could replace the old and heavy analog TV’s with 2 – 32” flat screens and possibly a larger flat screen.  The bar could also use some extra glasses for drinks, wine glasses, and extra bar towels.  Looking forward, maybe the kitchen could use a large George Foreman grill, an extra pizza oven, or counter top fryer for food nights or other activities.  Interested, but can’t afford one item, maybe share the cost with friends.  The more help we get, the better we can serve you in the future.

*Here is a partial list of what a few people have done along that line so far:

Bob Davidson – bought the extra electric stove

Carl Benning – bought plastic totes and steel shelving for storage units

Ted Lanske – bought material and lumber for rebuilding the bar

Michelle Ferguson – bought swizzle sticks & waste baskets and bar top storage containers for bar

*What we see in the future is truly up to you, our customers.  Now that we are away from the school, would opening at 3 pm be something to consider?  Are there enough NASCAR fans that would be interested in watching NASCAR racing on Sunday?  Are there other card players, (poker, pinnacle, cribbage, etc.) that would be interested in using the building?  When baseball/football seasons start, interest in watching games and having refreshments?  Are there other activities that WE, THE MEMBERS, could do that would bring us together?  I would ask everyone to review their PREAMBLES, then ask yourself, “am I doing my best to live up to what our organizations stand for?”.

*Final remarks to clarify a couple of items:  A Quit Claim deed has been signed by the VFW to transfer their property to the WAVP.  A lease has been signed between the WAVP and Legion for the next year.  The liquor license, state sales tax ID, insurance, and utilities are all now under the WAVP.  Phone numbers for the WAVP are:  319-352-3830 (old VFW number) and 319-483-9287 (WAVP).

*I would like to thank our State Department AMVETS Auxiliary for their donation of $200.00 towards a WWII memorial to be placed on the grounds of the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown.  There are memorials recognizing WWI, Korea, Vietnam, but sadly nothing for the WWII vets.  If interested, please contact me or Jean Lanske on where to send a contribution.

*I would like to extend my condolences to the Donald Beck family.  Donald passed away February 4, 2015.  May the family know our prayers and thoughts are with them.  Thank you for your service (1949-1953).

“Success comes when people act together; failure tends to happen alone” – Deepak Chopra

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Commanders Call – February 2015


Commander Ted Lanske



*Does not seem possible, but time for the February newsletter.  Truthfully, as I sit here typing, I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to write or comment on for the newsletter.  Please forgive me if I sound confused.

*First, I would like to inform all of you how well Waverly was represented at the Capital for Vets Day on the Hill.  The Waverly group met Representative Sandy Salmon and she gave us a tour of the House chamber and informed us on their activities.  More information will be placed in the “Latest News” on the web site.  The Waverly paper (01/22/2015) posted a picture of the group with Rep. Salmon.

*As our time at the VFW draws to a close, I want to place a “THANK YOU” to the VFW membership, VFW Officers and everyone that supported AMVETS, Auxiliary, or Sons activities over the last several years.  It was not always easy, but anybody can do easy; it takes patience, forgiveness, compassion, compromise, and muscle to do the hard work.  These same attributes will be needed in the future.

*It is that time of year that thought must be given to the future in regards to leadership of our organization as elections will be held in May.  If there is anyone that would be interested in being more involved with any part of our organization, please contact any of our Officers.  If not as an Officer, then maybe a Veterans Home volunteer, food night helper, Meals on Wheels, or some other function.

*I have received no feedback in regards to the newsletter, so will continue as is for the present.  We may even consider expanding the newsletter to include more information regarding all the entities in the future.

*Do not expect a completed calendar for February or March.  February will be our month of setting up at the Legion and getting ready for business.  The WAVP breakfast will be held at the Legion Hall on the second Saturday of the month.  I would expect by then that we may have a handle on things and updates to share.  Hopefully by March, some things will be scheduled and the calendar can restart.

*The WAVP will be looking for a Service Manager and some bartenders.  If you are or know of someone interested in working for the WAVP; contact Carl Benning or Darrell Blasberg.

*Most of you probably have received your “Veterans Choice Card” by now.  I hope you read the letter with it completely and understand that it has limits.  It has been recommended that you keep the card in a safe place, even though you may not need it or it does not pertain to you presently, but it could in the future.

*To all, my phone number and email are readily available and if you wish to discuss the WAVP, our move, activities at the Legion or Veteran questions, contact me and we can set a time and date.  I hesitate to discuss any issue after any consumption of alcohol or when an audience is present.

