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Commander Call – March 2016

Ted Lanske 319-240-0734 tedsph98@aol.com

Ted Lanske

*First, I would like to express my thanks to Michelle Ferguson for everything she has done this past year.  I may be biased, but believe there are many people that agree; she was the one that led us through this past year at the Canteen and helped make it a success.   Thank you Michelle.


*Thanks to all that supported the Ladies Valentine Steaks.  What a great evening and from my perspective, a great social gathering with friends, family and meeting some new people.  Conditions are not perfect for grilling, but very few complaints and none serious. Several visitor compliments from Post 49, Cedar Falls.

*Don’t forget that the Sons of AMVETS will be doing steaks on Saturday, March 5th 5:30 – 8:00 pm.  Please come and support them; although not a large group, the Sons have been there in many ways, quietly supporting us.  On March 24th, the AMVETS Auxiliary will be hosting food night with a menu of chicken noodle over biscuit with green beans and desserts.   March 31st, our past Canteen Coordinator scheduled the AMVETS Commander back doing Chicken Wings plus sides.  (The only thing he can get right without screwing it up according to her)  J The Louisiana hot sauces will be there for the BRAVE.

*If you are an AMVET and have either a daughter or son that meets the requirements of our Auxiliary or Sons, please talk to them about becoming a part of these groups.  They can be as active as they choose, but this is a way for them to show their support for those that have served or are serving.  Contact Ted Lanske, Jean Lanske or John Mohlis if there are questions.

*It is that time of year where the sun may be in your eyes while driving early morning or evening with the added problems of thawing and freezing on the highways.  Momentary blindness or sudden patches of ice lead to numerous accidents so give yourself some extra time and be safe.

*Reminder:  Please utilize 319-483-9287 to call the WAVP Canteen, and on Facebook – Amvets Ladies Auxiliary Post 79, Waverly. IA for up to date information.  Not on facebook?  Then if you have children or grand children close by or frequently visiting, have them hook up to the facebook connection and link for you.  Tell them it’s “payback time”, but smile when you say it and you may be surprised what gets posted.  Don’t forget to check out our website www.amvets79.us  while you have them handy.

Facebook – Amvets Ladies Auxiliary Post 79, Waverly, IA

*Final comment; If you have a friend or acquaintance sitting at home, now is the time with nicer weather to invite them out and stop at the Canteen.  We do serve non alcohol drinks if desired.

*FYI:  Please pass this along to anyone who may have a child or grandchild that is a senior in high school and is looking at furthering their education.  Our local AMVETS Auxiliary will have scholarship applications at the WSR High School Counselor’s office.  They need to be picked up and completed according to directions on the form.  The Iowa Department of AMVETS also has scholarships available for graduating seniors.  These applications will be available at WSR High School also.  If you have questions, please contact me and I will try to have applications available.

*If your AMVETS membership card is unreadable or lost, you can get a replacement for $5.00 or a gold replacement for $15.00.  You can go on line to National or again contact me and I will process it through the internet and you should have it within two weeks.

Help AMVETS help Veterans

Commanders Call – December 2014

Cmdr_TedTed Lanske, Post Commander

*Although they were not active Post 79 AMVETS, they were well known in our family.  My condolences go out to the families of William (Bill) Taylor whom passed away on 31 October 2014 and Leland “Red” Metz whom passed on 3 November 2014.  Bill served our country and Veterans during the Vietnam conflict, rehabilitating Vietnam Veterans at Fitzsimmon’s Army Hospital in Denver, Colorado before coming to Waverly.  Red was a regular at AMVETS fish fry’s and Saturday steaks, and a life-long member of AMVETS Post 30 of Clarksville.  Again, it saddens me that the smiles these men shared with all of us will no longer be here; their memories will be and am thankful that they shared a few moments of their lives with me.

*Many thanks to all those that attended the membership dinner.  A special thanks to the Ladies that helped serve, made bars, tended bar and just made us all have an enjoyable evening.  The question was asked; “Would you (AMVETS) be willing to move our dinner into October or September?”  The response so far has been positive that we move it up, possibly share with the Ladies, to start an hour earlier and still open to further suggestions.  I will be meeting with the Auxiliary Officers and sharing of thoughts and ideas will continue.

*I wish to give credit to Richard Miller, Legion Commander and AMVET member for a couple of things: a great call moving the Veteran activities from the Tribute to the Centre and an excellent program.  The comments I received were all totally positive and will be used to evaluate decisions for next year.

*There are way too many people to thank for the Veterans Day activities at the Centre; greeters, displays, businesses, speakers, refreshment providers, volunteers and whomever I missed, but am going to recognize a few anyway.  To Mary Hatala, Lornarae Power, Jean Sable and Neal Jarnagin for hours of work, a special thanks to Cedar Falls Mayor Crews for spending a few hours greeting, and the best was kept for last, Dr. Simon Estes took time to share some life stories along with his glorious voice to end a wonderful day.

