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Latest News-January 9, 2015

Bremer Cty VA

Bicycles and gifts ready to go, thanks to Bremer County Veteran Affairs office.

Note from Commander Ted Lanske: Neal Jarnagin, Bremer County Veterans Affairs, posted this letter he received. Neal led the campaign to assist a few Veteran families during Christmas.  AMVETS Post 79 donated financially and and with some individual contributions to this cause.  Truly wish we could have done more, but this letter proves that even a little means a lot to those that may be having a rough road.  Follow Neal and his crew on Facebook through Bremer County Veterans Affairs and add them.


I wanted to send you a note to express my genuine appreciation for all you and the Bremer County Veterans organization has done for my family. When I met you I was in a position financially with bills I couldn’t pay. I kind of found you by chance and you’ve gone above and beyond in helping me and the kids over the last year through your own organization and outreach. You went to bat for us. There aren’t words to express the gratitude I have for that. You can’t know how much you have helped my family as we’re struggled to get back on our feet.

Christmas is a big deal to kids of course and I was very stressed about giving the kids a an even mediocre holiday to remember When you called to ask if I’d like the kids to be a part of the Christmas giving program, I was excited for them and grateful for the opportunity. What was done for us was beyond any expectation I could have had.

They got bikes! I loved that they were just as excited that mom got a bike to ride with them too. Getting to see their faces light up when they saw the bikes and as they were opening all the packages was the best gift. My daughter is in love with the boots she got and my son says the clothes he received are most comfortable best clothes hes ever owned. Every night he goes to sleep he talks about how comfortable his bed is now.

What has been done for us is a testament to what good people there are in this world and that if you are really trying your best, there are people that care and will help you on your journey. It’s easy to forget that sometimes.

I can’t wait until the time comes where the kids and I can pay it forward and do the same for a family that’s in the position we are now.

I can’t thank you, the donor families, and your organization enough for what you’ve done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a Christmas to remember that truly exemplified the Christmas spirit and for being there for us throughout the year when things seemed hopeless.