**MEMBERSHIP:  If you have not renewed, please do so and continue your support of AMVETS, Auxiliary, Sons of AMVETS and Veterans.  If you (AMVETS) have renewed and did not get a renewal sticker for your card, contact Steve VanHelten, Carl Benning or Ted Lanske.  Please note that National has been informed by many of the stupidity of this sticker and changes for 2016 will be forthcoming.

*History bits for February: February 9, 1943 – During World War II in the Pacific, U.S. troops captured Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands after six months of battle, with 9,000 Japanese and 2,000 Americans killed.

February 15, 1898 – In Havana, the U.S. Battleship Maine was blown up while at anchor and quickly sank with 260 crew members lost. The incident inflamed public opinion in the U.S., resulting in a declaration of war against Spain on April 25, 1898, amid cries of “Remember the Maine!”

February 20, 1943 – German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel broke through American lines at Kasserine Pass in North Africa as inexperienced U.S. Troops lost their first major battle of World War II in Europe, with 1,000 Americans killed.

February 23, 1942 – During World War II, the first attack on the U.S. mainland occurred as a Japanese submarine shelled an oil refinery near Santa Barbara, California, causing minor damage.

February 27, 1991 – In Desert Storm, the 100-hour ground war ended as Allied troops entered Kuwait just four days after launching their offensive against Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces.

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Drink Specials – Mixed Drinks and beer .25 off!

Come down to the club with some thirsty friends and have a cold one! Mixed Drinks and beer .25 off!

Commanders Call – December 2014

Cmdr_TedTed Lanske, Post Commander

*Although they were not active Post 79 AMVETS, they were well known in our family.  My condolences go out to the families of William (Bill) Taylor whom passed away on 31 October 2014 and Leland “Red” Metz whom passed on 3 November 2014.  Bill served our country and Veterans during the Vietnam conflict, rehabilitating Vietnam Veterans at Fitzsimmon’s Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado before coming to Waverly.  Red was a regular at AMVETS fish fry’s and Saturday steaks, and a life-long member of AMVETS Post 30 of Clarksville.  Again, it saddens me that the smiles these men shared with all of us will no longer be here; their memories will be and am thankful that they shared a few moments of their lives with me.

*Many thanks to all those that attended the membership dinner.  A special thanks to the Ladies that helped serve, made bars, tended bar and just made us all have an enjoyable evening.  The question was asked; “Would you (AMVETS) be willing to move our dinner into October or September?”  The response so far has been positive that we move it up, possibly share with the Ladies, to start an hour earlier and still open to further suggestions.  I will be meeting with the Auxiliary Officers and sharing of thoughts and ideas will continue.

*I wish to give credit to Richard Miller, Legion Commander and AMVET member for a couple of things: a great call moving the Veteran activities from the Tribute to the Centre and an excellent program.  The comments I received were all totally positive and will be used to evaluate decisions for next year.

*There are way too many people to thank for the Veterans Day activities at the Centre; greeters, displays, businesses, speakers, refreshment providers, volunteers and whomever I missed, but am going to recognize a few anyway.  To Mary Hatala, Lornarae Power, Jean Sable and Neal Jarnagin for hours of work, a special thanks to Cedar Falls Mayor Crews for spending a few hours greeting, and the best was kept for last, Dr. Simon Estes took time to share some life stories along with his glorious voice to end a wonderful day.

*Please Note:  A Hors d’oeuvres party is scheduled for Wednesday, December 17th at the VFW Post.  This is open to ALL organizations, so bring a dish to share and let us end 2014 and look forward to 2015 with friends and family.  The party will start with a social period and dinner to follow.

*Goodbye 2014-Hello 2015:  From myself and my personal family to all of you, “May you have a wonderful and glorious Christmas, a safe and healthy New Year, fond memories from the past year and anticipation of a new year filled with great expectations”.

*History bits for December: 4thP-51 fighters begin escorting US bombers over Europe (1943), 7thAttack on Pearl Harbor (1941), 8thJapan attacks the Philippines (1941), 8thUS declares war on Japan (1941), 9th Guam falls to Japan (1941), 11th – US declares war on Germany and Italy (1941), 15th – D-day New Britain (1943) and Mindoro (1944), 16thBattle of the Bulge begins (1944), 24thGeneral Eisenhower becomes Supreme Commander of Allied Forces (1943), 26th – The siege of Bastogne is lifted (1944).  Please note that this is not a complete listing, but just a fraction to remind us of the sacrifices of those before us.