*Please Note:  A Hors d’oeuvres party is scheduled for Wednesday, December 17th at the VFW Post.  This is open to ALL organizations, so bring a dish to share and let us end 2014 and look forward to 2015 with friends and family.  The party will start with a social period and dinner to follow.

*Goodbye 2014-Hello 2015:  From myself and my personal family to all of you, “May you have a wonderful and glorious Christmas, a safe and healthy New Year, fond memories from the past year and anticipation of a new year filled with great expectations”.

*History bits for December: 4thP-51 fighters begin escorting US bombers over Europe (1943), 7thAttack on Pearl Harbor (1941), 8thJapan attacks the Philippines (1941), 8thUS declares war on Japan (1941), 9th Guam falls to Japan (1941), 11th – US declares war on Germany and Italy (1941), 15th – D-day New Britain (1943) and Mindoro (1944), 16thBattle of the Bulge begins (1944), 24thGeneral Eisenhower becomes Supreme Commander of Allied Forces (1943), 26th – The siege of Bastogne is lifted (1944).  Please note that this is not a complete listing, but just a fraction to remind us of the sacrifices of those before us.


Help AMVETS Help Veterans

AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

Ladies Auxiliary in Marshalltown

If you have some free time and would like to volunteer, join the Ladies Auxiliary in Marshalltown October 3rd, at the Iowa Veteran’s Home.  The Auxiliary has a long standing tradition of assisting elderly veterans and their family members and would very much like your help.  For further in formation or to volunteer, please contact Jean Lanske at 319-269-3371.

Commanders Call – Oct. 2014

Cmdr_Ted*I wish to thank Auxiliary President Mary Steinbach for allowing me a few minutes to address the future of AMVETS and the Waverly Area Veterans Post.  I truly appreciated the positive response in regards to “food nights” and “menu changes” that will need to be addressed as we set up temporary quarters in the Legion Post.

*Wish to say “Thank you” to the Auxiliary on behalf of Bremer County Veterans for the donation to help support the Van and Bremer County Veterans Affairs.

*Reminder to all: the membership dinners will be here shortly, Women-October 15 and Men-November 12, so mark your calendars, bring a new member (call Jean Lanske 319-269-3371 or me 319-240-0734 if you have a question on qualification), and let’s end 2014 with a great turnout.

*Veterans Day 2014, November 11th will be handled by the American Legion at the Tribute.  The Bremer County Veterans Affairs will be conducting “Operation: Gratitude 2014” on November 11th also that day at the Centre next to True Value.  This is truly becoming a day to say “Thank you for serving”, but (always a but) I hope we do not lose the true importance of this day.  Originally set as “Armistice Day” for November 11, 1919, it marked the end of WWI and major hostilities on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.  So as we enjoy the attention, free breakfast or lunch, the “thank you”, please take time to reflect on the millions of men and women before us that raised their hand and offered their lives for our country.

*Please stop by the bulletin board outside the VFW kitchen and review information posted for the Marshalltown Veterans Home.  You may also check Latest News regarding the Home and Cemetery.  Please contact Jean Lanske or me if you have any questions.

*Much too quick, but it is that time of year when freezing temperatures appear and the possibility of icy roads, patchy frost or fog is common, and frost on the windshields, so plan ahead, be safe and do not become a statistic in the paper.   A “retired plumber” reminder; unhook your garden hoses, check your furnace, and make sure your car is ready for winter.  If you are one of the “snow birds” going south, please let us know or make arrangements for your mail.

*Now that a time table has been set for demolition of the VFW and construction of the WAVP, the time has also come for some to make a decision regarding their involvement.  This past weekend, as I worked on this newsletter, I also reviewed the complete donors/contributors list and somewhat saddened by the names I did not see.  What I want to emphasis is that NO GIFT is too small and will share a short story regarding that.  An individual approached a WAVP member and asked if we really would accept a gift of $1.00.  This person’s spouse has been deceased for more than 20 years and social security is the only income, which leaves nothing for extras but was willing to donate that $1.00.  This person’s name will now be on that Wall of Honor under the PATRIOT listing.  Next year at this time, a major portion of the building should be constructed and donor plaques being finalized with the appropriate listings.  Question: “Will your name or family be represented?”

*History bits for October:  12thAmerican troops enter southern Italy (1943), 14thAthens is liberated (1944), 20thThe first major city of Aachen  Germany falls to US troops (1944), 23rd – The battle of Leyte Gulf begins (1944), 26th – The battle of Santa Cruz begins (1942).

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