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Operation Gratitude, 2014

The following is taken from the Bremer County Veterans Affairs newsletter.  This was a huge success last year and promises to be even better this year.

Post Commander Ted Lanske

Operation Gratitude, 2014

November 11th, Veterans Day, is nearly upon us which also means that Operation: Gratitude, 2014 is well into the planning stages. For those of you new to this email newsletter, Operation: Gratitude began two years ago when Cindy Haack of Advanced Body Work and Massage asked us to be a part of what she hoped would become an annual event of thanking our veterans, active duty service members, Guard, Reserves, and all of their family members. While we didn’t have much time to plan for that event, we took part but saw tremendous potential in the event. Last year, we stepped things up a few notches and both the community and veteran support were amazing! Thousands of dollars in gifts, massages and food were offered, free of charge, to all of the Cedar Valley veterans.

This year, we’re pulling out all the stops and while I don’t want to give away any surprises, it will blow last years event out of the water. Lornarae Power, a BCVA Volunteer, has made the event her own and is going full steam ahead on a TREMENDOUS day of thanking veterans and their active duty, Reserve, and Guard counterparts.

If you would like to help or feel like you would like to contribute to this year’s event, please contact Lornarae directly and she’ll let you know what we’re looking for and how you can help!

Commanders Call – Sept. 2014

Cmdr_Ted*I have tried to stay away from Waverly Area Veterans Post (WAVP) activities in my portion of the newsletter, but this month will be the exception.

*This is to everyone, the time has come that critical decisions are being made.  It is no longer a question of if the new WAVP will be built, but when.  This is a proposed schedule for the new facility.

1.  Finalizing contract with Vision Iowa.

2.  Review of site plans, building plans by contractors, suggested changes or adjustments, and bids compared with architect’s proposal.

3. Inventory of equipment and supplies: kitchen, bar, post, storage, including AMVETS, Legion and VFW.

4. A temporary site will be established at the present American Legion Post. 5.         Storage or disposal of equipment, kitchen/bar supplies, furnishings, etc. with help and input from the   Auxiliaries, and Sons of the organizations.

6. Fund raising activities will continue into the future with adjustments made that fit location changes.

7. Removal of any items deemed usable or of value from the VFW facility to start in February 2015.

8. Demolition of present VFW Post to start March 2015.

9.  Construction to start early April 2015.

10. If you have made a pledge and support this project, please give some thought to extending your pledge for another year or two, or increase your pledge to move up in the donation categories. Realize this is the objective, weather, contractor’s schedules, & excavating unknowns all could have an influence on the project, but this is the proposed plan.

*What this means is that our membership dinners will be held at the VFW along with continuing steaks, food nights and our other normal activities until the end of January.  There is a terrific amount of things to do and consider prior to February 1st.  If you are one of those that have positive feelings about this project; which there is a silent majority, please contact one of the board members and express an interest in helping in some manner.

**HELP> If anyone has or knows of someone that has some empty storage area like a garage or barn that could be used during the next year, to help during this construction period, please contact me or Carl Benning.

**TRIBUTE> Please drive by or visit our Waverly Area Veterans Tribute and notice the changes that are taking place there.  The mulch has been replaced with river rock, cedar/arborvitae trees have been trimmed, diseased pin oak cut off, and lawn care.  If you see Tab Ray or Parks staff, please compliment them for these improvements.

*Would ask everyone that utilizes the internet to please visit our web site    https://www.amvets79.us/     and the WAVP   http://www.waverlyvets.us/     and please do this often, like 2-3 times per month or more.  Thanks to all of you that make comments, provide feedback or just visit.  This can only help us to improve upon a project that is now a part of the internet and our future.  Provide these internet addresses to all your relatives, friends and neighbors.

*Fall will be here shortly, with shorter days, harvesting operations, high school sports and many other activities; so again, check your vehicle; lights, brakes, defrosters, etc. but most of all, check yourself.  Give yourself some extra time, be patient and may we all stay safe.

*Update>  Received a phone call from Davey Smith and asked if I would pass this on.  He appreciates the thoughts and prayers, but is feeling better and things are looking up.

History bits for September:  1st – Germany invades Poland, WWII begins (1939), 2nd – Japan formally surrenders, WWII ends (1945), 9th – US troops land in Salerno, Italy (1943),  11th – Patriot Day, 15th – US forces begin assault on Siegfried line (1944), 19th – POW/MIA Recognition Day, 21st – 1st Day of Autumn, 25th – National WWII Museum in New Orleans is designated as Official WWII museum (2003).


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